Streaming competes to bring TV to the internet

HBO said this week that it will renew its content through a streaming platform for Mexico and Latin America, thus adding to the competition against companies such as Disney, to offer consumers programs, series and films that were previously only accessed through pay TV.

At the end of next June, HBO Max will be available in the country and current HBO Go subscribers, as well as those who enter this platform through other services, will be able to access the new offer.

With the entry of HBO Max to Mexico, the service known as HBO Go will be discontinued.

On the other hand, HBO Max will add content that previously could only be tuned on restricted television channels, such as HBO, Warner Bros, New Line, DC, CNN, TNT, TBS, truTV, Adult Swim, Cartoon Network and Looney Tunes.

The arrival of HBO Max to Mexico and the region will occur six months after Disney Plus launched its streaming service in Latin America, which includes content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic, among others, which previously only they could be seen on traditional television or in the movies.

Disney Plus reached the Mexican market with a rate of 159 pesos per month, while, at present, HBO Go, which will be replaced by HBO Max, has a rate of around 195 pesos per month.

The difference between consolidated platforms, such as Netflix and Claro Video, with HBO Max and Disney Plus, which are late in the streaming business in Mexico, is that the latter have content that viewers already know, since they previously saw it on pay signals .

By comparison, the rest of the platforms hit the market with no precedent. Such is the case of Netflix, an internet pay television system that is used by 93% of users, followed by Claro Video, with 11%; YouTube Red, with 9%; Prime Video, with 8%, and Blim, with 5%, according to the National Survey of Audiovisual Content Consumption of the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT).

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The cheapest Netflix rate is 139 pesos per month, while Claro Video has a cost of 115 pesos per month; This, like Prime Video, allows you to add HBO content for an additional cost.

The IFT survey indicates that 38% of people who view content online use platforms that request payment for a subscription, and 5% use pages in which a fee is paid for each film, content or event.

In addition, those who access series or movies on internet pay sites spend around three hours a day for that purpose, on average.


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