Everything indicates that the iPhone 13 will mount a smaller Face ID with which to save costs | Smartphones

This year it seems that iPhone 13, will be the first since 2017 to modify the size of the notch. That kind of eyebrow that the smartphones of Apple for four years and that, according to all the information, although the North Americans are not going to eliminate them completely, they have decided to do for leaving them in the front of their terminals for a few more generations but in a less conspicuous way.

With that already on the table, we might think that little else will change things, but after many years of battle against the thickness of their terminals, everything indicates that from Cupertino they have decided to make important changes in the design of their devices. Apple intends to use a significantly smaller Face ID sensor chip in iPhones and iPads starting later this year, according to DigiTimes.

The iPhone 13 will mount a smaller Face ID with which to save costs

In this case, we echo the news from Apple that reveals that they have decided to reduce the size of the VCSEL chips used in the Face ID scanner. This move will significantly help Apple reduce production costs, as more chips can be mass-produced, reducing overall wafer production.

The iPhone 13 will mount a Face ID Apple

If we go into detail, the redesigned VCSEL chip will allow Apple to integrate new functions into the component, but DigiTimes (the medium that has published the news), has preferred not to speculate on what they could include. The change if they could choose to free up internal space.

It appears that the smaller chip in Face ID will be used in the new iPhone and iPad devices that go on sale from the end of 2021. The first devices to incorporate the new chip will presumably be the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, as well as the next generation of iPad Pro models.

DigiTimes previously revealed that the notch of the iPhone 13 models will “shrink” in size, becoming smaller thanks to a redesigned camera module that integrates the Rx, Tx, and flood illuminator to allow for size reduction. For their part, Barclays analysts have also explained that a smaller notch in the iPhone 13 models, which will be the result of a “more integrated version of the current structured light system” for Face ID. It’s unclear if the smaller, more established Face ID technologies in the iPhone 13 are related to this smaller VCSEL chip.


The US comics Star Wars # 13 & The High Republic # 5 – News are out today

In Star Wars # 13, Luke and Chewbacca go in search of Han Solo, and in The High Republic # 5, the Jedi Avar Kriss negotiates with the Hutts. The story of Star Wars # 13 comes from Charles Soule. Ramon Rosanas and Rachelle Rosenberg are responsible for the illustrations. Cavan Scott is the author of The High Republic # 5. Ario Anindito, Mark Morales and Annalisa Leoni implemented the story.

Star Wars #13

The rebel fleet awaits news of their missing comrades – Shara Bey has been missing since the first Starlight Squadron mission and Han Solo is frozen in carbonite and in the hands of the notorious bounty hunter Boba Fett. A friendly signal from the Imperial Star Destroyer Tarkin’s Will reaches Redemption in the middle of the night. Shara is alive, hiding in the depths of the ship, gathering information about the imperial systems. But the rebellion is still looking for Boba Fett and his cargo …

The High Republic #5

An abandoned hut ship. A nihil invader. Missing colonists. Starlight’s Jedi hunt for answers leads them into a deadly trap set by the monstrous DRENGIR. On Sedri Minor, Sskeer managed to free himself from control of the Drengir and save Keeve Trennis and her fellow Jedis. While the Drengir attack the Starlight Beacon, the HUTTS arrive on Sedri Minor to protect their possessions. The Jedi now face impossible chances in a three-front war …

As always, you will find what you are looking for in the comic book trade you trust.
The anthology from the High Republic will be released on 24. August in english and am October 26th in German. The English Star Wars Vol. 3 anthology will be published in English on December 7th. The anthologies can already be pre-ordered from Amazon:
Star Wars: The High Republic Vol. 1,
Star Wars: The High Republic: Vol. 1,
Star Wars Vol. 3

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The iPhone 13 will be Apple’s cleanest ‘smartphones’ in recent years, why? | Smartphones

Surely the most veteran of you remember that trend that became fashionable a few years ago, practically a decade, when Some smartphonesincluding iPhones, used as a sales argument that they had an “oleophobic” touch screen, that is to say, it was able to resist the onslaught of our fingers and not be marked in order to continue having a clean and healthy appearance.

With the passage of time, these types of characteristics were maintained although many no longer called their attention, despite the fact that our fingers continue today to be one of the most polluting agents that our mobile can face and that, depending on the time of day, they are able to mist the back with visible traces of each finger with which we touch and hold the device.

Apple wants a clean iPhone 13

As it is, it seems that this year Apple wants its new iPhone 13 to hit the market with some kind of protection before this festival of fingerprints that we leave every day when we use the mobile. Fingers grasp the smartphone that leave their mark on the glass and that not only do not make its appearance more aesthetic, but depending on the case they can worsen the grip, with the risks that this entails of suffering an accidental fall.

iPhone 12 de Apple. Unsplash

It has been Max Weinbach through his Twitter and YouTube accounts where has unveiled Apple’s intentions to root out those problems with the fingers that remain imprinted on the back areas of its iPhone 13. The idea, as revealed, is to add a special coating that will only be available for Pro models, and that it will prevent both smudges and fingerprints from being imprinted on the surface.

That is why thanks to this new design of the grip area of ​​the next iPhone 13, it will be easier to hold it in the hand, in addition to giving a matte appearance to all the tones that are part of the catalog. It is true that The iPhone have never been, at least without a case, terminals with a lot of grip and in certain generations, even uncomfortable to carry in hand, so we hope that Californians have hit the same key that other competing companies (Android) have already achieved with their more expensive terminals.


What if in the end the new iPhone 13 are delayed and do not arrive in September? This would be the reason | Smartphones

Just a year ago, when we had barely 15 days of hard confinement in the world after the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, many analysts began to warn that the closure of factories in China would prevent Apple from launching its mobile phones on the usual dates and, from September, that moment would pass to October or November.

And so it happened. The iPhone 12 have been the first in many years that have ended up landing in stores later than normal, something that nobody expected to happen in 2021 with the iPhone 13 (or whatever they end up calling). Now the threat is another and surely you have heard about it, indirectly, because of the shortage of new generation consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X), or the components for computers themselves.

Analysts see a new delay

So things, that shortage of chips is causing a domino effect that is making the chips fall from the board progressively. Although right now it is affecting computer and console manufacturers, it will also affect those who need similar components to smartphones and other mobile devices. What touches Apple and its iPhone 13 fully that, supposedly, were going to be available in stores, without problems, in September of this 2021.

2021 iPhone concept design. LetsGoDigital

These shortage problems around chips are affecting companies like Foxconn, which, through its president, Young Llu, already they have warned about what not sure how long this lack of supplies will affect them and how it will impact the forecasts made with all the companies for which they work. Moreover, he did not trust the end of this crisis for the next few months and advanced that it could extend until “the second quarter of next year.” This is June 2022.

That would completely impact the launch plans of the new iPhone 13, that they would see their production limited in what are usually the decisive months to start their manufacture. That is, for July of this year. If this happens, analysts already foresee a new delay in the launch of the new smartphones, just a few weeks after announcing just the opposite, that Tim Cook’s plans were to go back to normal and have his new range on sale again in the last week of September.


iPhone 13: according to this new patent this disappeared function could return | Smartphones

When Apple removed the 3D Touch from the iPhone 11, users knew how to “get by” without it, thanks to the arrival of the “Haptic Touch”. A good replacement, but not quite up to the original 3D Touch. Well now, it looks like they just published a patent suggesting that the feature could reappear in future devices.

What was the “3D Touch and how does it differ from the current mode?”

In case you have never used it, you should know that the 3D Touch it was an Apple innovation which arrived on the iPhone 6s and lasted until the release of the iPhone 11, that is, from 2015 to 2019.

It offered an extra level of interaction by adding pressure sensitivity to the iPhone screenand. If you pressed harder than you normally would on a link, you would see a preview of the site: you pressed harder again and the page would open. This mechanism was called “Peek and Pop.” And it became very popular with users. The current “Haptic Touch” mode does something similar, working from a long press on the screen, but this functionality is not capable of recognizing the different pressure levels.

A new patent suggests a much-loved feature could make a comeback

The patent, discovered by Patently Apple, gives an idea of ​​why Apple might have removed the feature. “Components for sensing the amount of force exerted on a touch-sensitive component interface surface can use complex and expensive sensor arrays to extend this desired functionality across the entire surface. These expensive arrays can also occupy a large spatial volume within of the electronic device, potentially increasing the size of the device or reducing the space available for components that can provide additional desired functionality. “

New iPhone patent PattentlyApple

But now Apple suggests a new way to achieve it through the filed patent, using something called a “pressure drop sensor”. In the patent, the operation is explained simply: “The force sensor assembly may include a pressure decay sensor and a gap sensor disposed against a surface of the interface component.”

In short, it comes to bring the same system as the 3D touch but with a much more simplified architecture in every sense, so it would make sense in the current iPhone, since it would not take away space from other components and its manufacture would not entail a cost. extra.


John Wick declares war in Cuatro against TVE’s ‘Prodigios’ and Concha Velasco in ‘Deluxe’

Premiere of ‘John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum’ in Cuatro; Tuesday and Thirteen meet on laSexta …

The ‘Prodigies’ display their art again on Saturday night of TVE (22: 00h)

Boris Izaguirre again conducts the third edition of the children’s musical contest ‘Prodigios’. Nacho Duato, Ainhoa ​​Arteta, Andrés Salado, José Manuel Zapata and Lucas Vidal will judge the performances of the 27 participants. In each category there will be a consultant who will assist in the assessments.

The 2 investigates the biography of Astrid Lindgren with the tape ‘Knowing Astrid’ (22: 00h)

From humble origins, the youth of Astrid Lindgren, the well-known author of children’s stories and creator of the character Pippi Longstocking, was marked by the many obstacles she encountered in getting ahead as a single mother in an eminently macho society.

Royal afternoon by Meghan and Harry on Antena 3 (4:00 p.m.)

Antena 3 premieres this Saturday, exclusively for Spain, the full interview that has broken records and that everyone is talking about, that of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, granted to Oprah Winfrey on the US network CBS.

To receive this broadcast, the Atresmedia chain has prepared a special afternoon dedicated to the Dukes of Sussex, which also includes the premiere of the movie ‘Meghan and Harry: a royal bond’ (4:00 p.m.) and the broadcast of the film ‘ Meghan and Harry: a royal romance ‘(5:45 p.m.).

The most media interview in recent years, which has already surpassed 50 million viewers worldwide and contains revealing statements from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, will premiere right after the films at 7.15pm. It can also be followed under the option of the original version with subtitles.

Antena 3 performs against ‘The Last Fortress’ by Robert Redford and Mark Ruffalo (10:10 p.m.)

Court-martialled and stripped of his rank, General Irwin is serving a sentence in a maximum security military prison run with an iron fist by Colonel Winter. There, Irwin will win the antipathy of the warden. However, the other prisoners will support him in his new mission: take control of the jail and strip Winter of command.

Night of action in Cuatro with the third part of ‘John Wick’, ‘Parabellum’ (22:15)

The murderer John Wick is on the run after killing the member of the international criminal gang to which he belonged. They have put a price on his head, 14 million dollars, and he has become the target of hitmen from around the world, waiting for him around every corner to try to get rid of him.

Concha Velasco sits in ‘Saturday Deluxe’ (22: 00h)

Concha Velasco is the main guest this Saturday in Deluxe. The actress, who recently gave the witness as a neighborhood film presenter to Alaska, and who we also saw in the last season of My house is yours aired to date, will go to the set of La Fábrica de la Tele to tell, in his words, “news that I have never given.”

‘laSexta Noche’ brings together ‘Tuesdays and 13’ Josema Yuste and Millán Salcedo on their set (9:00 p.m.)

This Saturday, at 9:00 p.m., the economic vice president Nadia Calviño visits ‘laSexta Noche’ to talk about recovery and the aid package of 11,000 million euros for companies.

Outside of politics, Iñaki López manages to bring together Josema Yuste and Millán Salcedo, the mythical Martes y Trece.


Lockdowns spiked Lego sales by 21% in 2020 | Companies

Confinements and restrictions on leisure outside the home triggered Lego sales during 2020. The Danish toy group increased direct sales to consumers by 21%, with double-digit growth in all its main markets, especially in China, America. , Western Europe and Asia Pacific, as reported by the company.

Its total turnover was 43,700 million Danish crowns, around 6,000 million euros, an increase of 13% and which marks a new record for the company. “We are very satisfied with these results. They show the timeless relevance of the Lego brick and learning through play. This performance is also a testament to the passion, creativity and endurance of our people. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, they worked tirelessly to keep the world playing, “said CEO Niels B. Christiansen.

This has confirmed that the families “have played more together”, since for months the children have been without going to the schools and the parents have had to telework. But on the negative side of the pandemic, the executive has outlined the “long periods with many closed stores, there have been disruptions in our supply chain … I think the most important thing is that the strategic investments have paid off,” he said. explained.

According to this, the sales pull has occurred due to having a greater number of buyers of different ages. The brand’s best-selling products last year were the Lego City, Lego Technic, Star Wars and Friends-themed collections, and the traditional Lego Classic.

Another engine of growth was the online channel, since the nearly 700 stores that the group has around the world suffered the closures and restrictions imposed to control the pandemic. Lego does not detail the percentage that online sales represent of the total, although it indicates that the number of visits to its virtual store doubled compared to the previous year. Lego maintains its plans to open 120 stores this year, 80 of them in China.

The company will continue to invest in 2021 in the digitization of its business. “We have a strong digital foundation, but we must move faster. The past year has demonstrated the importance of having an agile and responsive business built on strong digital foundations. We will further develop our capabilities in this area, in order to be well positioned to meet the changing needs of our retail partners and consumers, now and in the long term, “explained Christiansen. The company will expand its digital and technological teams during the year.

Returning to the 2020 results, Lego’s operating profit grew 19% to DKK 12.9 billion, just over 1.7 billion, and net profit grew in the same proportion to DKK 9.9 billion, about DKK 1.33 billion. of euros.


Castilla y León adds 218 new infected with COVID and 13 deaths

Castilla y León adds 218 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, which places the global figure to date at 209,198, while registering 13 new fatalities, all of them in hospitals, as well as a total of 26,166 medical discharges, of which 27 new, according to the data provided by the Ministry of Health and collected by Europa Press.

The statistics published this Sunday register 13 deaths in the hospitals of the Community, which brings the total number of deaths in these centers to 5,273.

There are 504 active outbreaks currently in the Community as a whole and the positive cases associated with them drop to 3,286. Of these, Ávila counts 35 –three less–; Burgos, 58 -eight less-; León, 56 -eight less-; Palencia, 20 –three less–; Salamanca counts 111, ten less; Segovia 56, three less; Soria 64, six less; Valladolid 89 – five less – and Zamora 15, four less.

In total, 209,417 positives for COVID-19 have already been diagnosed in the Community in the different types of tests, after 218 were added in the last day. Of this total number, 202,617 positives have been confirmed in PCR and antigen tests.

León in the lead, with 56 new positives

By provinces, León is the one with the most positive reports this day, with 56 cases and a total of 36,553; Salamanca has added 36 for a total of 29,604; Burgos follows with a total of 30,316, after registering 29 new ones; Valladolid has 47,164, after 24 in the last hours; Palencia adds 22 for a total of 17,504; Segovia 19 and a total of 15,273; Soria 17 for a global of 8,610; Zamora counts 12,571, after eleven in the last hours and Ávila only registers four for a total of 11,822.

Regarding the number of deaths in hospitals with a COVID diagnosis, the total figure is 5,273, 13 more than yesterday. Most of it is registered in the province of León with 1,087 -five more-, followed by Valladolid with 1,035 -two more-; next is Salamanca with 792 – two more -; Burgos with 646 -one more-; Palencia is located at 407 -one more-; Zamora scores 405 –the same–; while Segovia stands at 349, the same; Ávila registers 313 – one more – and Soria registers 239, one more.

In the case of hospital discharges, these total 26,166, of which 6,344 have been computed in Valladolid; 4,697 in León; in Burgos 3,433; in Salamanca, 3,618; in Palencia, 1964; in Zamora, 1,796; in Segovia 1,681; in Ávila, 1,611 and in Soria 1,022.

No victims in residences

Regarding residences for the elderly, centers for people with disabilities and sheltered homes, according to data provided by the Ministry of Family and Equal Opportunities, the number of deaths related to COVID-19 stands at 4,041 – the same as yesterday – in the 1,214 public and private centers for the elderly and public centers for disability.

Of the deceased, 2,936 correspond to cases of confirmed positives for COVID-19 and another 1,105 to deceased with symptoms compatible with the virus, a figure unchanged since June.

According to data provided by the Board, of the 4,041 killed so far, 2,169 people have lost their lives in their residence or center, while another 1,872 have done so in hospitals.

One resident remains isolated with symptoms compatible with COVID-19, one less than yesterday, and 596 are in that situation preventively but without symptoms, six less.

Regarding the centers under the tutelage of the Junta de Castilla y León, the number of deaths stands at 299, without variation, of them 182 with confirmed positive, while another 117 have been with compatible symptoms, the same.

In addition, 21 residents are hospitalized, one less, and the number of users with confirmed COVID-19 positive is reduced to 1,004 – three less.

On the other hand, no resident is in isolation with symptoms compatible with COVID-19, while another 23 remain in isolation preventively without symptoms, two less.


The iPhone 13 will borrow a function that the Apple Watch already have | Smartphones

There are times Apple decides to set a path that later other manufacturers of smartphones but, on other occasions, it happens just the other way around. What When a road is already clogged with so much traffic, those from Cupertino appear pretending they just found out to welcome a function that millions of users have been using for years on their phones (with Android).

And in this case it is curious because Apple has a precedent in the Apple Watch Series 5 that arrived on the market in 2019, which among its few novelties (because they did not include many, if not any) they boasted of having a always on display that allowed the user to always see the time although the smartwatch is locked and with the screen (technically) off.

The iPhone will always give you the time

Thus, from the YouTube channel EverythingApplePro they have taken advantage of the last hours to publish a video in which he comes to give new clues about some of the features that these new iPhone 13 of 2021 will have. The most outstanding is this one from the screen always active, or on, although with the brightness quite dim so as not to use up the entire battery. A function that Android users have already had for some years, with Samsung as the main driver.

Thanks to this always on display, the user will have a way to know the time of the smartphone no need to unlock it, or activate the screen by pressing any button, as well as notifications of notifications, calls, etc. Although it remains to be seen how Apple implements it in its future iPhone 13, it is a fast and minimally invasive way to control the notifications that are coming to the phone and that takes advantage of one of the best qualities of some OLED panels, such as the possibility of activate only a few screen pixels to deactivate the rest and thus avoid excessive energy expenditure.

Also, in the same video EverythingApplePro have confirmed that This year’s iPhone 13s will hit stores with 120Hz display panels. with LTPO technology (low-temperature polycrystalline oxide), such as those that the Apple Watch has been using since 2019 and that are the ones that allow this function of the always on display work smoothly. We will see, but without a doubt, Apple would go a step further in the functionality of its smartphones and print them one more plus of functionalities that have become, for many users, essential.


Apple will double the storage capacity of its iPhone 13 | Smartphones

In any other smartphone In the market, the storage capacity is usually relative because we have an extraordinary ally, such as the microSD cards that we can install to multiply by two, three, four or more the capacity of our mobile. But in the case of Apple and its iPhones, Either we choose well the gigs that we will have available within the phone or our digital life could be distorted too much.

And it is that when acquiring one of these terminals it is important to bet on the models that have the greatest capacity, or if not the one with the most, at least the intermediate one since those from Cupertino usually play with three configurations in their smartphones more modern. Currently, with the iPhone 12, they go from 128 to 512GB through 256. More than enough amounts. Or not?

Apple will double the bet

Now, looking to the future iPhone 13 this year, it seems that Apple is going to decide to go one step further and the 512GB will no longer be the highest configuration available at their terminals, doubling that amount up to a full 1TB. That is, more or less (you know how these things about disk spaces are) about 1,000 gigs, which we can fill with photos, 4K videos and applications and video games with practically no limit.

Storage options on the iPhone 12 Pro. apple.es

Of course, it is not confirmed that those models with 1TB of storage are part of the default range, such as the 512GB of the iPhone 11 and 12 of the last two years, or if it will be a very specific edition that will be sold in more limited quantities. If we look at the background, it is more likely that it is a growth of that space available in a generic way, leaving the 256GB as the smallest size and the 512 as the intermediate. This is what Apple has been doing every two or three generations.

To this data, we must add another emerged in the last days on the iPhone 13 compatibility with 6E wifi networks (6GHz), which are an evolution of the famous wifi 6 only with a higher transfer speed and performance, as well as lower latency, which will offer an alternative to stop saturating the old frequencies of 2.4 and 5GHz. Although of course, to obtain those numbers, it will be necessary to change the wireless points of our network to make them compatible.

By last, it seems to confirm that the screens of future models will be LTPS technology (low-temperature polycrystalline silicon screens) that boast better performance and will feature 60Hz models for the iPhone 13 and 13 Mini, and 120 for the Pro and Pro Max.