Enner Valencia scored with Fenerbahce, but failed to win the title in Turkey

Fenerbahce beat Kayserispor 2-1 with a bit of the Ecuadorian Enner Valencia at the closing of the Turkish Super League, which enshrined the Besiktas as champion of the 2020-2021 season.

Canaries’ finished the tournament with 82 points, two behind Besiktas, who took the title with just a +1 goal difference over him Galatasaray, which took second place.

Fenerbahce fought for the trophy throughout the season, but fell away from the lead on the penultimate matchday, after falling 2-1 at home to Sivasspor.

For Enner Valencia it was an outstanding first season
. The Ecuadorian team came from Tigres de México and was Fenerbahce’s top scorer in the tournament with 12 goals. He also added another goal in the Turkish Cup.

Valencia, who has a contract until mid-2022, lifted the Istanbul team in the last minutes of the game, after an initial goal by Pedro Henrique (18 ‘) for Kayserispor. The Ecuadorian scored a penalty at minute 90 ‘ and when the ninth additional minute was played, Serdar Aziz scored the second goal with a header, after an assist from Valencia.

At the end of the season, Valencia will return to Ecuador and begin its preparation for the qualifying rounds for the Qatar 2022 World Cup and the 2021 Copa América.

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May 16 China declared a state of emergency and secretly shocked the world, Australia will definitely collapse and collapse 2021

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210501 If the CCP fights Taiwan, Russia will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity not to fight Ukraine and instead fight China. In the 21st century, it will also use human sea tactics to resist the enemy. Navy will build dumplings and 1.4 billion people will be human shields.

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Tianwen 1 Landing Patrol successfully landed on Mars

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1177 4.6 billion yuan evaporated, Japan, Australia, Britain and France fell into the South China Sea trap Merkel couldn’t bear to issue an ultimatum to the United States. Shanghai China said shrewd decision. Xi Jinping announced that it was a huge challenge for Germany. The world was surprised and surprised. News 007

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On May 16th, China declared a state of emergency and secretly shocked the world. Australia will definitely collapse and collapse 2021.210501 If the CCP fights Taiwan, Russia will have a golden opportunity to not fight Ukraine and fight China instead. In the 21st century, it will also use human sea tactics to resist the enemy’s navy and build dumplings. 1.4 billion people are human shields. The Tianwen No. 1 landing patrol successfully landed on Mars. 117.7 billion RMB evaporates, Japan, Australia, Britain and France fall into the South China Sea trap Merkel can’t bear to issue an ultimatum to the United States, Shanghai, China said shrewd decision Xi Jinping announced this It was a huge challenge for Germany and the whole world was surprised and surprised by News 007.

Early in the morning on May 15th, withdraw funds, abandon India and restart Huawei’s foundry. Unexpectedly, the next second will be completely dumbfounded. Guo never expected this time.

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On May 16th, China said that the United States, Japan, France and Australia were engaged in landing exercises. Taiwan was excited to fire two missiles in a row. The war broke out. The whole world and the Chinese people will watch this video 2021.

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Under the global perspective, the largest trading partner of Australia has been lost, genocide, and the United States has a global perspective

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Early in the morning on May 15th, it withdrew and abandoned India and restarted Huawei’s foundry. Unexpectedly, Guo was completely dumbfounded in the next second. Guo never expected this time. On May 16th, China said that the United States, Japan, France and Australia were engaged in landing exercises. Taiwan fired two excitedly. The missile war broke out. The whole world and the Chinese people will watch this videotape in 2021. It is really sinister Modi issued a large order of 100 billion yuan to Chinese and Japanese companies to compete. Unexpectedly, Beijing came to strictly prohibit all Chinese companies from withdrawing and then President Xi. Exposing Modi’s ugly face of hundreds of billions of orders is just a pretence that Japanese companies are trapped by Modi, India, infrastructure and China’s hundreds of billions of orders are in conflict between China and India. Under the global vision, Australia has lost its largest trading partner, Australia, panic-stricken genocide, confronts the United States with a global vision.

Sima Nan India requires China to return to the planned economy and aid India not to increase prices

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Sima Nan India demanded that China’s return to the planned economy should not increase the price of aid materials for India.


Wolff proposes holding an F1 GP on the streets of London

The Austrian assures that the British GP at Silverstone would not be affected

He thinks a race in the British capital would be very good to boost F1

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has proposed to Formula 1 to hold a race through the streets of London in the coming years. The Austrian manager believes that the British capital would be a great place to see the cars of the Great Circus compete and hopes that the country’s prime minister, Boris Johnson, will take his idea into account.

Wolff does not want to jeopardize the British Grand Prix at Silverstone in London. The Austrian remarks that the British track is one of the most iconic and almost essential on the Formula 1 calendar. Of course, a second race through the streets of London according to him would be very interesting.

“I like having a race at Silverstone, it’s what the fans love and it’s a historic and traditional Formula 1 circuit. Mind you, racing in London would be great and I hope Prime Minister Mr Johnson will read it. and get to know our idea “, Wolff commented in the words published in the British Evening Standard newspaper.

On the other hand, Wolff remarks that Formula 1 currently has the most efficient hybrid engines on the planet, and with a race in London, they would show all their capacity for innovation. Also, remember that one of the biggest stars of today, Lewis Hamilton, is British.

“We have the most efficient hybrid engines on the planet and one of the biggest stars in Formula 1 today is a British driver. So it would be great to race in London, to show our technology and our ability to innovate. Come on!” expressed Toto to conclude.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that Formula E will race through the streets of the British capital in 2021. The electric category will play two races in London on July 24 and 25, although it would not be the first time, given that in its first two seasons –2015 and 2016– also visited the city.

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Storm with hailstorms cover areas of the municipalities of Ario and Uruapan in white

Writing / La Voz de Michoacán

Ario de Rosales, Michoacán. On Thursday afternoon, a strong hailstorm painted the municipality of Ario de Rosales white, as well as the population of Angahuan, in the demarcation of Uruapan, without serious damage being reported so far.


First, drivers began to report the hail fall on the Pátzcuaro-Ario de Rosales highway, where in a matter of minutes the asphalt strip and wooded areas began to turn white.

While almost simultaneously on the Purépecha Plateau, Angahuan residents were surprised by another hailstorm and immediately began posting images of streets and houses covered in a thick layer of hail.

Therefore, the Civil Protection personnel activated the corresponding review protocols to rule out any emergency, without fortunately until the closing of this information any serious incident has been reported.



Austria may hold a second GP to replace Turkey

The plan is to bring forward the French GP by a week and hold two races in Austria

The Styrian GP would be on June 27 and the Austrian GP on July 4

Formula 1 is studying holding a second race in Austria to fill the gap left by Turkey, which will be canceled in the absence of official confirmation. The idea is to do the Styrian GP one week before the Austrian GP is scheduled and move the French GP to June 20.

While rumors about the cancellation of the Turkish Grand Prix continue to run, Formula 1 is working on a plan not to lose one of the races they were scheduled to hold this year.

The fact that the UK has included Turkey on its red list makes a quarantine mandatory that the paddock cannot afford due to the tight schedule. Thus, F1 thinks of holding two races in Austria as a plan B, something that can be made official today, according to the Austrian newspaper Österreich.

The idea is to hold the first race in Austria, which would be renamed the Styrian GP, ​​a week before the date for which the Austrian GP is scheduled. In this way, the Styrian GP would be held between June 25 and 27, the date on which the French GP is scheduled, with the Austrian GP between July 2 and 4. France would move forward a week and it would be played from June 18 to 20.

This is how the calendar would look if these changes are confirmed:

  • French GP: June 18-20
  • Styrian GP: June 25-27
  • Austrian GP: July 2-4

This new rumor appears after the promoter of the Azerbaijan GP, ​​Arif Rahimov, ruled out changing the date of his event, from June 4 to 6, with that of Turkey to enable the quarantine that the British government asks of everyone who wants enter the UK after having been in Turkey.

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Barcelona Olfaction Week 2021 | Event information

29/05/2021 /
Fair and congress

Place: Online, – (-)

Event date: 29/05/2021 – 05/06/2021

More information: hello@barcelonaolfactionweek.com

Event website: barcelonaolfactionweek.com/

Barcelona Smell Week (BOW, May 29 – June 5, 2021) is an international event that aims to promote innovation and interconnect the perfume industry, while giving visibility to the science of smell throughout the world. For a week, Barcelona and its surroundings delve into the world of perfumery, with more than 50 digital (and face-to-face) activities with cultural, scientific and artistic aspects on the universe of smell and perfume.


dpa-AFX overview: KONJUNKTUR from 05/12/2021

ROUNDUP 2: US inflation rises to its highest level since 2008

WASHINGTON – US inflation spiked in April. Compared to the same month last year, the cost of living rose by 4.2 percent, as the Department of Labor announced in Washington on Wednesday. This is the highest rate since September 2008. In March, the rate was much lower at 2.6 percent. Analysts had expected an increase, but not to this extent. On average, a rate of 3.6 percent was expected.

ROUNDUP 2 / ‘Stars are good’: British economy optimistic despite minus

LONDON – The corona pandemic and the completed Brexit pushed the British economy back into the red at the beginning of the year, and yet experts and companies are more optimistic than before. This is only a contradiction at first glance. Because the Corona easing course of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government is creating a consumer mood among consumers and a willingness to invest among companies – including the German-British economy. “The stars are good for a recovery in the second half of the year,” said economist Liz Martins from the major bank HSBC of the German press agency.

South Korea signs free trade agreement with Israel

SEOUL – South Korea has signed a free trade agreement with Israel. The pact provides that import duties will be eliminated for more than 95 percent of goods in bilateral trade, as the South Korean Ministry of Commerce announced on Wednesday. The deal will not only reduce tariffs and improve the business environment, but will also serve as a “solid platform” for economic growth in both countries, said South Korean Trade Minister Yoo Myung Hee. Trade Minister Amir Peretz signed the agreement on behalf of Israel in Seoul.

ROUNDUP: Merz wants to prevent tax evasion with corporate tax reform

SÜLZETAL – Friedrich Merz wants to oblige large companies to pay their taxes where they generate their profits. “My personal suggestion will be that we dare to undertake a major corporate tax reform in Germany with which we will strengthen the communities in particular,” said Merz on Wednesday during a visit to an Amazon logistics center in Sülzetal near Magdeburg.

Altmaier: With the Climate Protection Act, the economy gets planning security

BERLIN – Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier has recognized the new climate protection law as a “milestone”. “It also enables planning security for the economy,” said the CDU politician on Wednesday after the law was passed in the federal cabinet. Now everyone knows what to expect. “We put in the air-conditioning turbo, so to speak,” said Altmaier. With its quick action, the federal government also ensured that the issue was kept out of the mill of the election campaign.

Economics ministers argue about measures to counter raw material shortages

DÜSSELDORF – Because the supply of raw materials for industry and construction is scarce, leading German politicians are arguing about countermeasures. The economics ministers from Thuringia and Saarland, Wolfgang Tiefensee and Anke Rehlinger (both SPD), are in favor of temporary export restrictions in order to get the problem under control and to resolve bottlenecks in companies.

Euro zone: industrial production hardly increases

LUXEMBOURG – In the euro zone, industrial production barely increased in March. In a month-on-month comparison, production increased slightly by 0.1 percent, the Eurostat statistics office announced on Wednesday in Luxembourg. Analysts had expected significantly stronger growth of 0.8 percent.

More economic growth: EU Commission raises economic forecast

BRUSSELS – According to the EU Commission, the European economy will grow faster this year and next than recently expected. With a view to vaccination successes and easing after the Corona crisis, the Brussels authority raised its economic forecast significantly on Wednesday. In the 27 EU countries it now expects 4.2 percent growth in 2021, in the 19 countries of the euro zone 4.3 percent. For 2022 an increase of 4.4 percent is predicted for both the EU and the euro zone.

ROUNDUP: British economy shrinks at the start of the year

LONDON – The British economy contracted at the beginning of the year, but there are signs of an economic improvement. The economic output (GDP) fell in the first quarter of the current year compared to the previous quarter by 1.5 percent, said the ONS statistics office in London on Wednesday. Analysts had expected an average of 1.6 percent. The decline follows a rise in GDP of 1.3 percent in the final quarter of 2020.

France: inflation is rising a little weaker than expected

PARIS – In France, inflation continued to rise in April, but not as much as expected. According to the European method, consumer prices (HICP) rose by 1.6 percent year-on-year, as the Insee statistics office announced on Wednesday after a second estimate. After an initial survey, Insee had reported a slightly higher inflation rate of 1.7 percent. Analysts assumed it would be confirmed.

Customer note:
ROUNDUP: You are reading a summary in the economic overview. There are several reports on this topic on the dpa-AFX news service.

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Occam Agencia Digital prepares its technological development arsenal for 2021

What partner Platinum the HubSpot y Inbound Marketing agency in Madrid, Occam Agencia Digital is a specialist in the application of a key marketing methodology for today’s business world. Following the principles of the Inbound model, it helps with attracting potential customers by creating valuable content and tailor-made experiences throughout the 3 stages of the sales funnel: attract (capture the attention of the right audience with valuable content) , interact (offer solutions and information that take into account the needs) and delight (help customers achieve success through their purchase).

Occam Agencia Digital relies on business growth through meaningful and long-lasting relationships with prospects, consumers, and clients. As the Inbound Marketing philosophy marks, to receive, you must first give. In this way, you create content of all kinds for your clients (videos, posts, infographics, e-books, white papers, etc.) that allow your prospects to obtain value at all stages of their purchase journey.

And of course, all this multi-format content would be meaningless if it does not revolve around the online presence of brands. Having a scalable, flexible and business goal-oriented website is the first step to building fame and visibility. And not only that, but a website is also the core of the marketing strategy, the tool for generating leads or sales opportunities and the landing strip for visitors.

For this reason, at Occam they work on the digital marketing strategy from the base, helping brands in the development of their website as well as with other technological products through their software factory:

– Custom APIs to create functional integrations with other systems.

– Backoffices to digitize and automate processes.

– Custom websites as the main showcase for companies.

– Web development with the HubSpot CMS for those who need a comprehensive Inbound Marketing development service.

– Native mobile applications for Android and iOS, using native languages ​​depending on the operating system.

– blockchain, the technology that is revolutionizing the market through asset tokenization, cryptocurrency development, and much more.

As an example of how this Software Factory works, Occam has begun to create its own products, highlighting the development of the first Spanish startup shuttle to invest with blockchain. It receives the name of The Rosette and it is a technological bet through which entrepreneurs in search of financing and investors who need profitability can meet. The project works with Utility Tokens and is supported by the Inbound Marketing agency’s own team as well as by a group of external professionals from the sector.

Technology and development are part of the vision of the future. What’s more, they are the backbone of automated marketing with which companies reach their full potential. Therefore, the team of Occam Agencia Digital is committed to a firm commitment to technological development for this 2021.


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Xiaomi sold 137% more in the beginning of 2021; consolidates in Mexico


Mexico City / 11.05.2021 17:45:03

In the first three months of the year, Xiaomi showed an inter-annual growth in sales of 137 percent and a market share of 17 percent, only below Lenovo which has 25 percentage points.

Smartphone sales recovered in the same period of the year, reaching 347 million units worldwide, according to the latest Canalys report.

China’s smartphone market had a positive first quarter driven by the success of 5G technology, ranking third in global smartphone shipments, meaning an increase of 35 percent year-on-year and a range of 94 million units.

Xiaomi ranks third in terms of shipping volume globally and has a 15 percent market share versus 10 percent in 2020, maintaining momentum in both China and India, as well as strong expansion in the Latin America, Europe and Africa region.

Ben Stanton, research director of the leading global technology market analyst firm, said that in addition to the great value of the products, Xiaomi is moving forward in recruiting local talent, becoming more channel-friendly and leading high-end innovation, such as For example, the Mi 11 Ultra equipment and its recent folding model, Mi Mix Fold.

In the Mexican market, the Chinese company reaffirmed its commitment to offer innovative technology at competitive prices, making a series of cost adjustments on their smartphones permanently, presenting a range of more accessible options so that users can change or update their electronic devices this 2021.