The accused who was accused of murdering an IT consultant on a train stabbed him nine times for his 14-year-old son, a court that is heard today. Darren Pencille, 35, from Farnham, Surrey, sat on the floor of the dock in the court of Staines Magistrates today, claiming he heard voices & # 39; and # 39; too paranoid & # 39; was to get up. Wearing a gray tracksuit and black glasses with thick edges heard the two guards next to him mumbling to get me out of here. His alleged victim, Lee Pomeroy, 51, suffered nine stab wounds on the train from Guildford to Waterloo last Friday afternoon while his teenage son looked horrified. Pencille did not plead, was taken into pre-trial detention and will reappear in Guildford Crown Court this afternoon. The suspect's girlfriend, Chelsea Mitchell, 27, also appeared before magistrates were accused of assisting an offender – but was not in the dock with him.

Darren Pencille, 35, from Farnham, Surrey, sat on the floor of the dock in Staines today and claimed that he heard voices rising when he was accused of murder before his girlfriend Chelsea Mitchell, 27, (right ) was also accused of helping him get away

Darren Pencille, 35, and his girlfriend Chelsea Mitchell, 27, were dragged into the Staines Magistrates & Court today where they appeared in connection with the murder of Lee Pomeroy, 51

Pomeroy, 51, an IT consultant, died for his 14-year-old son after being put on the South Western Rail service from Guildford to London Waterloo on FrdayPolice. She suspected that she had helped Pencille escape from the Home Counties village of Clandon after he had fled from the train minutes after the attack. Today it appeared that officers had been called to Pencille's house on Thursday – less than 24 hours before the horrible attack after the neighbors complained of his antisocial behavior and said he was knocking aggressively on their door. Pencille and Mitchell were arrested during a morning attack by armed agents at their housing association in Farnham, Surrey, on Saturday morning. Newighours said the couple was unemployed, often noisy, and their curtains almost constantly closed. Pencille is believed to come originally from London. Pencille, born in London, seems to have a 16-year-old son from a previous relationship. There are forensic officers who watched an aging little blue car parked close to the apartment to be part of Mitchell. Researchers believe they have followed Pencille with a combination of ticket information, mobile phone data and CCTV images from Clandon station and its surroundings. A neighbor claimed that the & # 39; scary looking guy & # 39; Pencille had been beaten repeatedly on his front door. The neighbor said: & # 39; I do not know why … I had never spoken to him before. I have to admit that it was intimidating. "Lee Pomeroy, 51, an IT consultant, died for his 14-year-old son after being stabbed on the South Western Rail service from Guildford to London Waterloo.Withnesses said that he multiple wounds had contracted after a crazy attack after a three-minute argument. His grieving family struggles to respect his death, which only came one day before his 52nd birthday. Last night it appeared that his Russian widow had told friends that she had moved to the UK because she admired how civilized & # 39; it was. The civilian journalist Svetlana Pomeroy, 50, who is supported by liaison officers from the police, was too upset to speak yesterday. She wrote online 12 years ago: I love how people want to be hospitable, how they laugh, how they care for nature. People still have a tendency to build families, plus there are laws to support women. & # 39; The couple married in 2001 and Ms. Pomeroy moved to the United Kingdom from the remote Russian region of Chukotka. In her job she described their son – then a toddler – as a "sweet boy".

The Russian widow Svetlana of the victim told friends that she had come to Britain because she admired how cultured & # 39; it was. The police arrested the suspect at a housing association that his girlfriend Chelsea Mitchell occupied in Farnham on Saturday morning. Mitchell, originally from Weston-super Mare, Somerset, was arrested on suspicion of assisting an offender. Officers suspected they were fetching him and drove him the 15-mile journey home after he fled from the commuter service covered in blood shortly after 1 pm on Friday.

Helicopter photographs of the scene at Horsley Station, where the man was murdered for the abhorrent passengers on the pig Pomeroy was attacked minutes after both men had arrived on board the London Road station in Guildford. The suspect would have left the carriage in Clandon, the next stop on the route. The police were warned of stabbing at Horsley, the next stop. Researchers do not know exactly what caused the line between the two men, but believe that it is just as insignificant as colliding with each other. The villagers later said they saw a man walking around in fields while using his cell phone. He was described by the police as bald, 5ft 9in and wore a black track suit. Bloody handprints were left on a wooden gate and a police sniff-dog was used to trace him after leaving his coat in the neighborhood. Researchers used a combination of ticket data, mobile phone records and CCTV from the station and the nearby streets to identify him. Outside of Mitchell's house yesterday, neighbor Grant Christy described how the police rushed in at around 6 o'clock. He said the arrest followed an ugly confrontation on Thursday evening when the suspect killer had pounded on his front door. Mr. Christy said: "I told the police that he had started pounding on my door earlier, and then, around 9.15 am on Thursday, he started to do it again. & # 39; My wife looked through the keyhole and it was him again. My neighbors have been expelled by all the drama. & # 39; They are pass & # 39; moved in the summer and got everyone upset. There is always spotted about them on other people. & # 39; But usually they just sit in the curtains. & # 39; Other neighbors said that the couple was often noisy and kept their curtains almost constant.

Police officers stayed at Hosley train station at Guildford, Surrey, while doing research. In a statement released through the police, Mr. Pomeroy's family said: "Lee took his son on a trip to London hoping to spend some quality time with him, who was shortened by a gruesome and senseless attack. "It turned out that both men seemed to be involved in a three-minute fight at times before the violent murder." Lee would have had his birthday today but got his presents . He was an honest, smart person, who loved music very much. & # 39; He was a dedicated family man and did everything for his family. He was a loving husband and father. He will be deeply missed by his whole family. Pécille appears today at the Staines Magistrates & # 39; Court.

Police evidence markers can be seen on a gate near West Clandon station in Surrey – where the suspect left the Waterloo train after a passenger was stabbed to death. Sorry we are not accepting any comments on this article at this time.