Ángel Víctor Torres receives CV CCO 7 Palmas and confirms his support for the Champions League

The President of the Government of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, has received the players of the CV CCO 7 Palmas de volleyball, winners of the Iberdrola Women’s Volleyball League, and has confirmed that they will have the support of the regional government in the Champions League.

Historic first league title for CV CCO 7 Palmas

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The regional president has assured that “from his current institutional competence and in previous ones he has tried to support sport, much more to female sport” because it is “of justice and it is necessary to balance”.

For this reason, he has confirmed that for the Champions League “he will have the support of the Government of the Canary Islands” and he hopes that also that of the other Canary Islands institutions.

“When we talk about equality it also means betting on women’s sport,” he said.

This cup “weighs a couple of kilos but carries with it the work of many years of many people, Manolo Campos and his team” and today “the fruits of a planting done with humility, thanks to work, are reaped.”

Canarian sport, Torres has celebrated, “is in luck”, because this team and this cup “places women’s sport in the elite of Spanish and international sports.”

The Olímpico receives “the torch of being the best team in the women’s volleyball league” and this is “great news for sport in general, for women’s sport in particular.”

As he recalled, this triumph is “thanks to the work carried out by these teams, their technical teams, and the social support they have in the Canary Islands”.

At his reception he stressed that “we must continue to support women’s sport so that more girls are federated” and because that trust “they return with the title of league champions.”

This “is a historic moment”, because this team is the first in Gran Canaria to win the women’s volleyball league cup, which is “great news, even more so in this difficult time of pandemic.”

The president of the club, Manolo Campos, stressed that this “is a beautiful day” because “it is a great pride to return to society the affection, support and sensitivity that has been shown in recent times for sport”, on all “in times of pandemic and economic crisis.”

This is the fruit of “the 30-year effort of many people” in a success that “belongs to everyone.”

“We would be very excited to be that women’s team in the Champions League, because no one has played in Spain in the Champions League for more than 10 years,” for which he thanked the Canarian president for his support.

Saray Manzano, the captain of the Siete Palmas CCO 7 Palmas Shopping and Leisure Center Volleyball Club, said she was “very grateful and happy” because “we deserved this recognition and I think now we have to enjoy it”.

“A very long season is over, but I think we have finished in the best possible way” and we are “very happy and very grateful,” he added.


the mysterious ice angel who appeared on the banks of a river in the United States

An angel with its clearly delineated lines appeared imposing over the mouth of the Galien River and New Buffalo Lake, in the city of Michigan, United States.

And from the very moment that the images and a video were uploaded to social networks, the controversy was unleashed: was it formed naturally and is it a divine message, or did human hands have to do with this figure that seems sculpted?

For believers, it’s about the divine manifestation of an angel. Others, however, are of the opinion that it could actually have been made by the locals.

The image of the angel at the mouth of the Galien River and New Buffalo Lake.

On social media, the video went viral. The clip was recorded on the shores of a lake in the city of New Buffalo, in Michigan, United States. There a mysterious ice figure of an angel was captured with outstretched wings, clearly defined.

“It seems that they did carve it there”; “I do believe that it is a message that we are not alone”; “How beautiful, I take it as a sign”; “Sure someone did it, there are no apparitions”, reads among some reactions of those who saw the video uploaded to YouTube by Timeless Aerial Photography LLC.

The angel, in the United States.

The angel, in the United States.

It is suspected that the intense frosts that hit several areas of the United States they could have created the figure. A few weeks ago, the Midwest of the United States was covered in snow and at least 46 states in the country declared weather alerts for low temperatures.

Due to bad weather, at least 2.5 million people were left without electricity, flights were also canceled and the roads became a serious danger for drivers.

The extreme conditions through which it crossed part of the United States was due to a high pressure system that comes from the Arctic Circle. And in the middle, this enigmatic celestial figure appeared that continues to speak.

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