KENT (Ohio) – Kent State University opened a Saturday morning investigation into the management of a two-hour field hockey game, which was cut short to allow fireworks before the match. football at noon.

KSU President Todd Diacon said in a statement that the university had interrupted the Division I women's field hockey game between the University of Maine and the University of the Temple, while the scoreless draw marked for his second extra hour "field."

The field hockey game was deemed prohibited.

"It was an unfortunate decision and I'm really sorry about it," wrote Diacon. "All week, I thought of the student-athlete guests who spent countless hours training and preparing for a tournament on our campus and to the parents who came here to show their support. We can and must do better. "

Mr Diacon said that the Office of Compliance, Equal Opportunities and Positive Action of the University had launched an investigation into the incident, which had caused the Indignation of social media.

"The cancellation of the field hockey game between these two teams does not reflect our academic identity or that of a welcoming community," said Diacon. "Prioritizing a quick survey and implementing its recommendations allows us to recalibrate our actions to reflect our highest ideals again."

University of Maine Sports Director Ken Ralph said in a statement that his school's players were "disoriented and hurt" by Kent State's decision to cancel the end of the match.

"Although it is notorious that Kent State University indicated in May that the field was not available after 10:30, it is also clear that there is a full signed contract authorizing a departure to 9 hours, "said Ralph. "Once you authorize a party to start, you are obliged to let it continue until you reach the conclusion."

Patrick Kraft, Sports Director of Temple University, said in a statement that he was proud of coach Susan Ciufo, recently told reporters she felt that the cancellation of the game reflected something "deeper" than a time conflict.

"It was not necessarily Kent versus Temple and Maine. It was not necessarily hockey, football or fireworks. It was something deeper, "Ciufo said in a video published by the university's athletics program. "Whether it happened to a men's soccer program or not, it happened to a women's field hockey program."

The National Association of Field Hockey Coaches also issued a statement that the KSU decision was detrimental not only to the athletes, coaches and families involved, but also to all student-athletes.

"While we understand that fireworks were considered an important part of Kent State University's family weekend festivities, we do not understand why the university would apparently give priority to a daytime fire rather than the completion of the Women's Division I hockey competition, "said the NFHCA. "We are asking those in administrative and management positions at Kent State University to search and take responsibility for the lack of judgment and bad decisions made on September 7."