Sutton VIP Class LEVC TX, the 130,000 euro luxury London taxi

He LEVC TX It’s the latest iteration of the iconic London taxi, and now things have improved for this model in what should be its homeland, UK (made in China). Say hello to Sutton VIP Class LEVCpossibly the most luxurious London taxi ever made. Designed by Sutton Bespoke, it will be manufactured in limited edition form for those who wish to “travel discreetly around the city in unparalleled comfort.”

Sutton Bespoke, the bespoke customization arm of London luxury car dealership Clive Sutton, bases the classic local taxi on the extended autonomy electric LEVC TX, which will be familiar to many of us despite not being city dwellers. The company is embarking on the construction process after receiving a positive response on social media channels to build a luxury taxi and pilot vehicle for the project, which was purchased by a private client from the large metropolis.

With a black painted exterior, the interior sports both the latest technology and attention to detail: occupants have access to touch controls to operate the climate control, an improved sound system with Bluetooth connectivity, a television monitor with Apple TV and a PlayStation4 game console. Between the rear passengers is a new armrest with cup holders, and behind it a refrigerator to keep the champagne cool. The second row of seats, in leather and Alcantar, has a greater angle of inclination.

Separating the driver and passenger compartment is a retractable screen, which provides privacy and makes the vehicle safer in times of COVID-19. And ahead it is not that one has forgotten the luxury, because both the driver and the pilot can enjoy a electric adjustable leather seat set and a state-of-the-art digital instrument panel. Even soft-close doors can be specified. And instead of the standard rubber flooring, Sutton Bespoke has installed a thick pile rug.

Seen from the outside, the LEVC Sutton VIP Class taxi looks almost like any other black taxi roaming London. The main distinguishing feature is the subtle two-tone livery with black paint for the lower half of the body, along with a Ferrari gray. “Silverstone Gray” for the upper half. The sign denoting it as a public service vehicle on the roof remains, although the letters “TAXI” will be replaced by “VIP”. Now, it is not cheap, because the prices start at 120,000 pounds (132,350 euros) for private buyers.

Sutton Bespoke also offers customization for other vehicles, such as the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and V-Class, luxuriously equipped to carry more passengers in comfort. Trimmed to the same high standard as the VIP-class LEVC taxis, they offer the latest in what the company calls a “Discreet luxury”. Both offer full leather upholstery, a thick pile floor and are equipped with the latest in entertainment technology. If it is that the one who does not travel with class, it is because he does not want to.

Source: Clive Sutton

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