Stay Forever | Star Wars: Rogue Leader (SSF 36)

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader was developed by Factor 5 – the studio originally founded in Cologne behind the classics of the “Turrican” series. The title is one of the launch titles for Nintendo’s Gamecube console – and came under great pressure.

Gunnar and Fabian talk about the game, the history of its creation and also let the boss of Factor 5, Julian Eggebrecht, have a say:


Speakers: Fabian Käufer, Gunnar Lott, Julian Eggebrecht
Audio production: Lars Rühmann, Christian Schmidt
Cover graphic: Paul Schmidt
Intro, Outro: Nino Kerl (announcement); (Music)

Game info:

Theme: Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II – Rogue Leader, 2001
Platform: Gamecube
Developer: Factor 5
Publisher: LucasArts
Genre: Action game
Designer: Julian Eggebrecht, Brett Tosti, Holger Schmidt
Music: Chris Hülsbeck, John Williams (Star-Wars-Musik)


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