Storms and showers in sight that will gain ground from Thursday – Society

The weather this week does not surprise us, being in the middle of spring: we are having Temperature ups and downs and we will go from the sun these days to a second half of the week with more clouds and showers. These may be accompanied by a storm, according to

This Thursday the probability of precipitation in Spain will begin to increase, precipitation that will generally be in the form of showers that may be accompanied by a storm. On this first day, storms will be likely especially in the communities of Castilla y León, Extremadura and the west of Castilla-La Mancha and the Community of Madrid.

During this day, rainfall will also be likely on the Andalusian Mediterranean coast, as well as in Ceuta and Melilla, whose origin is the wet east wind in the Alboran Sea, where warnings for coastal phenomena are foreseen.

With a predominance of the southern component winds, the warm air that is over the southwest will travel towards the north: the maximums will fall in the southwest and the center of the country, while in the north there will be a significant thermal rise than in the Cantabrian oriental could be an extraordinary ascent (10ºC more than the previous day).

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