Subject to Change – JJ Abrams sends us on a reality-changing horror trip

JJ Abrams is one of the busiest filmmakers and series makers in Hollywood, often working on a dozen different projects at the same time. Although you might think that the Star Wars-Director with active projects like Constantine, the Justice League Dark, his planned Cloverfield-Sequel or the real film version too Your Name is already fully utilized, it binds itself with it Subject to Change another responsibility on the leg. This complex, insightful science fiction thriller “takes viewers on a completely unexpected journey and demonstrates the incredible creativity of JJ Abrams, the Bad Robot team and Jennifer Yale proof, ”says Sarah Aubrey of Warner streaming service HBO Max, for whom Abrams is filming the upcoming series. It is about topics such as time, perception and worldview.

Because in Subject to Chance A desperate college student signs up for a clinical trial that culminates in a wild, harrowing, reality-changing adventure.

Yale last worked on the Apple series See With. © Apple

Participation opens up a world in which everything is possible and yet strictly planned in advance, explains Yalewho, like Abrams, is involved in the production of the series, but also takes on the showrunner position. Yale was previously a writer and producer at Dexter, Da Vinci’s Demons, Outlander: The Highland Saga or the Marvel series format Legion by FX.

For Yale is Subject to Change a “thought-provoking thriller” that has many nasty twists and surprises in store for viewers and is now set to become a reality thanks to HBO Max. It was incredibly exciting to spin this almost insane yarn with her, says Abrams, der Subject to Change as part of its exclusive agreement with HBO.

Abrams sends us on a mind-expanding trip © Paramount

Written on 02/23/2021 by Torsten Schrader

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