SunExpress will charge for emptying the seat next to you

The German subsidiary of the holiday airline SunExpress, owned by Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa and based in Antalya (Turkey), wants to take advantage of social distancing. More and more passengers want to travel with the seat next to it free, so the company will start sell the empty adjoining seat for an additional charge of 39.99 euros. This offer will be available on all your routes.

“Space is an important concern for many of our customers”, said the commercial director of the airline, Peter Glade. “In recent weeks, our passengers have often expressed the desire to have a free seat next to them,” he assured in statements collected by TRVLCounter.

Passengers can buy the free seat directly when making their reservation or they can do it later, up to 3 days before departure, through the customer service telephone number, providing the locator of your reservation.

SunExpress airline focuses its activity on offering flights from Germany, Austria and Switzerland to Turkey and in the Turkish domestic air market.

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