Video: Barcelona’s tribute to Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi’s reaction

In the game that marked the return to the Spanish League in Barcelona after meeting on the last Wednesday of the death of Diego Armando Maradona, the club where the Argentine also left his mark dedicated an emotional tribute to him.

“Diego, always with us,” wrote the Culé club on its social networks, and showed the 10 jacket from the time Maradona wore it in the middle of the Camp Nou stalls.

Before the game there was a heartfelt dedication where the players of both teams surrounded the central circle of the game, with a shirt 10 in the center, silence and music to say goodbye to the Argentine star.

With the return of Lionel Messi and the need to win to improve their present, Barcelona against Osasuna, while Real Sociedad -leader together with Atlético de Madrid- will be local to Villarreal in the two outstanding games of the continuity of the date 11th. of the Spanish League.

After the “rest” arranged by DT Ronald Koeman to Rosario, the Catalan team has the obligation to return to victory and improve its weak present in the Spanish League.

The one in Barcelona this Sunday is another setting where Diego Armando Maradona, who died last Wednesday at the age of 60, was remembered, who played for the Catalan team between 1982 and 1984.

The coach of Barcelona, ​​the Dutch Ronald Koeman, remembered Diego as “the best in the world in his time”, and avoided entering into comparisons with Messi, whom he directs.

“We enjoy his quality a lot. On the field you always see the quality of a player much more. He was the best in the world at that time,” the coach remarked in the preview.

“I played against him once against Sevilla. I remember he was late for the warm-up, but he did a lot of things and I was almost more aware of him than my warm-up,” he said.


Due to the improvement in the climate of South America, there was a general drop in grain prices in Chicago

The prices of grains in the Chicago futures market closed today with general falls, among which the falls of US $ 8.54 in soybeans and US $ 5.97 in wheat stood out.

In the case of soybeans, the contracts agreed for January fell 1.95% (US $ 8.54), ending at US $ 429.35, and fell 1.94% (US $ 8.53) in the sales agreed for March , which were traded at US $ 429.72.

The Rosario Stock Exchange indicated that the drop was based on “that doubts persist regarding Sino-US trade.”

“There is expectation regarding the possibility that China will resume important purchases of the bean this week, compared to last week with a much slower rate of purchases. The import of soybeans by Brazil from the United States could have cut losses”, added the Rosario entity.

With a similar trend, soybean by-products accompanied the decline with a decrease in oil of 2.11% (US $ 18.08) to US $ 835.10, and a decrease in flour of 1.35% (US $ 5.95) to $ 433.31.

The December corn contract ended the day down 1.35% (US $ 2.26) to US $ 165.25.

Recent rains reduce the impact of the drought in Brazil and Argentina, improving production expectations. The declines are lessened by external demand that remains strong for yellow beans, indicated the BCR.

Meanwhile, wheat in its position in December ended today’s wheel with a fall of 2.72% (US $ 5.97) to US $ 213.21.

The BCR explained that a very favorable climate in Australia improves production expectations, which expects a 10% increase this season, reaching 31.17 Mt. Likewise, a rise in the export quota of Russia, an important exporter, is expected. which would lower prices even more.


A busy December in Brussels: sprint before Christmas

This December is a hot month for the European agenda. We will have several fronts and many moments of action, with a European Council on December 10 and 11 and a plenary session of the European Parliament that will begin on 14. What are the fronts?

Budget pulse

Hungary and Poland decided last week to cast their veto on the budget package, which includes the € 750 billion Recovery Fund from which Spain could get up to 140 billion. It is in retaliation for the agreement on a rule of law mechanism that could cut off their access to European funds for their attack on judicial independence.

Press conference of the Prime Ministers of Poland (in the foreground) and Hungary.  (EFE)
Press conference of the Prime Ministers of Poland (in the foreground) and Hungary. (EFE)

The safest thing is that this matter is pending until the summit of December 10 and 11. Charles Michel, President of the European Council, intends to hold this meeting in person in Brussels, because the videoconference format has proven to be of little use in solving serious problems.

When Hungary and Poland formalized their veto two weeks ago, it was thought that a change in the wording could be enough, but Budapest and Warsaw are directly opposed, and the rest of the Member States and the European Parliament do not feel like making concessions. That is why many voices in Brussels believe that it is only a matter of waiting for them to continue seeing each other alone and without the possibility of obtaining concessions so that they end up withdrawing their bluff in exchange for some minimum transfer.

The agony of Brexit

After Michel Barnier, chief negotiator of the European Commission, traveled to London on Friday after a difficult week, this past weekend has been one of intense negotiations. Many assume that the Frenchman’s trip is due to a good signal from the British side.

Michel Barnier, the EU negotiator, in London for another round of Brexit negotiations.  (EFE)Michel Barnier, the EU negotiator, in London for another round of Brexit negotiations.  (EFE)
Michel Barnier, the EU negotiator, in London for another round of Brexit negotiations. (EFE)

The three pending issues are those already known to all: governance of the agreement, fishing and ‘level-playing field’ or equal conditions. With 95% of the agreement completed in its technical aspects, as they have assured from the European Commission, these three issues are linked to an ideological element. That is precisely what is making them especially difficult to negotiate.

Once an agreement is reached, if at all, the job is not done. The ratification process will not be straightforward either, and Brexit will surely have to continue to be paid attention to well into December. The European Parliament has been willing to ratify the agreement as late as is December the 28th.

If it is not possible to close a deal, it goes without saying that the matter will gain importance as Member States have to prepare for an unknown scenario in their trade with the United Kingdom. as of January 1, 2021. Again, deal or no deal, Brexit will be one of the main issues at this month’s summit and will keep diplomats busy for weeks to come.

Turkey continues to give problems

European leaders promised Cyprus, which was calling for sanctions against Turkey for its oil and gas exploration in Cypriot and Greek waters, that they would take up the issue in December. In the meantime, Ankara would be offered the possibility of building a “positive agenda”. Despite strong friction between Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan and French President Emmanuel Macron, the dialogue between Berlin, Brussels and Ankara has not ceased.

Ships of the Turkish navy in the Aegean.  (Reuters)Ships of the Turkish navy in the Aegean.  (Reuters)
Ships of the Turkish navy in the Aegean. (Reuters)

But the tensions between the Hellenic, Cypriot and Turkish governments have not abated either. “Europe cannot pretend that Turkey is acting as an acceptable player in the regionNikolaos Dendias, the Greek foreign minister, complained last week, calling Ankara’s behavior “delinquent and provocative.” Last week, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign and Security Policy, the Spanish Josep Borrell, explained to the European Parliament that the EU bloc is at a “critical moment” in its relationship with Turkey.

The European Parliament called in a non-binding resolution addressed to the meeting of leaders on December 10 and 11, that the European Union “act and impose harsh sanctions in response to the illegal actions of Turkey.” The atmosphere will heat up in the coming days, especially if there is any kind of tension in the Aegean Sea.

This week

This coming week, the one prior to the key dates of December, it will also come loaded, with meeting of finance ministers of the Eurozone and the European Union this Monday and Tuesday, with a review of the national budget plans, including the Spanish one, which have received the general approval of the European Commission.

Huawei's counter at an electronics conference in China.  (Reuters)Huawei's counter at an electronics conference in China.  (Reuters)
Huawei’s counter at an electronics conference in China. (Reuters)

Also on Monday there will be a videoconference of ministers of Education and also of Youth. It will be the turn of those of Culture and Sports on Tuesday, and on Wednesday that of the Ministers of Justice, who will discuss the launch of the European prosecutor’s office, and also of those of Health, who in an informal meeting will address the fight against the coronavirus pandemic in the European Union. Also on Thursday Thierry Breton, Commissioner for the Internal Market, will have a meeting with Ken Hu, CEO of Huawei, and also with Abraham Liu, CEO of Huawei in Europe.

The week will close with an employment and social affairs council. In addition, Yolanda Díaz, Minister of Employment, will see a lot of faces with the commissioner of the branch, the Luxembourgian Nicolás Schmit, because in addition to the Council they will participate together in a videoconference on social economy that same Friday.


70 job offers with a salary up to € 96,000

Companies this year have been forced to reduce staff spending as a consequence of the crisis derived from the coronavirus. For that reason, people who are actively seeking employment they take longer than usual to get a vacancy that matches their profile. However, some companies continue to offer job opportunities, despite poor economic situation that is traversed globally.

Mercadona, Leroy Merlin, Sprinter … there are many companies that need an increase in their workforce to face the massive purchases caused by the Christmas season. Salespeople, cashiers, replenishers are needed … Although there are also opportunities for those who have a most qualified profile. Apple is one of the companies looking for 47 qualified people to be incorporate to their staff within Spain.

This is undoubtedly a great opportunity for tech lovers who want to start their professional career in a technological multinational that is at the forefront of innovation. The tech giant is looking for people employed in Spain in all its areas: machine learning and artificial intelligence, hardware, software and services, design, marketing, business development and sales … It even offers the option to work from home to more than 90 people, so you can work for another of its world offices from Spain.

Salary at Apple

Within the information for each job position, the company explains the necessary and additional requirements you need to meet the candidates. However, the company does not detail the salary to be received in the company. To do this, you have to go to online portals where you can find out the average salaries charged by company workers. According to him portal Glassdoor, the person responsible for the area is the one with a higher salary in Spain, which ranges between 155,000 euros a year and 166,000 euros and, currently, Apple has a vacant offer to fill in that position In our country.

The Business Development Managers they are the ones that occupy the second position. They receive a salary between 96,000 euros and 105,000 euros. And neither are the sales department workers, with a salary greater than 95,000 euros. On the lower side of the table we find the store clerks, who receive an average of 11,000 euros per year.


Greece attacks Berlin for rejecting the arms embargo on Turkey – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

In an interview with the Politico American newspaper, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias said that Germany is not responding to its leadership role in the European Union when it rejects Athens’ calls for an embargo on arms shipments to Turkey.

Dendias said: “To set a good example, I cannot understand Germany’s reluctance to use the enormous power of its economy to link states to international law.”

Dendias added: “I understand the economic aspect in Germany, but I am sure that the latter also understands the tremendous contradiction in providing arms to a country that threatens peace and stability in two countries of the European Union. This is really the definition of contradiction”.

He added that he does not understand why Greece raised the matter in Berlin rather than Germany realizing on its own, that this does not correspond to its role in Europe.

The chancellor pointed out that if the leaders of the European Union do the same as they did at the October summit, that means they have not learned their lesson and it will be a wrong signal to be sent from Europe to all the countries of the world.

The Foreign Minister stated that he looks forward to working with the next US administration, as President-elect Joe Biden and new Secretary of State Anthony Blinken are well acquainted with the region and the Greek-Turkish issues.

He said: “I think the region needs the presence of the United States, especially its military presence, in a way that compensates for the lack of a European military presence in the region.”



Did Donald Trump mistake Maradona for Madonna? Confusion on Twitter

A screenshot of an apparent tweet from US President Donald Trump’s account suggests he misled the soccer legend Diego Maradona with pop singer Madonna.

However, local sources confirmed, it was a fabricated tweet.

The news of Maradona’s death on November 25, 2020 led many sports stars and public figures to pay tribute to the former Argentine footballer.

A screenshot that was shared on social media suggests that Trump sent a tweet that read: “Very sad to hear about the death of Maradona. A great person.”

“His music was wonderful. I remember listening to his albums in the early 1980s. Rest in peace!”

But nevertheless, no tweet that he mentions Maradona can be seen on the president’s official account, @realDonaldTrump

According to Politwoops, a ProPublica project that archives deleted tweets from politicians, no message that guy was removed from your page

Numerous Twitter users noted that the name Madonna became a trending topic following the news of Maradona’s death, presumably due to similarity between names.



Liverpool travel to Brighton in search of a solo English league lead

London, 26 Nov 2020 (AFP) -Reigning champion Liverpool has the chance to take the lead in the Premier League alone on Saturday in Brighton and move away from Tottenham, the other leader, who will play a London derby against Chelsea on Sunday. third classified.

After a “deserved” defeat against Atalanta in the Champions League, according to their coach Jürgen Klopp, Liverpool (2nd, 20 points) will want to react on Saturday (12:30 GMT) in Brighton (16th).

The Reds, could, however, have the head already in the match against Ajax on Tuesday, decisive for qualifying for the knockout stages of the Champions League.

On Sunday (16:30 GMT), the weekend game will face Chelsea (3rd, 18 points), for which everything is going smoothly after qualifying for the second round of the Champions League, with Tottenham (1st, 20 points), also fit at the top of the championship.

A new opportunity to meet again for two coaches Frank Lampard and José Mourinho, with a long relationship in the Blues.

Arsenal (12th, 13 points) and Manchester City (13th, 12 points) can move up the ranks in their respective meetings against Wolverhampton and Burnley.

Also struggling in the middle of the table, Manchester United (10th, 13 points) have a more complicated duel with their visit to Southampton (5th, 17 points), undefeated in the last seven days.

– Program of the 10th day of the English football league (GMT time):

– Friday, November 27

(20h00) Crystal Palace – Newcastle

– Saturday, November 28

(12h30) Brighton – Liverpool

(15h00) Manchester City – Burnley

(17h30) Everton – Leeds United

(20h00) West Brom – Sheffield United

– Sunday, November 29

(14h00) Southampton – Manchester United

(16h30) Chelsea – Tottenham

(19h15) Arsenal – Wolverhampton

– Monday, November 30

(17h30) Leicester – Fulham

(20h00) West Ham – Aston Villa

Classification: Pts JGNP bp bc dif

1. Tottenham 20 9 6 2 1 21 9 12

2. Liverpool 20 9 6 2 1 21 16 5

3. Chelsea 18 9 5 3 1 22 10 12

4. Leicester 18 9 6 0 3 18 12 6

5. Southampton 17 9 5 2 2 17 13 4

6. Everton 16 9 5 1 3 19 16 3

7. Aston Villa 15 8 5 0 3 19 11 8

8. West Ham 14 9 4 2 3 15 10 5

9. Wolverhampton 14 9 4 2 3 9 10 -1

10. Manchester United 13 8 4 1 3 13 14 -1

11. Crystal Palace 13 9 4 1 4 12 13 -1

12. Arsenal 13 9 4 1 4 9 10 -1

13. Manchester City 12 8 3 3 2 10 11 -1

14. Leeds United 11 9 3 2 4 14 17 -3

15. Newcastle 11 9 3 2 4 10 15 -5

16. Brighton 9 9 2 3 4 13 15 -2

17. Burnley 5 8 1 2 5 4 12 -8

18. Fulham 4 9 1 1 7 9 18 -9

19. West Brom 3 9 0 3 6 6 18 -12

20. Sheffield United 1 9 0 1 8 4 15 -11

ole / gr / psr






Johnson urges “collective remedies” against COVID

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who will host the United Nations Climate Change Conference next year, urges the world’s rulers to tap into the resources of the richest nations to end the pandemic and address change. climate

LONDON (AP) _ British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who will host the United Nations Climate Change Conference next year, urged the world’s rulers to harness the resources of the richest nations to end the pandemic and addressing climate change.

Johnson issued a video statement anticipating a virtual summit of G-20 rulers hosted by Saudi Arabia, the group’s chairman this year.

He said that “ if we harness the collective ingenuity and resources of the G20, we can draw a map out of the pandemic and build a better and greener future. ”

In addition to the climate summit in Glasgow in November 2021, the UK will hold the G7 presidency.

On the other hand, the British government sparked fury by abandoning its long-standing foreign aid goal to fund other priorities amid what it called the deepest recession in three centuries.

In a statement to lawmakers, Treasury Chief Rishi Sunak said foreign aid will be reduced from the current 0.7% of national income to 0.5%. This will leave the Conservative government 4 billion pounds (5.3 billion dollars) to use for other expenses.

He said that the “ rigid adherence ” to the previous goal is “ difficult to justify ” at a time when the economy is suffering the severe blows of the coronavirus pandemic.

“ In a time of unprecedented crisis, the government must make difficult decisions, ” he said.

He insisted that the government seeks to return to the target set by Tony Blair’s Labor government two decades ago, but even with the reduction, UK spending on foreign aid will be the second highest in the Group of Seven industrialized countries.

The decision runs counter to the government’s promise in last year’s general election to maintain the level of foreign aid. It led to strong criticism from across the political spectrum – including the Conservative Party – and from humanitarian organizations.

Save the Children organization said it was “ deeply disappointed ” by the cut, warning that it would mean “ 100,000 lives not saved through immunization and a million fewer children supported through education. ”

The organization’s chief executive, Kevin Watkins, said the government “ violated its promise ” to the world’s people most in need, and damaged “ Britain’s reputation for leadership on the world stage. ”

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, called the decision “ shameful and wrong ” and urged lawmakers to “ reject it in the interests of the poorest and the reputation and interest of the UK itself. ”


In England football can be played with the public from December 2

The details

Fans will be able to return to England’s football stadiums from 2 December, albeit with no more than 4,000 spectators, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced.

By: Drafting

The confinement is expected to end on that date due to the increase in cases of coronavirus, which was decreed by the country’s authorities at the end of October and will give way to a release of certain measures such as the return of fans to football matches due to the fact that they are played outdoors, DPA reported.

In this way, a maximum of 4,000 people will be allowed, or half of the capacity, whichever is less in the number of outdoor events in lower risk areas, which will be reduced, under the same conditions, by half in the venues level 2 areas, while it will not yet be allowed in phase 3 areas.

In addition, in the closed areas of zones 1 and 2, a maximum of 1,000 spectators will be able to attend and the gyms will be able to reopen at all levels.

“Later this week, I hope that on Thursday, we will announce which areas will fall at each level, based on analysis of cases across all age groups, especially those over 60,” finally warned Boris Johnson.


alleges cash problems and that the bank does not endorse it

24/11/2020 05:00

Ahead of

More economic problems for FC Barcelona. In the midst of the financial crisis due to the coronavirus hit, the Treasury has imposed a millionaire penalty to the Blaugrana entity.

The Central Delegation of Large Taxpayers of the Tax Agency claims almost nine million euros in withholdings for income from work / professional (January 2012-June 2015) not paid, to which adds a fine of another 14 million euros for this question: 23 million euros total.

This sanction was ratified by the Central Administrative Economic Court just before the summer, but the football club appealed to the National Court to have the payment suspended. The Catalan team has managed to get the contentious-administrative chamber of the high court to postpone this disbursement after alleging the damages and “its difficult repair” of the immediate payment of the same.

Former FC Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu.  (EFE)Former FC Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu.  (EFE)
Former FC Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu. (EFE)

In order to defer the payment of taxes and achieve oxygen thanks to this precautionary measure, FC Barcelona highlights before the magistrates “the exceptional situation of the covid-19 pandemic, which has generated a substantial reduction in your income, by carrying out its activity in one of the sectors most affected by the economic crisis derived from the health crisis (public entertainment), which justifies, in its opinion, the adoption of exceptional measures “.

On the one hand, Barça alludes to the decrease in the market value of your players: “Covid-19 has not only affected the club’s income and expenses, but has also temporarily devalued your most precious intangible, that is, the value of its staff “, reads the judicial order consulted by El Confidencial.

“The compromised situation of the treasury and the refusal of various financial institutions to grant it a guarantee do not preclude providing a guarantee”

On the other hand, the team that today leads a management committee after the resignation of its former president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, highlights that the “significant decrease in its income has been reflected in the financial situation of the FCB”, and adds: “The decrease of the income and substantial maintenance of the FCB operating expenses [más de 16 millones de euros mensuales de media en el último semestre] have resulted in a pressing decrease in your result, which would prevent it from facing the amounts derived from the settlement and sanctioning agreements “.

For all the foregoing, the court that judges the case understands this precautionary measure to be appropriate, which was opposed by the State Bar. However, the magistrates do not grant him partial dispensation from guarantee that Barça also asked for. “The compromised situation of the club’s treasury, as well as the refusal of various financial entities to grant you a guarantee, it does not exclude the provision of a guarantee in any other of the forms admitted by law to respond, where appropriate, to the amount of the penalty “, explains the National Court.

Crisis at all levels

FC Barcelona is experiencing one of the worst crises in its history. To the economic problems must be added its difficult institutional situation (without a board in the absence of elections) and the bad sporting moment that the club is experiencing, twelfth in La Liga after only one victory in the last six games and with its franchise player, Lionel Messi, increasingly disenchanted.

As this media has advanced, the club barely has 30 million of its own funds to face its complicated day-to-day life, which places it increasingly close to bankruptcy (former suspension of payments). Against this background, the interim board led by Carles Tusquets He is trying to agree to a salary cut with his staff of 190 million euros, which would allow him to stay alive. Hence, the sanction imposed by the Treasury comes at the worst moment for the club, whose current financial crisis considers “conjunctural and exceptional”.

Agustin Marco

For this reason, Carles Tusquets, the current president of the management committee that presides over the club after the resignation of Josep Maria Bartomeu, has asked the players for a salary cut of close to 40%

This is not the first time that the club or its stars have had problems with the treasury. One of the tax controversies that persecute him comes from the tax treatment of agents and intermediaries who participate in the signings of footballers.

The Treasury detected that these agents billed the club for services rendered in the multimillion dollar transactions of football stars. However, since 2015, the Treasury has applied a criterion in which it understands that intermediaries do not provide these services to the club but to the player in question whom they represent.

This differentiation means that the agent’s fees have to be paid by the footballer, so if he wants to pass them on to the team, he has to do so by raising his income and later liquidating the services with the representative. TO tax effects, this represents a substantial change, since it goes from the agent billing the club with 21% VAT to the footballer paying a marginal rate of 52%.