Stuck in Brexit – Unired

It is not a usual summit one in which one of the participants has to abandon it abruptly for the Covid-19, two others had already excused their absence for the same reason, and two more question that it is not carried out by videoconference as is the rise of the pandemic in Europe. Several casualties then in the ranks of the 27, to whom, in addition, the president Charles Michel this time imposed extraordinary rules on them to ensure confidentiality while the Brexi. He seized their phones during the meeting to prevent leaks.

In any case, ordinary or peculiar, yesterday’s meeting ended with a clear message for the British: it is up to them to move. “We are concerned about the lack of progress. And we ask the United Kingdom make the necessary moves, “said Charles Michel.

It was the message repeated in the conclusions and in the statements of the 27. To point the finger at the other party, whom they consider responsible for the lack of progress. Despite these differences, the EU wants to continue negotiating and its representative, Michel barnier, offered to go to London next week to resume talks and seek an agreement by the end of the month. Something to which London has not yet responded. It will be today when the prime minister, Boris Johnson, will announce it.

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