Storm Dennis: pet owners warned to keep dogs inside during “distressing” time

Pet owners have been warned to keep their dogs inside as Storm Dennis approaches and promises to be worse than the last weekend’s explosion.

Experts warn that Storm Dennis will take a “step forward” from Storm Ciara which devastated the UK last week and brought wet earth, snow and heavy rain.

Dogs Trust has warned pet owners to keep their puppies indoors as much as possible during the storm.

“Extreme weather and thunderstorms can be distressing for dogs,” Dogs Trust veterinarian Catherine Dobbie told The Sun.

“If you are worried about the weather, keep your dogs indoors as much as possible.”

And pet owners have posted photos online that show how they would prepare their puppies for the weekend weather.

One published a photo of his dog with a scarf around his head and wrote, “Storm Dennis, I’m ready for you.”

Pet owners have been advised to keep their dogs indoors (photo of the file)

The Environment Agency urges people to sign up for the alert service before the storm arrives.

Flood prevention director John Curtin said experts are still unsure of where floods can be affected, but claim that northern England, the Pennines, Wales and southwestern England largely remain at risk.

He said: “It has already been a long winter, many places are already saturated, we had a storm last weekend and that is why we are most concerned about this weekend.”

Met Dav’s chief meteorologist Paul Davies said that much of the UK can expect between 20 and 40 mm of rainfall over the weekend, increasing from 50 to 80 mm in some areas.

The Met Office issued severe weather warnings for England, Wales and much of Scotland on Saturday and all of Britain on Sunday.

These include amber warnings stating that the floods could be life threatening, power outages are expected and transport links are likely to be affected.

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Winds of up to 70mph and heavy downpours are expected.

Met Office chief meteorologist Paul Gundersen said: “Storm Dennis will carry a disruptive spell over the weekend, and there are warnings in place for strong winds and heavy rains.

“In parts of Devon, South Wales, northern England and a strip of southern England – extending from Andover to the east – rainfall is expected to be particularly intense and persistent and these areas are covered with amber warnings because of the risk of floods and other disturbances “.


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