LEGO Podcast Episode 111: Lommelig

Stonewars LEGO Podcast Episode 111

Easter is over and spring is here, like a fist on the eye for the year 2021 so far … Time for a new episode of the StoneWars LEGO News Podcast so you can cozy up in front of the fireplace while we talk about Advent decorations in the LEGO Ideas Review and chat about the other exciting LEGO news from the past week! A time full of gold LEGO Harry Potter minifigures, the Looney Tunes minifigure series and the usual private conversations in between.

There is finally something really new this week! From now on it is StoneWars Podcast also on Youtube to find! All the old episodes have been uploaded there and can be listened to again there and thus played on many smart TVs, for example, should you think this is necessary. Since some listeners kept asking about it, the time has finally come. You are welcome to subscribe to the specially created one StoneWars Podcast Kanal!

But also this week we call on you to join us like to rate it on iTunes – thank you very much! We are still very happy to receive new reviews and of course we continue to read the new reviews every week!

Offers, promotions and sales starts:

These are the news topics of the podcast:

The reading recommendations of the week:

The timecodes of episode 111:

0:00:00 theme song and greeting
0:00:42 Intro
0:01:08 Screw loose
0:03:54 Warning, dog content!
0:05:40 Comment sign

0:08:16 Kamikaze worm: You don’t even look at your centuries
0:12:21 Kamikaze worm: Storm of the stones
0:15:11 Jan: Autoerotik
0:23:56 YaX: Play me the tune
0:27:09 Flo: Punctually
0:28:27 Dennis1783: Waiting for the new album
0:31:55 Christian: The three-stage solid rocket combination floats completely detached
0:36:21 Brand new: PodTube!
0:39:16 Warning, cat content!


0:41:06 Lukas: The Diderot effect
0:48:06 Ryk: Pixels on canvas, 2020
0:50:38 Is that art or can it be done away with?
0:57:36 No outtake: Again, this is not the post
1:00:54 Empire: Saitenliebe

1:04:43 SALE
1:04:54 LEGO x adidas Ultra Boost DNA Sneaker with Exclusive Podcast Review!

1:21:22 NEWS
1:21:53 LEGO Technic 2021 summer novelties
1:33:03 Ideas: The Princess Bride
1:34:28 Ideas: The Lisbon Tram
1:36:02 Ideas: Winter Snow Globes
1:38:10 New items April 2021
1:40:29 Venom
1:44:10 Classic Batmobile, Batmobile & Spider-Man Mechs
1:46:49 Store on Königstrasse in Stuttgart
1:48:34 Looney Tunes
1:56:36 Harry Potter gold minifigures
2:01:42 marshalling yard: Ulysses spacecraft
2:03:11 Verschiebebahnhof: LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga
2:06:58 Skaerbaek Fan Weekend 2021

2:10:40 Reading recommendation: M: Tron
2:14:30 Reading recommendation: How do you build a LEGO Viking boat?
2:16:49 Reading recommendation: 5th round of the Rogue Olympics

2:18:37 REVIEWS omitted
2:18:51 Impfling Empire
2:24:52 Abmoderation

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