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Miami, Nov 13 (EFE News) .- Depression number 31 in the Caribbean became tropical storm Iota this Friday, which threatens to bring dangerous winds, storm surge and abundant rains to Central America starting next Sunday night. indicated the National Hurricane Center (NHC).

This system can become a major hurricane when it approaches Nicaragua and Honduras from that day on.

At 21:00 GMT its center was located at 335 miles (550 km south-southeast of Kingston, Jamaica), with sustained winds of 40 miles per hour (65 km / h).

Iota is moving slowly to the west-southwest, at a speed of 3 miles per hour (6 km / h).

On its planned trajectory, Iota will move through the center of the Caribbean Sea for the next two days until it approaches the coasts of Nicaragua and northeastern Honduras between Sunday afternoon and Monday, the observatory said.

At this time there are no coastal warnings in effect, but Nicaragua and Honduras should monitor the progress of this system, warned the NHC, based in Miami.

A steady to fast strengthening is possible over the weekend. The storm could become a major hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale (category 3 and above are considered that way) as it approaches Central America.

Until next Wednesday it is expected to produce rain in northern Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica, Jamaica and southern Haiti.

In Central America, the system has the potential to produce 20 to 30 inches (508 to 762 mm) of rain, especially in northern Nicaragua and Honduras, where significant flash floods and river overflows and landslides could occur.

On November 3, the Category 4 Eta hurricane, considered “extremely dangerous,” made landfall “along the northeast coast of Nicaragua,” with maximum sustained winds of 220 kilometers per hour (140 m / h).

So far there have been 30 named tropical storms, of which 12 have been hurricanes and, of these, five have been major.

Until November 30, the Atlantic hurricane season officially ends.

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