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No one should stay where they are not happy. If forced to do so, the most probable and logical thing is that this annoyance grows and becomes a much heavier burden to carry. The best player in the world was forced to continue on pain of paying the exorbitant termination clause, in the only place in the world where he always wanted to be, but which due to various circumstances became an unbearable reality. When Messi sent the famous burofax, the link that seemed indestructible between him and Fútbol Club Barcelona was already broken, driven by a chain of errors from the recently departed president of the club, Josep Bartomeu, and his court in the last years of his mandate. Few teams depend on a player so that things go well or badly, and the culé is one of them.

The arrival of Ronald Koeman did not seem and has not been enough fuel to propel the ship and the few reinforcements hired much less, despite the willingness of Setién’s successor to surround the flea.

It is incredible to see the league table of positions and to find Barça closer to relegation than to the lead, it seems like a horror story. His defense, increasingly vulnerable, is the sad protagonist of the season and his great victim is the best goalkeeper on the planet, Ter Stegen. Its containment zone no longer resists, like a cracked dam in the rainy season. Sergio Busquets is going through his most discreet form and has run out of squires. De Jong is not consolidated and Pjanic has not been a solution. Antoine Griezmann is still a stranger, who does not even give him to be a starter in Kiev, Coutinho is the king of intermittency, Dembelé is a quite particular case, Ansu Fati has been injured, and let’s add Piqué, one of the references that this year he no longer plays. The Pedri and Puig promises are still green and have finished setting up a light reality. Lio is not alone, but he is surrounded by the faded reflections of soldiers who are no longer so critical in helping him achieve amazing victories, just a few that will only serve to raise the levels of nostalgia. The regularity to sustain the usual struggle in Spain has not yet appeared. An uncertain local panorama that would not endure what has not yet been broken, his participation in the Champions League that has so far been his only incentive. He qualified for the second phase without problem after yesterday’s win in Ukraine, which is not enough yet to bet blindly that he will reach the semifinals, to tell the truth.

Historically, Barça has had bumps after big cycles, the most recent after Johan Cruyff’s Dream Team, I don’t know if he is entering the next one, it is still premature to affirm it. Likewise, it has always raised and reached the highest level after crises. Nor do I claim that he will lose the category, but it will be very difficult for him to light up in such a way that he can fight again at the top this season. There is only one football, in any country if things are handled badly from the head everything has repercussions. The managerial mistakes that have been made for a long time had to annihilate the goose that laid the golden eggs, which got tired of producing talent since the Masía lost its essence, has serious financial problems and got used to making mistakes in hiring and decisions that they had that will have an unfailing impact in the near future.


Griezmann believes that Pogba is the most “underrated” footballer in the world

BARCELONA – Antoine Griezmann believes that Paul Pogba is the most “underrated” footballer in the world and, during an interview with ESPN, the Barcelona striker adds that “sometimes people are a bit unfair” towards his compatriot.

The Manchester United midfielder’s performance has been the subject of debate since the English team decided to pay € 105 million to Juventus in 2016 to get it back.

Pogba missed the last game against West Bromwich Albion due to injury, but in the previous three games he had also not started because his coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer preferred other players.

But Griezmann still sees his French teammate as one of the best footballers in the world.

“I think a very good Pogba has been seen. Many times we compare him with the goals he made at Juve. He does an incredible job in the middle of the field, steals, assists, does everything …

“I think sometimes people are a little bit, not bad, but they think they can dribble ten people and score incredible goals because they’ve seen him do it at Juve and they think that’s how he is. I think that the World Cup he did in Russia was incredible, ”Griezmann told ESPN during the presentation of the new Puma Speed ​​of Light boots.

The Barça footballer also had words of praise for Kylian Mbappe, the other star of the French team with whom he won the 2018 World Cup.

“I enjoy (playing alongside Pogba and Mbappé). Pogba is a friend off the field. He helped me in my early days with the national team. He was by my side to help me in everything. And Mbappé is one of the best. It’s going to be what he wants because he has everything to achieve his dreams and his goals, ”said the Barcelona striker.

France has become one of the most important football hotbeds in the world. The Griezmann, Pogba or Mbappé will be joined by other new talents such as Eduardo Camavinga, the young Rennes midfielder who at 18 years old even sounds like a future for Real Madrid.

“The French can be calm, since a very good generation is coming, very good young people. I was able to be with Camavinga. He is an extraordinary boy, with his feet on the ground, he wants to work, he is open-minded to listen and to learn. And with Kounde and others that I forget, we have a future ”, ventured Griezmann.

Furthermore, when asked if he would recommend Camavinga sign for a Spanish La Liga team, he noted: “I don’t know. It will depend on whether he is happy or not, what he wants to look for, I don’t know what he wants. It depends on the team that is, if it is Barca of course yes, I will tell him to come. In the end I had my trajectory and I have not asked many for much help because in the end it is yours and you have to know where you are better.

Griezmann also highlighted Jules Kounde, Sevilla central defender, to praise the great future that France currently leads Didier Deschamps has ahead of him.

“He knows how to handle the group very well. I think the best thing about him is knowing how to lead the group. He always has an ear, an ear to help you. He asks you for advice, he gives you advice. He has that relationship with the player and I think it is the best he has for a team or for a national team ”, concluded Griezmann to praise the work of the French coach.


An uncle of Griezmann blames Messi because he cannot shine in Barcelona

If the French attacker of Barcelona Antoine Griezmann is not having a good performance, the Catalan club is because of the Argentine Lionel Messi, who dominates everything and imposes very gentle training, according to an uncle of the former Atlético de Madrid player.

“I was convinced that Antoine was not going to succeed in six months in Barcelona, ​​but I didn’t expect it to last a year. Besides, with Messi there, … I know what’s going on inside, it’s not easy.” indicated the family member of the French striker in a documentary broadcast on French television “M6”.

With many qualms, Griezmann’s uncle assures that everything that happens in the Blaugrana dressing room cannot be told before revealing some of the complaints that his nephew is supposed to have.

“There are things that still cannot be counted. But not enough work is done. In general, Barcelona does not work. The workouts are made to be liked by certain people. It is evident that it does not work “, adds.

For Griezmann’s relative, his nephew “needs to work” and “others don’t need to make a lot of effort to be good” while “Antoine is the other way around, he needs a lot of effort to be good”.

The statements of Griezmann’s uncle come after the former adviser of the French footballer Eric Olhats loaded on the pages of France Football against Messi.

“Comment on everything. He is both an emperor and a monarch and he did not like Antoine’s arrival very much. His attitude was deplorable and he made it noticeable. It is a regime of terror. Either you are with him or you are against him”, he assured.

For Olhats, Messi is “as good on the field as bad off”, while pointing out that last season the Argentine did not speak to the French or pass the ball to him.

“It created a real trauma for a more than negative adaptation. That necessarily leaves consequences,” he said.


“Barcelona is crap”: Lizarazu’s advice to Antoine Griezmann

There are several voices that point out that Antoine Griezmann is not comfortable at Barcelona. For this, the latest internal problems of the Barça club together with the leadership of Lionel Messi and even supposed humiliations of DT Ronald Koeman would be relevant.

A few weeks ago it turned out that the French forward did not like at all to play just 10 minutes against Real Madrid and today a former Griezmann representative made Messi a bag for the reception that the Argentine gave the Frenchman in the Catalans.

Bixente Lizarazu, The 50-year-old former French national team and today a television commentator, was blunt in ensuring that Griezmann must leave Barcelona on harsh terms as soon as possible.

“When something is crap, six months is the maximum. Where is the pleasure? You have to go ”, he held up the former left back in a France Football report on Griezmann.

Added that “Griezmann is a player that I like a lot and that is why I feel bad seeing him like that. To be well it is necessary to have a favorable environment. The conditions are important for the good performance of a player and at Atlético and in France he has had them ”.

He continued to complement: “You can see that Griezmann is not happy on the pitch. He does not get to perform his football. In the selection they value it, it is appreciated. Not at Barça. And this is not a reality of two months, but of eighteen months. That is huge in a footballer’s career. To play well, a footballer must feel supported. There must be a relationship of trust with the coach and teammates. I don’t see that. He does not find his place with Leo Messi. They don’t play together ”.

“The environment, the system, the coach at Barça do not suit Griezmann. The solution is to leave. Sometimes it is necessary to have a hand amputated before an arm. You have to be able to say enough ”, Add.

Judgment: “Frankly, is it worth insisting? I suffer for him. The environment is not good for him. It is like in any field: if you are not well, you do not do things well. The situation lasts too long. And be careful, this could have a real impact on the French team.


Eto’o warns Barcelona who his next great signing should be

Editorial Mediotiempo

Mexico City / 07.11.2020 06:57:55

While the Barcelona is in transition, immersed in financial problems and getting an idea that Lionel Messi would go at the end of the season, Samuel eto’o appears on the horizon and len signals the player who should be his next big signing: Youssoufa Moukoko, Borussia Dortmund.

“There is a young player who plays for Dortmund, called Youssoufa Moukoko. He is 15 years old and he is the next great player, for me, after Messi. Con Antoine y Youssoufa, that team would attack very well, “he told Goal.

Youssoufa he is barely 15 years old, but he already trains with the Dortmund first team, even Erling Haaland surrendered to him: “Moukoko is much better than what I am It was at 15 years old. At that age he was already training with Dortmund while I was still at Byrne ”.

The Cameroonian forward he’s used to pressure and great expectations about him, since since childhood he has amazed the world of football. TOHe was only 13 years old and was already in the Borussia U-17, While at 14 he made the jump to the U-20 and now with 15 he already trains with the first team.


or Messi leaves or has to sell Ansu and lower salaries

He Barcelona Soccer Club owes banks and clubs 820 million euros, of which it will only deduct 332 for pending collections, for which it presents a net debt in the 2019-20 season of 488 million. An alarming figure, since it came from 217 last season, which would place it first in the ranking of debtor clubs in Europe, according to the ‘Financial Year Report’ that the UEFA published annually and that this last year has not seen the light yet due to the appearance of covid-19. Until last year, the Manchester United it was the team with the most debt, with 459 million euros, followed by Inter (438), Atlético (391) and Juventus (291). He Real Madrid it did not appear in the ranking of defaulters.

Barcelona has entered 192 million euros less than what it had budgeted. Out of an expected income of 1,047 million it reached only 855, even if the club warns that, without the pandemic, the figure would rise to 1,059. Barça closes the 2019-2020 season with losses of 97 million euros and the red numbers will continue in 2020-2021, as expected in the accounts.

Big problems for Bartomeu in his final stretch of term.  (EFE)
Big problems for Bartomeu in his final stretch of term. (EFE)

Problems with the wage bill

The revenue forecast for next season, which was initially $ 1.12 billion, has been drastically lowered to $ 791. The ravages of the pandemic, with the lack of public in the stands, will cause 330 million to stop entering. And that makes it a major issue for Bartomeu and its directive the subject of the wage bill. The League will not register clubs whose salary mass exceeds 70% of its budget. At the end of this year, the Barça wage bill reached 636 million, a reassuring 61%. But with revenue declining to $ 791 million, the wage bill soars around 80%. Barcelona has managed to reduce it this summer by 42 million with the departure of players such as Luis Suárez (23.4 million euros gross per year), Rakitic (13.3) or Vidal (9). But with the unexpected decrease in income you need to reduce the wage bill much more.

He has two alternatives: negotiate a salary reduction for the squad, as the club is proposing, or let out players with a high salary weight

Bartomeu’s alternatives are two: generate more revenue by selling players or getting rid of players with high contracts. If you bet on the former, you would have to sell the only footballer who would generate a real capital gain from his transfer, Ansu Fati, for which they estimate that they will get 150 million. The sale of Griezmann or Dembelé, for example, would not be profitable as it cost the club 120 and 140 million euros respectively, unrealistic figures for a market in crisis like the current one. Barça calculates that capital gains from transfers should reach 73 million this season. But Umtiti and Dembelé have not left and now we will have to work on the January market.

The other option is to lighten the salary mass, and in that aspect it also has two alternatives: negotiate a reduction in the staff’s salary, as the club is proposing, or let out players with a lot of salary weight. The first bet is dangerous because it could end with players denouncing their contracts or going free even in January. There is a real risk that footballers will claim their freedom letter, or at least challenge the measure proposed by the club, since they are protected by law with article 41 of the Workers’ Statute. And it would not be the first time that a professional athlete uses the Workers’ Statute to demand the termination of their contract. It remains to be seen how the club acts, which could negotiate the salary reduction with each player individually.

The second would go through letting Messi out, whose salary weight is around 70 million gross per year. A measure that has not been valued, as has been seen when the club refused to let the Argentine leave after announcing his frustrated departure. Messi stays and you have to bear his salary weight, so the solution is to lower the salary of his teammates.

Leo Messi during this Friday's game with Argentina.  (EFE)Leo Messi during this Friday's game with Argentina.  (EFE)
Leo Messi during this Friday’s game with Argentina. (EFE)

The ballast of the Espai Barça

During Bartomeu’s tenure, Barcelona has bagged more than 500 million euros in sales (222 with the payment of the Neymar clause to PSG), but the problem is the very high cost of the operations faced with transfers such as Dembelé (140) or Coutinho (160). Spending on salaries and transfer repayments has triggered the debt, and to this has been added another unexpected burden: the Barça space. The financing of the technological project already reaches 815 million euros of expenditure. A problem that punishes even more the battered culé economy.

Barcelona is the tip of the iceberg, for being the club with the highest salary mass. But the rest of the top clubs in Europe are experiencing similar situations. Dortmund has closed this season with losses of 44 million and already announces 75 for next. Its president, Hans-Joachim Watzke, offered a diagnosis shared by all his colleagues: “We will only benefit again if there are no restrictions on attendance at stadiums. We must be patient. Football is extremely difficult to imagine without fans and it is time to endure “. Roma, who lost 204 million this past year, need to enter 140 million and announced a capital increase in June to try to save the club financially.

Real Madrid, however, saved the season because it had planned a profit of 40 million and that cushion saved it from the impact of the pandemic. The whites, who have turned all their expectations into the remodeling of a new Bernabéu that will boost the club’s ordinary income, are considering an austere budget for next season, which would be around 650 million. Something that would not cause a problem with the weight of your salary bill, since capital gains from transfers such as Achraf, Reguilón and Óscar Rodríguez give margin. And in addition, Florentino already closed a salary cut with the staff last year, given the imminent crisis of the pandemic, which allows him to be relieved.


Deschamps assures that Griezmann is not happy in the Barcelona

The France coach stressed that Griezmann does not play in his ideal position within the Barcelona team

The selection technician FranceDidier Deschamps said that Barcelona striker Antoine Griezmann is not happy with the club.

GriezmannThe 29-year-old had a difficult debut campaign at Camp Nou last season, scoring just nine goals in 35 games for LaLiga.

The forward has not been able to score in the first three games of the Barcelona this season and Deschamps said he’s struggling because he’s playing out of position.

“I’m talking to him and I’ll see him later. I’m sure he’s not happy with this situation,” Deschamps told a news conference Monday.

“I do not interfere with the use of my players in other clubs, either in the Barcelona or anywhere else. Antoine is playing on the right at the moment.

“It is true that Koeman he said, and told him, that he didn’t understand how he was used to just playing in a more central position. But Antoine must also adapt.

“For me it is even more effective when he is at the heart of the game, when he is able to touch the ball a lot. In that position, he has the possibility to come and help in midfield as well.

“He doesn’t have the ability to take the ball and beat opponents on the wing like everyone else. He needs to touch the ball a lot and he’s smart in his movements.”

“You have to do your best, taking into account the different situations of the Barcelona, the system and the players. Antoine never complains, but to give his full potential it is always better when a player is in his best position. “

The new technician of the Barcelona, Koeman, has preferred to play Griezmann in the band this season to accommodate Lionel Messi and Ansu Fati.

Griezmann could participate in the next friendly of France against Ukraine and in the shock of the UEFA Nations League against Portugal this week.