Strong hail storm affected Malarge

It was like a week ago, north of the city. Hail runoff and rain caused floods that caused flooding in potato and garlic plantations.

National Highway requests to travel carefully on Route 40, due to the presence of stone and hail on the road. On the side of the road the flooding of the alluvial channels is visible.

This Wednesday, the northwestern sector of the department of Malarge was affected by a strong rain storm, hail and stone, causing flooding in some agricultural enterprises in the area.

The tarmac this afternoon looked white due to the accumulation of hail and stone.

According to witnesses, the storm broke at around 5:20 p.m., practically in the same quadrant as last week, about 6 kilometers from the urban radius. Precipit about 40 minutes.

SITIO ANDINO moved to the affected area, and in the personal location of the National Highway Directorate advised to travel with caution along Route 40, due to the hail and stone accumulated on the road, which formed real clumps of ice.

It was also reported that Civil Defense personnel traveled to the Virgen de los Vientos neighborhood, alert to any eventuality caused by the prevailing weather situation in Malarge.

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