Super Cup | Barcelona – Real Sociedad: Mikel Recalde’s notes

8 – Remiro. There was just a small blur in an error in the ball exit. He could not do anything in the goal and made good saves to Dembélé and Griezmann. Brave in a ball exit at Pedri’s feet. He couldn’t stop any penalties, but he was close

8 – Gorosabel. Impressive hits and serious misses. Good assists at the beginning to Isak and Portu. He lost several dangerous balls and returned to clear again to the center. He looked tired too soon. Providencial in the court to De Jong.

8- Zubeldia. When he plays with a level central defender, he improves his performance a lot. Except for some mistake in the exit of the ball that could cost dearly, very well in disputes, holding on completely and without making tactical errors.

9 – The Norman. Spectacular. He covered a lot of field, he dared with everything. He followed Griezmann into advanced positions. Back is life insurance.

8 – Guevara. From less to more. In the first half it was difficult for him to enter the game and he only did so when he was embedded between the centrals. His figure grew when he had to play more heroic, with many more spaces to cover. With some epic cut, especially one in the band, and a great pass to Portu on the inside.

9 – Merino. He is not at his best, but he played a great game. Without so much brilliance, although doing a lot of things well. He took some impressive jumps and intervened a lot, most of the time improving the play. He scored the penalty.

8 – Guridi. Impressive its physical display. He was the one that bothered Busquets the most and helped Guevara a lot with Pedri, whom they controlled well. It appears all over the field. Is very good.

9 – Port. His sprints to defend will never be forgotten. He gave his life for his team. He broke his soul. He did not hit his auctions.

8 – Isaac. At the same level as in recent days. He did not stop looking for his play falling to the band. It generated a lot of danger. A pity that it did not hit. He ended up dead.

8 – Oyarzabal. He caused the penalty and transformed it. He took an incredible beating. He tried it anyway. Too bad he couldn’t plug in the Januzaj hub. And he missed the penalty in the shootout; ever had to happen.

7 – Barrenetxea. Some technical details of the highest quality. It’s kind of free verse, he made a mistake by risking too much.
7 – Zaldua. He almost scored the goal. He defended his band very well, it was noted.
7 – willian josé. The team appreciated his back game. Good pass to Zaldua. He missed another penalty.
9 – Januzaj. Amazing. Three plays that could end in a goal. A cross, a zig-zag and a foul on the post. He scored his penalty.
6 – Zubimendi. He came out to help in the spinal cord.
– Bautista. He came in to shoot the penalty. It was wrong.

The best

9 – Monreal. Dembélé made him suffer like never before, but it was spectacular how he endured, how he studied him and how he controlled him. To the point that they changed his band because he had already dominated him. In attack he did not stop trying. Reaching even the baseline, with very long runs. He is a magnificent defender and when he plays he improves the performance of the entire defensive framework. The most impressive thing is that, despite everything Dembélé faced him, he finished the match without making any fault in dangerous places and, of course, without a yellow card.


9 – Imanol. The best thing was not that his team jumped into the field brave, but the faith with which he returned after the break. Few coaches make their fans so proud. He risked a lot with the changes. The Bautista thing went well for him.

The referee

6 – Martínez MunueraWith specific errors and the lack that he gives to Barça in extra time, quite well. The penalty is clear.

The rival technician

5 – Koeman. Barcelona were only better than Real at the end of the first half. Ter Stegen saved his life.


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