According to a corporate report in the December 3 agenda (December 3), the city of Surrey is planning a small change of committees.

The report recommends that the Council advises the Cultural Development, Diversity Advisory, Public Art Advice, Parks, Recreation, Sports Tourism and Senior Citizens' Committees and convenes the Seniors Advisory Committees into a committee called the Parks, Recreation and Culture Committee becomes. There is no staff recommendation to endorse a member of the Council as chairman of the new committee.

Currently, the Cultural Development Advisory Council "advises the Council on ways to enhance art, cultural heritage and cultural activities."

The Diversity Advisory Committee "promotes multiculturalism and promotes inter-ethnic co-operation."

The Public Art Advisory Committee "promotes the use of art in public spaces and reviews and recommends public art proposals."

The Park, Recreation and Sports Tourism Committee "enhances parks and community services by advising on policies, priorities and directions."

The Seniors Advisory Committee aims to "provide networking opportunities for individuals and organizations working with seniors."

According to the report, the Parks, Recreation and Culture Committee will be established for a period of one year from 1 January 2019. The report adds that the committee "is supported by employees of the Department Parks, recreation and culture and other city personnel at the request of the committee. "

The report also recommends that the Council establish two new task forces: the Public Engagement Task Force and the Truck Parking Task Force. Both would take a year.

According to the report, the purpose of the Public Engagement Task Force is to review "global best practices in community engagement, with a focus on going beyond traditional citizen engagement solutions".

The Truck Parking Task Force, according to the report, would "implement workable solutions for truck parking in the city".

Along with the committee shuffle, the council also plans to support councilors as chairpersons and community affiliates in some committees, task forces, and committees.

At the Agriculture and Food Security Council, the staff recommended that Council Member Jack Hundial be recommended as chairman. The staff also recommend that Hundial be approved as a member of the Library Council and chair of the package tax list review committee.

The staff recommends Council member Steven Pettigrew as chairman of the Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee.

For the Advisory Committee on Social Policy, the staff recommended that Councilor Brenda Locke be chaired.

The staff recommended that Council President Linda Annis be chaired by the Surrey Heritage Advisory Board.

The staff recommends that City Council support Laurie Guerra as a liaison with the Surrey Memorial Hospital Foundation and Fraser Health City Council's Advisory Committee. The staff also recommends that Guerra be approved as chairman of the Public Engagement Task Force.

For the Lower Fraser Valley Association (Cloverdale Rodeo Board), the staff recommends a council that supports Council member Doug Elford.

Staff recommends that the council support city council member Allison Patton as a liaison with the Peace Arch Hospital Foundation.

For the Truck Parking Task Force, the staff council recommends supporting Mandory Nagra as chairman.

Asked why committees such as the Committee on Public Safety, Transport and Infrastructure, Finance and Auditing were not included in the report, the mayor said that these committees would be treated at a future meeting and the councilors be appointed as chairpersons or deputy chairpersons , Chair.
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