Storm Dennis brings strong winds and heavy rains to the region Anglia

Trees blocked roads across eastern England on Saturday night while Storm Dennis brought galaxies up to 60mph.

The region was not as severely affected as some parts of the country, but the storm still caused the trip to stop.

A fallen tree hit a passing train near Royston station around 7 am on Sunday morning.

The train was deemed fit to continue, but the engineers had to work on cleaning the tree – as well as another one that fell on aerial cables – for several hours, blocking the line between King’s Cross and Cambridge.

Meanwhile, the area around Kettering has seen some of the worst flooding in the region.

The A509 was closed between the A14 and Isham due to the floods, causing long delays in the surrounding villages.

In Hertfordshire, the Environment Agency has launched sandbags in the village of Buntingford near Bishop’s Stortford.

During the storm, Ciara had fallen a tree over the rib of the river and the authorities were concerned that this could cause flooding to nearby properties.

Speed ​​restrictions have been applied on several railway lines, including Peterborough to London.

In Suffolk, the Orwell Bridge was closed on Saturday afternoon, but was reopened at 9:00 am on Sunday morning.


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