Storm mouth blocked on May 25 and Santiago

“It’s easy to unlock,” says a neighbor from May 25 and Santiago, about a plugged storm drain. There is a bad smell, he adds.

Small daily garbage dump in Marcos Paz y Muñecas

A reader says that “it is every day to see garbage like this” in Marcos Paz y Muñecas.

Technical School III, abandoned

“It is a shame that Technical School III is not cleaned. Total abandonment, ”says the neighbor who sent the photo.

Impassable road to Quimil

Not only is it far from the capital, to the East, but the road that goes to Campo Quimil is impassable, says the reader who sent the photo.

Puddles and mud in E. Padilla 1,200

A neighbor of Ernesto Padilla at 1,200 complains about the abandonment of the block with puddles, mud and weeds.

Pole supported by cables

It is in Governor Gutiérrez at 1,400. Neighbors have been demanding since April. They fear there is a tragedy.


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