Steven Gerrard could replace Marcelo Bielsa at Leeds United

Former Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard now manages Rangers in the Scottish Premiership and his success at the Scottish club is leading to a link to Leeds United. The rumor grows stronger and now Leeds have confirmed their interest. If it materializes, we could be seeing a new challenge between Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard in the Premier League, this time as directors.

November 18, 2020 13:27 hs

Steven Gerrard has had a successful season in the Scottish Premier League, where he leads the Rangers with remarkable leadership and confidence towards victory. So much so, that it begins to sound also for a Premier League team.

Steven Gerrard could be Marcelo Bielsa’s replacement at Leeds United

Leeds United has been linked to the former player for several weeks, both star in a series of rumors that affirm the arrival of Gerrard to lead the reins of Leeds for the next season, which begins after the break in June.

The experienced Chilean direct, Marcelo bielsa He is the one who currently commands Leeds, but his contract ends next year, which is why the names of Bielsa’s successor have begun to be heard, the first name has been that of Steven Gerrard.

Steven Gerrard could be Marcelo Bielsa’s replacement at Leeds United

Gerrard was under the radar of Leeds since last season, but Bielsa was able to continue until this season and, surely, he will be able to until 2021. Although Steven would only arrive in the event of a departure from Bielsa, which is not yet announced.

For now Gerrard’s mission is to lead the Premiership Scottish and avoid the tenth crown for Celtic. Although the road is encouraging, as they managed to position themselves in the first position passing over Celtic.

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