States would return to confinement, Ssa alert

Francisco Mejia

Mexico City / 17.10.2020 20:33:09

Faced with the possibility of a Covid-19 outbreak in Mexico, the director general of the National Center for Preventive Programs and Disease Control, Ruy López Ridaura, warned that it is possible that some states may revert to lockdown in case they are red again at the epidemiological traffic light.

After being consulted about the possible effects in Mexico due to the new infections of the pandemic in Europe, the specialist said during the press conference at the National Palace that the evolution of the entities will be analyzed to see what the measures will be.

“When the National Day of Sana Distantia ended, the whole country was still in red and practically followed the same measures as the Day of Sana Distancia. If ever, during the next few weeks we see that there are some states they can come again to the color red, because they will have to redo the majority measures of confinement to reduce and remove the population from public space and thus be able to mitigate the rise of the epidemic curve “.

The specialist also recalled that the European countries that have presented a coronavirus outbreak have applied “local containment measures, of different intensity, depending on where the greatest epidemic burden is.”

“So, what is the prognosis? We are going to see that and we have said that in practically all the evening conferences in recent weeks, yes there is possibility of a regrowth. It is also a bit of the message of Dr. López Gatell to try to understand that the regrowth, which it implies, is the change of the trend, after a trend that was going down, how that trend rises. ”

López Ridaura maintained that it is a situation that the federal government will observe every week, where everyone will be able to see the evolution of the pandemic in the country.



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