Street Fighter characters could come to Fortnite

A well-known Fortnite leaker, ShiinaBR, has shared the stock images which uses a new game portal from Epic Games. These portals were recently shown with references to Tron and finally themed skins with female and male versions were announced. Now, with the same modality (a portal in the middle of nowhere) we can infer what the next collaboration is about.

The sun at sunset, a dojo, Japanese architecture and martial arts. Street Fighter fans were quick to discover that the portal shows Ryu’s default setting in Street Fighter, there’s even an updated version in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. So, most likely skins of famous characters from the Capcom saga will be announced for Fortnite.

Ryu and a partner

The battle royale usually offers at least one pair of skins, one female and one male. The latter is most likely Ryu since he is the character that most represents the fighting saga and the one that is on all the covers. The female could be Chun-li, although Cammy White could also appear, as they both appear in all SF installments.

The portal can be obtained southwest of Sweaty Sands (Sweaty Sands, if they play it in English), you must locate yourself in a specific space for the portal with the teaser images to appear on the map. You can see the example below (courtesy: GameSpot).

Portal of Street Fighter and Fortnite.

Portal of Street Fighter and Fortnite.

Fortnite has been announcing collaborations for skins for a long time, at this rate it will have elements of the most popular sagas in the world. We have already seen cosmetics from Star Wars, Halo, God of War, various Marvel heroes, DC and even well-known musicians like Travis Scott.

The new skins will be available on all platforms, except for Apple devices which, due to a legal dispute, refuse to list Fortnite in their store again.

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