Surprises and a tie scored in the “Monroe Soccer League”

During the fifth date of the “Monroe Soccer League”, the blue-cream of America continue to score points and begin to approach the top, since this week they faced the Eagles who had beaten a tougher team, but fell 4 to 1 against America.

Defeat of Deportivo Carranza in the Monroe Soccer League

Deportivo Carranza, after winning their match 3-0, rest on their laurels and the Xelaju chapines tie their result; they end up getting one point per side.

While the Warriors fight on the field of play against Arsenal in a round trip; where the Warriors missed a penalty and ended up tying their game at 2 per side.

A deserved draw on the fifth date

Another one who let go of the victory was Deportivo Hidalgo, since he was winning by the minimum but the goalkeeper did a tremendous role, since the air was strong and in a clearance by the Santos goalkeeper he did. He ended up in the rival’s nets and with that they tied their match to one goal per side.

Lack of control finally shook off bad luck and managed to score its first 3 points by beating Deportivo Michoacan, in a match where both goalkeepers raffled their physical, but the lack of control ended up winning their match 3 to 1.

The Marauders came from having lost their undefeated and this week they faced Zacango, who was the only one that was still undefeated but they did not count that his rival arrived injured and wanting to take it off to match up in the general table and he did so; since Martín Ayala turned out to be Zacango’s executioner, since he scored 2 goals to win their match 3 to 1.

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