Storm and destruction in our Associates and the Cooperative

Days ago, our Rural Producer Associates and the Cooperative suffered several material damages due to the great storm on Sunday, January 10.

As is known, the EDES service provider, as a result of different breaks, interrupted the service for almost 9 hours in order to normalize its electricity supply networks.

In that period of time, our guard service, after receiving the corresponding complaints, went to the borders and reclosers, verifying the exits to buy time once the power was restored. Likewise, within the WhatsApp groups, the information that the EDES company was sending us was communicated to our Associates.

When the electricity was normalized, some Associates detected a lack of service or breaks and made their claims. The first call was at 7:40 p.m. where plants had fallen producing the cut of 3 cables of the 13.2 KVA (13200 volt) line, therefore our affected personnel solved the problem and other claims by returning at 00:50 hs. January 11.

At 6:20 am. Other rural Associates notified us of different issues, it is there that the Cooperative assigned the personnel of the rural electrification department, tools, materials and a crane for the replacement of the service, since as a result of said storm 3 poles fell, cables were cut and they destroyed different electrical materials.

After 18 hours of work, all our rural Associates once again had the rural electrification service.

Thank you to all affected Associates for your understanding!

“The climate is changing, so should we… There is no PLANET B”.

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