Wilson County, Tenn. – Central Tennessee authorities are investigating a strange situation in Wilson County, where police said they surprised a man living in the attic of a family.

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Matthew C. Castro, 18, lived in the attic of the family. Police announced that he was walking at night overnight to find a 14-year-old girl who lived at home, according to WZTV. in Nashville.

Police were called to the family home at Mt. Juliet, earlier this month, when a 14-year-old mother's wife went home to look for Castro in the house at the top of the stairs. reported WZTV, citing court documents.

The anonymous woman told the police that Castro had rushed to her daughter's room, where they had found him in the attic, the television channel reported.

According to the investigation, Castro lived in the attic of the family and came down at night through a door in the closet of the girl's room.

An affidavit in this case indicated that the 14 year old girl had already run away and that she had been the subject of investigations on unruly children.

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Castro was arrested after the incident and faces charges of aggravated criminal trespass.