Stepfather of murdered student Lucy McHugh “attacked by two men outside the store”

The stepfather of the murdered student Lucy McHugh was attacked outside a shop by two men while it was filmed on them as it was happening, a court heard.

Richard Elmes suffered from a broken elbow on July 21 of last year, he heard Southampton Crown Court.

Wayne Grant, 28, and Charlie Whitemore, 22, are accused of causing serious physical injury as a result of the attack outside the Arrow News store in Southampton.

Prosecutor Dan Sawyer said it only happened two days after Stephen Nicholson was sentenced to life in prison for a minimum of 33 years for rape and murder of Lucy.

Mr. Elmes was the stepfather of Nicholson’s murdered student and friend, who was a guest in their family home.

Sawyer said, “This case has some ties to someone called Stephen Nicholson who has been convicted of the rape and murder of Lucy McHugh.

Schoolgirl Lucy McHugh was murdered in July 2018

“Lucy’s stepfather is a man named Richard Elmes and on July 21 of last year, a couple of days after Stephen Nicholson was sentenced to life in prison, Charlie Whitemore saw Richard Elmes and saw him go to a shop called Arrow News and Mr Whitemore decided that a nice opportunity for him to create a scene and make it more about him.

“So he got out of the phone and started making videos.”

The jury was shown the cell phone footage that started with Whitemore saying “Look at this” before he was heard shouting and cursing at Mr. Elmes.

The case is heard at the Crown Court in Southampton

Sawyer said Whitemore also kicked Mr. Elmes and threw something at him.

He added that Grant, who didn’t know Whitemore, was initially a “peacemaker” but was involved when Mr. Elmes seemed to have thrown something at him.

Sawyer said: “Mr. Whitemore saw Mr. Elmes and decided to cause problems, Mr. Grant, initially the peacemaker, reacts to something done by Mr. Elmes and reacts in a way that we would call retaliation.

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“Mr. Grant threw him to the ground, causing his broken elbow, and they both kicked him.”

Both defendants, both from Southampton, deny GBH but Whitemore pleaded guilty to an assault charge by batting in connection with the same incident.

The case continues.


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