SDefective syndrome prevents babies from digesting milk, says a recent study.

Scientists have said that some of the estimated 200 British babies who die unexpectedly each year may have suffered fatal cardiac arrest because they can not eliminate fat.

SIDS, also known as "sudden death," are particularly devastating for parents because experts are often unable to determine the cause of death.

Published in Nature Communications, the laboratory study is the first time that a plausible causal link between a genetic abnormality and some cases of syndrome is established.

This allows scientists to one day test the babies in the uterus and possibly treat them.

The researchers said that a mutation in the HADHA gene left babies unable to metabolize lipids, molecules containing fats, cholesterol, and fatty acids, which means that they can suddenly die at the same time. a few weeks old.

According to the NHS, low birth weight, respiratory obstruction or environmental stresses such as tobacco smoke may be at the root of SIDS, although health officials acknowledge that evidence is far from being clear.

Dr. Jason Miklas, who led the study at Stanford University, said, "If a child has a mutation, the first few months of life can be very scary because the child can die suddenly.