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The expectation for the announcement of the iPhone 13 it is total among technology lovers. Remember that Apple it always sets the trend for the future of mobile devices to be launched in the next few years. In June of this year the next cell phone of the apple company would be presented.

At past Apple events we have seen updates to the iPad Pro and the new iMac. Well, we are approaching the middle of 2021 and it is time to think about the iPhone 13. This will be presented at the WWDC 2021 event.

Perhaps there are two elements that should be paid special attention: the iOS 15 operating system and the new iPhone 13. For now, the technical details of the mobile device have not been revealed but its appearance has already been shared.

The YouTube channel Unbox Therapy is dedicated to making technology reviews and talking about the future of the same field. Recently, he presented a mockup of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. It should be noted that it is not a functional device, only the model that is normally used for the manufacture of protectors.

According to the medium The Spanish, Apple would focus on improving the cameras and display. This device would have a slightly smaller upper notch or tab compared to previous versions.

On the other hand, the community asks that the jump be made to the 120hz refreshing screens.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini Launch in New Purple Color: See How to Buy Them

During your first virtual event of 2021, Apple introduced its latest devices such as the computer iMac and iPad Pro tablet. To this is added a new tonality of his cell phone launched last year: the iPhone 12 now it looks purple.

It should be noted that the model of the iPhone 12 in purple or purple it will only be sold on standard models and iPhone 12 mini. The Pro and Pro Max versions maintain their same design and aesthetics.

Currently, Apple terminals can be found in blue, green, white, red and black. While the purple It will be limited, know how to get one before it is over.

The price will remain, that means that in The United States can buy it from $ 699 for the iPhone 12 Mini and $ 799 for the standard iPhone 12. There is no variation in either its processor or its camera system.

So if you want to get this edition of the most recent cell phone from Cupertino, then you must follow these steps to get one of them.


Remember that when you enter the Apple website, you need to create an account in case you don’t have one. Then go through the rest of the steps. You will not be asked for your card until you choose your product.

  • To start you must go to the account of Apple.com
  • Once there, go to the tab that says iPhone and select the iPhone 12 model.
  • After that, you must choose the amount you are going to pay depending on the model and the color you want.
  • Subsequently you should not indicate the name of the operator, so you will click on “SIM-free – activate with any carrier later”.
  • When you have done it select the storage you want.
  • En la pregunta “Do you have a smartphone to trade in with Apple?” ponle “No”.
  • Then click pay in one method and amount.
  • Finally in “Add bag”.
  • Then click on “Review bag” and “Check out”.
  • After that you must enter your username or create one.
  • Choose the option “I’d like to deliever” and put the ZIP code where you are going to receive the product (preferably one from the United States)
  • Click on free shipping and go to the payment method.
  • Enter all your details and the United States shipping address.
  • On the next page you must pay with a debit or credit card
  • When you finish, you will simply be given all the details of what you have done and confirm.
  • Finally you will see the tracking of your product. At that time you should contact the person who will receive the shipment.


This is what the new Apple iPhone will look like (and the name) for this year | Smartphones

We all know that Apple works with very defined plans, which are marking their times month by month until the moment of launch arrives. And in the case of the iPhone range, it is known by all that we find ourselves at those times of the year when Certain data that comes in can be practically considered good.

And since news about the smartphones from 2021, the name that has always been used to refer to them is iPhone 13 although, according to what they publish Some media such as CNet, this year we could return to the name “s”, after skipping the 11s version (for obvious reasons), those from Cupertino want their new models to end up being called iPhone 12s this year, despite the changes in the design more than obvious like that notch smaller.

Why no iPhone 13?

According to the sources, Apple wants to avoid that number 13 of the numbering of its iPhone because of the negative connotations that it has in much of the world, skipping that natural order until next year, in 2022, when we would have an iPhone 14 in our hands, directly. The way to sell this strategy would be that next year’s models are going to be a major leap in terms of terminal design, which would explain the continuity of the 12 range to its “s” version and that direct jump to another generation that does not have such “bad optics”.

Design of the iPhone 12s? of 2021. EverythingApplePro

But leaving aside the name, which is surely nothing more than an anecdote (although it is the only point where Apple’s strategy does not seem to have a clear criterion), we have other characteristics that will make apple fans happy. . One of them is the battery life. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, iPhones from 2021 will be 20% more energy efficient than iPhone 12s from 2020 So, finally, autonomy can be stretched a little more and we cannot blame 5G connectivity.

New camera layout of the iPhone 12s?
New camera layout of the iPhone 12s? EverythingApplePro

In parallel, Jon Prosser he’s back to counterattack with a new prediction: we will have foldable iPhone with smartphones from 2022, so in Cupertino they seem to have taken that leap seriously. Finally, to say that this modification in the design of the two lenses of what will be the future iPhone 12s is also confirmed, since they will not have a vertical but oblique arrangement.