Switzerland should use the Biden interim high

The change of power in Washington shows that the USA has left as a reliable leading power, writes Theodor Winkler, spiritual father of the Geneva Center for Security Policy. The extreme changes in course also have an impact on Switzerland.

The new US president corrects the decisions of his predecessor.

Doug Mills / The New York Times / Bloomberg

There is good news: in Joe Biden, a sensible and decent man has been elected as the new President of the United States (explicitly because of these two character traits). The US wants to rejoin the World Climate Agreement and the World Health Organization, but not leave NATO, which for them will again be a cornerstone of its security policy. So the US has sent positive signals: it wants to give up Trump’s confrontational style and return to the tried and tested alliances. This seems to have a calming effect on Switzerland’s strategic environment – but only at first glance.

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