Parades appeared in La Bombonera before the Boca final for the League

Hot weather was experienced in Boca after the tough elimination in the Copa Libertadores against Santos. For some hegemonic media it was a result that could mean the end of the cycle of Miguel Ángel Russo and of several references of a team that did not measure up.

However, from Xeneize they hope to reverse the pale image provided in San Pablo in the search for their 70th title in history against Banfield in the Diego Maradona Cup.

“Players, on Sunday all with you: the finals are won”; “Román Riquelme, we know that they are operating against you, we will bank you to death”; “Periodi $ mo anti Boca, the true fan knows them”, were some of the chosen messages that surprised the world of Boca.


Turkey sends mercenaries to Haftanin and tries to provoke discord and sectarian strife – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

Following Libya and Azerbaijan, in an attempt to provoke sectarian conflicts and seditions, information came to the fore about Turkish plans to send Syrian mercenaries to Haftanin in southern Kurdistan (Başûr).

According to a report published by the Euphrates News Agency, ANF, the Turkish occupation state seeks to occupy border areas 8 to 14 km south of Kurdistan, declare it a permanent safe area, and disperse mercenaries from the areas.

The report also indicated that the Turkish state is preparing to disperse the mercenaries in Haftan, and that Turkey’s plans for South Kurdistan and Iraq are not limited to two parts, but include other regions such as Kirkuk, Şengal, Hamrin. , Huwaija and Diyala.

This comes along with the receipt of information that Turkey is trying to form armed groups affiliated with it in those areas under the name “Turkmen”.

This is not the first Turkish attempt, which seeks, crystal clear to anyone, to occupy the northern regions of Syria and Iraq, and has occupied parts of the two countries, and in Syria it has deployed thousands of mercenaries and is working on a in full swing to get out of the region and change its demographics in an effort to consolidate its presence.

The co-chair of the Council of the Democratic Union Party in the Euphrates region, Ahmad Sheikho, had said in a previous statement to our agency, “to send extremist mercenaries to Iraq is to establish a base for them there, and an attempt to incite the sectarian struggles, sectarianism and nationalist conflicts.

While the editor-in-chief of Democratic Middle East magazine, Salah Muslim, believes that “Turkey is working to occupy the Kurdish regions and change their demographics, starting from Afrin to Haftanin with the aim of exterminating the Kurds. Arabs, Sunnis and Shiites in the region. “

Muslim pointed out that Turkey wants to establish a state in the border strip with her in Syrian and Iraqi lands, which have a Kurdish and Shiite majority, for the mercenaries and their families, but temporarily until it fulfills its old Ottoman dream, taking advantage of the mercenaries.

Numerous reports have documented the transfer by the Turkish regime of some two thousand Syrian mercenaries to South Kurdistan to be used in its war against the Kurdish liberation movement in the areas of self-defense.

According to sources in the occupied Syrian areas, people in those areas regard recruitment as mercenaries for Turkey as an important source of income due to poverty and difficulty in living, and Turkey takes advantage of this need.

To fulfill this purpose, Turkey has worked over the past years to establish training camps for mercenaries within its territory and in Syria and Iraq, and has prepared thousands to participate in conflicts that Turkey is waging or playing in a region in which Turkey plays its role.



Mutual bombings between Damascus forces and Turkish gangs in Idlib – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

Mercenary groups affiliated with Turkey, calling themselves the “Al-Fateh Al-Mubin Operations Room”, shelled the sites of Damascus government forces on the southern front line of Idlib in the “De-escalation” area.

On the other hand, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that the Damascus government forces renewed their missile attacks after midnight and this morning, in areas in Kansafra, Sufuhn, al-Fatira, Falifel and Majdaliya, in the southern field. Idlib, no information on casualties.

Yesterday, the Syrian Observatory documented the killing of 3 mercenaries from Hurras al-Din on an axis in the plain of al-Ghab, when they fell into a minefield, while trying to infiltrate the positions of government forces.

The Syrian Observatory monitored government forces artillery shelling against the Kabanah shafts in the Latakia countryside and the al-Ghab plain shafts in the northwestern Hama countryside, as well as the towns and cities of Jabal al- Zawiya in the countryside of southern Idlib.



the confessions about sex life with Prince Charles and the humiliating advice he received

The marriage of Lady Di and Prince Charles dazzled the world. It is estimated that 750 million people were awaiting the ceremony that took place on July 29, 1981 in the San Pablo’s cathedral, in London with the display of all the pomp of British royalty.

Her personal reality was more than far from that ideal world and happiness.

Diana was at that time only 20 years old and Carlos, 32. Their courtship had been brief and with many pressures on her back.

Prince Charles and Lady Di after announcing their engagement, in 1981 AP Photo.

Her cycles of eating disorders and depression, coupled with a rather lonely childhood, were not contributing positively.

Furthermore, one day before that great event he coldly confessed to her that he did not love her. Carlos’s relationship with Camilla had been in place for a long time. But, by the elitist parameters of the royal family, it was not viable.

Despite all this, the formalities ran their course and the wedding took place.

The house of Lady Di and Prince Charles was with all the pomp Photo AP.

The house of Lady Di and Prince Charles was with all the pomp Photo AP.

The sex life of Lady Di and Prince Charles

Over time, even the smallest details of that relationship were known, which from the first moment was destined to fail.

The arrival of the children – the princes William and Harry – were the maximum happiness for her and always her beacon.

Along with their growth, the sexual encounters between the marriage began to be very spaced or even null.

Diana, already divorced from Prince Charles, entered into a relationship with Dody Al Fayed.  They both died in the Soul Tunnel accident.  Photo REUTERS.

Diana, already divorced from Prince Charles, entered into a relationship with Dody Al Fayed. They both died in the Soul Tunnel accident. Photo REUTERS.

Diana tried unsuccessfully in the first instance to keep personal problems and between both of them safe from the press and public opinion.

Until, already pressed by her situation, she sought confidants and even made certain issues public. The note for the BBC in which he said that in his marriage there were three – alluding to his relationship with Camilla– Raised a lot of dust and reflected a good part of his suffering.

Sex life between them was not left out of these revelations. According to information from Robert Lacey -the author of the book Battle of brothers (on the bond between William and Harry) and adviser to the series The Crown – she said that the meetings between her and the prince had become rare and unsatisfactory.

Lady Di and Prince Charles after Harry's birth.  AFP photo.

Lady Di and Prince Charles after Harry’s birth. AFP photo.

Lacey -count site After casting– has fluent contacts in Buckingham and is taken as a reliable source by the British media.

The point of greatest distance – according to this source – had occurred shortly after the birth of Prince Harry – the youngest of her children and now Meghan Markle’s husband.

From there, the sexual relations between them became very sporadic and unsatisfactory for her.

This information was collected by the site After casting as a result of the confessions that Diana did to Peter Settle down, her voice coach between 1992 and 1993. According to this version, she would have said: “There was sex, yes. There was. But it was something strange, very strange.”

Carlos and Camilla, after many years of clandestine relationship, made the relationship official.  Photo EFE.

Carlos and Camilla, after many years of clandestine relationship, made the relationship official. Photo EFE.

Diana’s strategies

According to the writer, the note says After casting, Diana came to joke with her friends on the subject. She would also have revealed to them that she was thinking of getting him drunk to see if that would get him to bed.

His interlocutors at the time did not approve of his initiative. Since high levels of consumption influence male sexual response.

So, they thought of a following initiative: to wear a blonde wig and turn off the light. So that in the dark Diana has a physiognomy similar to that of Camilla.

The marriage between Lady Di and Prince Charles was doomed.

The marriage between Lady Di and Prince Charles was doomed.

Most people might think to infer that Diana she was aggrieved by this advice. The funny thing is that -as the note of After casting– not only was not offended. If not, it made him laugh out loud.

A reaction that confirms that for her the bond with the prince was more than finished and that she longed to turn the page.

Its premature and unexpected death – in a somewhat clarified car accident, at age 36– He left many of his wishes truncated. Although his legacy is infinite and enduring.

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Another 45,533 cases and 1,243 deaths in GB

(ANSA) – LONDON, 12 GEN – The number of new infections and deaths from Covid in the UK remains alarming, favored by the higher transmissibility of the so-called English variant of the virus and boosted today also by the statistical recovery of the data collected partly at the end of the weekend

According to the day’s figures released by the Boris Johnson government, the infections registered in the last 24 hours were 45,533 compared to just over 46,000 last Monday, while the deaths went from 529 to 1,243, close to the absolute peak.

While the government announces a police offensive against violations of the closure

The update came on the sidelines of a new emergency briefing held today in Downing Street by Interior Minister Priti Patel, in the context of the multiplication of warnings about compliance with the national blockade, reintroduced in the country a week ago

Notices that translate into the announcement of greater police rigor and immediate fines to offenders in a situation in which it is still vital to report under control the infections that threaten to overwhelm hospitals again before the desired collective immunological effect of the Covid vaccination campaign launched on the island at an accelerated rate (more than 2.4 million people vaccinated) can be implemented in a few months

Patel stressed that the Kingdom is at a “crucial” moment in terms of the pandemic and the risk of overcrowding in the hospitals of the National Health Service (NHS)

Without announcing new measures and judging the current ones as “tough enough”, the minister later remarked that the police now have an indication to punish “more quickly those who do not do their part by clearly violating the rules” and the obligation to “stay in home except for a few limited “reasons

He was echoed by Martin Hewitt, of the Assistant Commissioner of the National Police Council, who pointed a finger at “a stubborn minority” that continues to refuse to comply.

Hewitt said the high fines had risen to 45,000, adding that the police did not intend to “apologize” for this increasing severity; while citing cases of people punished for organizing parties or group meetings, having tried to spend the parties for “business meetings” or not wanting to wear a mask on trains and public transport, behavior that he described as “dangerous” for others

A call to “respect the rules set by the government” during the briefing by Vin Diwakar, medical director of the NHS in London, who called the pandemic “the biggest emergency in the country since World War II”

Diwakar recalled that Covid is “a terrible disease”, even for not a few “young patients”

He then added that “there is hope” given the advance of vaccinations and the relief of high pressure on hospitals with the reopening of temporary structures such as the great Nightingale Hospital in London; but he insisted that for now everyone should behave as if they were “infected with Covid.” (ANSA)


Star Wars The Mandalorian Actionfigur 1/6 Shoretrooper 30 cm


Hot Toys presents this great 1/6 scale action figure from the TV series “The Mandalorian”. It is approx. 30 cm tall and comes with numerous replacement parts and accessories as well as a figure stand in a stylish window box with a slipcase.

Important NOTE
Attention! Not suitable for children under 36 months. Risk of suffocation due to small parts that can be swallowed.


The United Kingdom warns that the system will collapse in 21 days if the cases do not fall

The coronavirus pandemic is putting pressure on the healthcare system like never before and they are in an even more dire situation than in the beginning in the month of March. The next three weeks will be vital to revert to the situation, the Government of Boris Johnson has already applied restrictions, but if the cases are not reduced, the system will collapse. England’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty has warned that the health system will reach its limit in 21 days if the British do not comply with the restrictions imposed to tackle the coronavirus coagulation.

“The four UK medical chiefs and the chief medical officer of the National Health System have recommended for the first time raise the alert level to 5, the maximum. This means that if measures are not taken, there is a risk that our health service be overcome in 21 days “, Whitty has warned in an article published in ‘The Sunday Times’. Whitty has emphasized that the current restrictions are “too lax” and they will not serve to reduce new infections if the order to “stay at home” is not followed. For this reason, he considers that the United Kingdom is in “the most serious moment” of the battle against the coronavirus.

Hospitals in London and the entire south-east of England are under unprecedented pressure due to the appearance of a new strain, much more contagious than the original. Since Monday, the situation “has gotten worse” and hospitals face “the most dangerous situation anyone can remember,” according to Whitty.

If you follow the current trend “will continue to increase the time of attention to dangerous levels”. “Hospitals will not have room to redirect emergency cases and the staff-patient ratio will be unacceptable even in intensive care. There will be preventable deaths,” he indicated.

On Saturday, the UK passed the threshold of 80,000 deaths after adding 1,035 deaths in the last day. It also accumulates 3,017,409 confirmed cases after adding 59,937 new infections.


NBA: Germans Schröder and Theis, key in triumphs of Lakers and Boston

Los Angeles / Boston (USA), Jan 9 (dpa) – The Germans Dennis Schröder and Daniel Theis actively participated in the victories of their respective teams, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics, in their NBA games against the Chicago Bulls and the Washington Wizards, played on Friday night (local time).

Dennis Schröder’s speed was one of the keys for the Lakers to beat Chicago 117-115 and take first place in the Western Conference. The German player managed to elude a rival defender with 4.7 seconds remaining, forcing a foul 0.5 seconds from the horn.

Schröder had 17 points, six assists and three rebounds, and after converting a free throw he prevented the Bulls from recovering the ball. “Dennis has the speed to do it,” praised coach Frank Vogel.

Also in a Western Conference game, the Los Angeles Clippers lost 115-105 to the Golden State Warriors, despite leading their rival by 20 points during the third quarter.

The Phoenix Suns also lost, 110-105 against the Detroit Pistons. The three results leave the Lakers as the only team in the Western Conference with seven wins in ten games, and at the top of the standings.

Also German Daniel Theis contributed a good performance to the Celtics’ victory against the Washington Wizards, in which his compatriots Isaac Bonga and Moritz Wagner play. The Celtics beat their rival 116-107, who has only two victories after nine games and have not just found their best game this season.

Theis came out in the starting five and finished with ten points, six rebounds and three assists in nearly 29 minutes. “Theis had some really good moments. Today he made some good plays,” said his coach, Brad Stevens.

At the Wizards, Bonga finished with just over six minutes on the court and did not score, while Wagner made one of his two free throws and played just over 12 minutes after sitting on the bench for most of the game. .

“‘Mo’ (Wagner) is a hard worker. He measures himself, does a lot of good things. He still has to work on controlling his fouls. But I like the way he’s playing. Right now, we have a couple of centers that are ahead of him. There will be nights that he plays and nights that he does not, “said the coach of the capital team, Scott Brooks.

With this, the Boston Celtics also add seven victories in ten games, although this time they had to do without three players, who had to be discarded by the NBA regulations on prevention against coronavirus.

# Information for the publisher

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## Editorial contacts – Author: Maximilian Haupt (Los Angeles) – Editor: Xavier Bautista (Barcelona) – Editor: Inés Pintore (Hamburg)

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Strategies and protocols for filming erotic scenes

If there pandemic It was happening in the era of analog image, the only special effect at hand would lie in the arbitrariness of the montage and in making the out-of-field the key to access all the shots. That is to say, instead of filming an instance of happy eroticism of a couple, this could be observed satisfied. But in the digital age anything is possible. Who could have guessed at Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) that Peter Cushing Was it not him but Guy Henry with the face of that one thanks to a process of digital assembly between the gestures of the deceased actor and the other who lent his body? Fantasy of The congress, by Ari Folman, a film released just eight years ago, in which legendary movie stars could give up their image rights so that digitally generated versions of them could be used in films of the future is no longer just a fantasy.

Indeed, the digital constructionism it has already produced prodigious dinosaurs and gigantic monkeys that take up the past tradition of romantic love without us noticing the ontological invariance of the case. That is why kissing a mannequin or inflatable doll in the register and completely disrupting it in post-production is undoubtedly a solution that even the most seasoned eye will simply be able to miss, although it will not be long before the presence of a man or woman. a woman can be simulated by software.

Another option that producers are evaluating is the use of ultra-thin sheets capable of warding off possible infections and at the same time ideal to be invisible in post-production. For those who want to corroborate how these tricks work, it is enough to review some recent chapters of the American soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.

The prevailing logic is none other than an aesthetic of the prophylaxis, perhaps an unexpected extension of the prowess of the condom to any epidermal exchange, a sort of puritan fantasy by which pleasure is simulated and neutralized while waiting for the improvement of some software that will resurrect old stars of yesteryear to materialize fantasies and to ensure our status as secret witnesses of the moments of intimacy of strangers.

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The idol trophy is seen and enjoyed

I couldn’t believe it, I had the trophy face to face, it was the same cup that Barcelona players had had their hands in the Rodrigo Paz Delgado stadium, But now I saw her, Kendy Plaza is a yellow fan. He was in the newsroom of EXPRESO and Extra, he does not speak or listen, but he feels.

His father Patricio Plaza understands his feelings and says that his son could not believe that he was going to have the trophy and the president of the Idol, Carlos Alfaro Moreno, face to face.

Barcelona: The champion’s trophy in EXPRESS

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The yellow manager looked at him and understood everything that was happening. “He cannot tell us anything, but I feel his happiness, his eyes say everything, he is happy. That is what we dreamed of having from the beginning, ”said the Canarian manager.

The LigaPro trophy lasted for several minutes, it was a visit that it caused a furor in the yellow fans.

Kendy didn’t let go of her rosary, the same one who accompanied him throughout 2020, when he prayed for his team to win.

“My son when the team doesn’t win, he becomes unbearable, he’s a Barcelona patient. What they did is the best gift we can give you, having the photo with the cup and President Alfaro Moreno, it was not in our plans ”, said his father, while Kendy’s wet eyes looked at the trophy.

And the fact is that the appointment with the fans who had made history in the ‘stadium sidewalks’, where they watched the final matches, was unique. The president of the Idol met Miguel ‘Pajarito’ Arana, who is so happy painting the walls of Guasmo Norte with team colors.

“Pajarito is Barcelona, ​​they will say that he is crazy and yes he is, but that is BarcelonaIt’s crazy that transmits happiness, I understand it, because it also happens to me ”, explains Alfaro Moreno while greeting Arana.


Barcelona fans take pictures with the LigaPro trophy

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The fan of the bar Los Canarios arrived fully dressed with Idol accessories. And having the glass face to face was something magical. “I can’t ask for more from life, this trophy cost the Barcelona players sacrifice, tears and sweat and it is our happiness, it is crazy to have it. Better get my picture taken so my friends can believe it. I can only say that it is the best Three Kings Day (January 6) that I have in my life ”, said Arana.

“If we didn’t win the 16th, there were no clowns, but we want there to always be clowns that give us happiness, because that is Barcelona, ​​it is the happiness of a people ”, Alfaro Moreno commented when he met Trulito Show, the yellow clown who in the first final was praying to the Monumental. “It is pleasant to hear the stories of the fans who enjoy star 16, now I have time to see videos, photos and that excites me more, but it creates more responsibility to continue working,” said the manager.

While Trulito the clown said the prayer again and reflected. “It’s the best clown of my life, have the cup face to face, believe it, I can not ask for more, to start 2021; The day the first final was played at the Monumental, I felt that we were going to be champions and the players achieved it, ”said Trulito.


The new Barcelona model takes shape

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The surprise that National Graphics gave the fans and the president of Barcelona was not in anyone’s plans, star 16 could do it.

The Canary Islands budget will be further reduced

“We are going to tighten the belt more”

Barcelona’s total budget may not exceed ten million dollars For 2021, says the president of Barcelona, ​​Carlos Alfaro Moreno, and with this the fans put their feet on the ground.

“Do not get excited, the team is not financially able to make big hires, there isn’t that money, you have to be realistic, but a good squad will be built. There are no bombs or anything like that. We have a past debt that is more than we imagined, ”says Alfaro Moreno.


Barcelona begins a year full of challenges

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The manager indicates that the reinforcements for 2021 may be four or five, no more: “Telling them that they are going to be the mega-stars is lying to them, it would be like selling smoke, as they say now. We are going to tighten the belt more. In 2020 we lowered 35% of the 2019 budget, now we will continue to do so, we are living another reality and currently we have to fix it as it is “.