Stormtrooper cosplayer arrested and beaten for having a plastic weapon


By: Sebastian Guadalupe (MS) | 14-11-20

A poor Stormtrooper made the mistake of thinking that the police wouldn’t freak out after seeing a plastic gun

The awesome thing about cosplay is how people can really believe you are the character. If your costume is exact or close to exact, people will only see you as your costume. And, of course, an effortless costume takes money, time, and creativity. However, one person tried to put this effort into his Stormtrooper costume. The end result ended up involving the police and not in a good way. This woman I arrive took to the streets wanting to represent a Star Wars character and ended up arrested and beaten.

This woman is a worker at Coco Vanilla Galactic Cantina, a pizza shop and bar designed around a theme close to pop culture. And, since yesterday was Star Wars day, she went to the restaurant in her Stormtrooper costume on. After some photos with the curious people who approached her, apparently someone on the streets felt frightened by her plastic rifle. As a result, they called the local police and told them they had a real gun. What happened next was not pretty.

The police arrived and drew their weapons. Thus, they ordered the woman to throw her gun on the ground and then yelled at her to throw herself at the guy. However, the Stormtrooper disguise prevented him from throwing himself to the ground quickly. The police had no better idea than to run and push her against the concrete, hitting her nose and causing her to bleed from it. After realizing that the weapon was not real, the police did not think of anything more than to handcuff her and put her in a van.


I hope the woman is well.

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