Stephen King, iconic writer of horror, fiction and mystery, in conjunction with J.J. Abrams, a film director linked to the latest installments of the Star Wars saga, will work together for a new series.

Is about Lisey’s Story, adaptation of King’s novel of the same name that will arrive through the Apple TV + platform, according to The Wrap.

It will star the actress Juliane Moore and will have the Chilean Pablo Larraín as director, nominated for an Oscar for No (2012) and the Golden Globes for The club (2015) and Neruda (2016).

The story will reveal the dark reality of Lisey, who, two years after the death of her husband, will begin to face a reality that she had forgotten and repressed in her mind.

“I talked a lot with JJ Abrams about a possible little horrors anthology series. We thought carefully and talked about things that were really scary, ”commented the writer.

Furthermore, it is not the first collaboration between the two. Previously they gave life to 11.22.63, production for the Hulu platform starring James Franco and Castle Rock, series based on the horror universe created by King.

“I have a creative relationship with JJ Abrams that goes back to Lost, when Entertainment Weekly brought us together and we had a chat about that show. Some of us went out and watched a horror movie and I’ve been in contact with JJ ever since, ”the author added.