An alleged pedophile was captured by police after being hidden in a secret underground secret bunker for three years.

Jeremiah Button, of Wisconsin, USA, was charged with first-degree sexual assault and possession of child pornography in 2015.

He had been released on bail for about a year and a half when he was gone, two weeks away from his trial.

But last week, a fighter, Thomas Nelson, called the police after discovering Button's lair, powered by solar panels and a regular pedal generator.

Button was then arrested after a 20-minute clash with the police.

Jeremiah Button lived in the underground bunker for three years

Button is believed to have built the bunker, located on land near the town of Ringle, Wisconsin, just prior to the date of his court appearance.

Upon entering, the officers were stunned to discover electronic equipment such as computers, a television, a radio and a can of food.

Button had installed solar panels on the roof to power three car batteries inside the structure, which allowed LED lamps, radios and miniature cooling fans.

In addition, Button had even built a water filter in the bunker, dug into a slope.

Police said during the capture of Button that he had "a welcoming attitude" and "recognizing human interactions".

MP Matt Kecker said, "He told us that he was wanted by Portage County for many mandates.

"He said that the initial construction took him between the moment he was out (on bail) and the moment he was gone.

"It was about half that size, but as he began to report things from the landfill he needed to make his life more comfortable, he had to expand." so dug further into the wall. "

Button had installed solar panels on the roof to power three car batteries inside the structure

Button has even installed a bike generator for days when the sun can not power the batteries from the solar panels on the roof.

Button told officers that he had almost no human contact during his stay in the wild, apart from a few encounters with hikers.

Detective Lieutenant Jeff Stefonek, another officer who stormed the bunker, said: "Not only was he surviving, but he was prospering in this structure with all the supplies he could find. "

Mr. Nelson stated that upon entering the bunker, he discovered that Button "was lying on a bed inside".

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Speaking of the discovery, Mr. Nelson told WSAW-TV: "I followed the brushstrokes, saw the door, I could not get out of there fast enough,

"It was impossible for you to see this if you did not know that there was something there," he said.

He said that when he approached the bunker on Friday, the door was not locked.

"I'm just around the corner and he's lying in bed."

"I mean, I was shaking when I came in, I was shaking when I went out."

Button is in detention and will be back in court for the pre-trial conference on September 16th.

Police plan to dismantle the bunker.