Closing storm | National League

Boca took a laugh against Platense to return to success. Super squid 88 – 81 with a fantastic final sprint in the final quarter. He was left with the same percentage as San Martín, but with three more games the xeneize. For the squid it meant its second downfall in a row and holding in the tenth position.

The winner had his entire quintet in double digits. Boccia was the figure with 19 pts, followed by Miller with 17 pts and Schattmann (15 pts, 4 rebounds, 4 assists). On the other side Montes with 20 pts and Lockett with 13 pts were the best of the squid.

The game was extremely balanced. There were practically no differences, they alternated the command at the beginning and Boccia ended up giving Boca the final advantage of 22 – 20 at the end of the period. Garca’s cast tried to dominate from the defense, Trocha gave a solo dunk and Miller (10) was the total reference. Platense had Montes (15) added to Aprea (8) as decisive men to reduce to 38 – 36 at the end of the first half.

Boca tried to tip the scales. He took the reins 45 – 40 after a fantastic alley-oop by Schattmann with Trocha Morales but the xeneize was lowering its intensity. Platense better with his back court, Vsquez was important in addition to Lockett to turn the actions around and close in front 57 – 55.

The best of Boca arrived at the close. Boccia (10) was unstoppable with his classic game, Aguerre tied at 62 and things changed. Platense without a goal, well annulled and Buen Da (6) collaborating often. There were two key situations, first a bombshell by Aguerre (76 – 71) and Schattmann’s dagger for the +7 with 51s and breaking Platense.


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How to unlock an iPhone with a password

If you bought a used phone from Apple recently and you can’t unlock it or the previous owner cannot, there are some ways to unlock an iPhone with password.

How? After verifying your identity, Apple offers a website to reset your password by going to However, if you repeatedly fail to unlock your account, the Apple ID It will be blocked and you will only be able to try again after 12 or 24 hours.

However, if you cannot verify your identity, you will need to use other programs that are used to unlock it or restart it so that it returns to its “factory” mode. One of the ways to do this is by using the iTunes, which if it is synchronized with the phone, helps us unlock it.

How to unlock an iPhone 4

For each iPhone model there is a way to unlock it without having the password.

What you have to do is open the program iTunes, connect the iPhone to the computer with the USB cable.

This method will work as long as we do not see the window that indicates that we must enter the security code, and the reason is that this code had already been synchronized with iTunes in the past.

Then disconnect the iPhone, put the device in recovery mode so that iTunes detects it and we will choose the option of “Restore” between the options that are offered. So we can use the iPhone, but we will have it without data, as if it were new.

How to unlock an iPhone 5

A program that can be used in this model is the Tenorshare 4uKey, which even releases the Touch ID Y Face ID in case of more advanced phones.

You will have to open the Tenorshare 4uKey program and connect the iPhone using the USB cable. The program allows you to release it, removing the password, just by clicking on the “Start” button.

This process restores iPhone to factory state and can take up to 10 minutes.

How to unlock an iPhone 6

Another useful program is iMyFone LockWiper that allows disabling the password protection mechanisms of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. In addition to the password, it also allows you to remove the lock screen restrictions when a wrong password has been entered too many times.

On the official website there is a guide for using this application. It is paid, although it costs considerably less than hiring a professional to do it.

If iTunes is synced with the iPhone, it will help us unlock it.

If iTunes is synced with the iPhone, it will help us unlock it.

How to unlock an iPhone 7

Through the recovery mode provided by Apple it is also possible to restore your phone and add the most recent backup. The problem is that this method does not allow you to create a backup just before deleting everything, so you may lose information unless you have a recent backup.

You must connect your iPhone to a computer using the USB cable and put your phone in recovery mode. In version 7, both the volume down button and the side button must be pressed and held until the recovery screen appears.

A window will appear in your iTunes that allows you to restore or update your iPhone. With the second option, it will erase all the information on your phone and reinstall the operating system, which may take a few minutes.


Apple dethrons Amazon as most valuable company on the eve of its results

Apple is in one of its best moments. Those of the manzanita have closed 2020 with the big door, they have declared a record income, exceeding 100,000 million for the first time in their history. And what is good news for Tim Cook is bad for Jeff Bezos.

Amazon has been surpassed as the most valuable brand in the world, according to the ranking prepared by Brand Finance. The e-commerce giant has held this position uninterruptedly since 2016. Apple is grateful for the ‘sorpasso’ to its diversification strategy.

The change in the dome comes on the eve of Amazon going through the confessional. Next Thursday, February 4, he will pass through the confessional at the close of the market. Analysts estimate an earnings per share (EPS) of $ 4.05, a figure that is a slight decrease from last year, $ 6.04. Further, revenue is expected to grow 18%, up to 86,000 million dollars.

The pandemic has triggered online sales and that is leading Amazon to improve your one-day home delivery service. This aspect is a two-sided coin: on the one hand, revenues will grow but short-term profits will be affected. Analysts believe that the express delivery initiative can rejuvenate the e-commerce market.

Amazon’s commitment to fast delivery is such that in early January it bought Boeing 11 new aircraft to expand its cargo fleet in 2021 and 2022. “Having a mix of leased and owned aircraft in our growing fleet allows us to better manage our operations, which in turn helps us keep pace with meeting our promising customers, “explained Sarah Rhoads, vice president of Amazon Global Air.

Amazon is one of the few companies that has managed to capitalize on the pandemic and has registered an unprecedented increase thanks to the closure of physical stores. In fact, during the second and third quarters of 2020 it has experienced the highest revenue growth since 2016.

Being able to maintain this pace in the future has led Amazon to diversify its field of action. In mid-November he announced the launch of Amazon Pharmacy, a service for the sale and home delivery of prescription drugs.

With this new platform, customers will be able to complete the purchase of prescription drugs and manage their profiles, incorporating insurance information, managing prescriptions and choosing payment methods.


Vinicius’s rudeness to Zidane that cost him the confidence of the French coach

Vinicius Junior has not just established himself at Real Madrid. The white parish pointed out to him as the future of the entity after his arrival in Chamartín due to the impudence and personality that that 18-year-old boy showed in a soulless Madrid, but over the years it has not been known to establish and little by little is losing the complicity of meringues fans.


Act. a las 23:02


In the last five league games of the Whites, Vinicius has only participated in 20 minutes, while the rest saw it either from the bench or from the stands. I is that the Brazilian, although he has started in some important games, does not manage to have continuity and his lack of success has condemned him to a more secondary role.

The return of Hazard has relegated the Rio de Janeiro winger to the bench, but before the recovery of the Belgian star, Zidane was already betting on an attacking trident formed by Lucas Vázquez, Benzema and Marco Asensio, leaving Vinicius waited to be able to prove his worth in the second part.

According to the newspaper As, the Brazilian winger would have lost the confidence of Zinedin Zidane last August. Always according to the same newspaper, in the previous round of 16 of the Champions League last season, Vinicius had hopes of being a starter in the key match of the tie against Manchester City of Pep Guardiola before the lack of rhythm of Eden Hazard due to his physical problems.

When Zidane, a few hours after Felix Brych whistled the start of the game, announced the eleven chosen to the squad, Vinicius took a jug of cold water when he saw that the Belgian was the starter and He started checking his mobile phone while the Marseille coach continued giving the usual talk before the game.

A gesture that, although Zidane did not recriminate the Brazilian footballer, condemned Vinicius in the eyes of the French coach, who lost all confidence in the young forward. There is nothing irrecoverable, but, to this day, Vinicius will need to work very hard to regain the approval of the Franco-Algerian.


Santiago de Amrica | Champions League

Quimsa had to travel a very long road to win the Champions League in America for the first time. A cast that showed many faculties and prominence from the beginning to be the protagonist and clearly go through everything. He did it a year later with a pandemic in the middle, losing his locale and many nuances that appeared on the scene to finally shout champion.

It all started on October 29 when Quimsa played the group stage. The cast of Sebastin Gonzlez was along with Aguada from Uruguay and Franca from Brazil respectively. He had victory and defeat against the Charras and then two formidable matches against the Brazilians to finish in the first place. A great offensive ride (91.5 dpi) for his 3-1 mark and get to the next instance.

The second great challenge came shortly. Face the always powerful Mogi Das Cruces. Quimsa played two phenomenal matches to unlock the series. The first in Brazil with the victory 90 – 84 by Robinson with 23 pts and Brussino (19 pts, 7 reb, 9 assists) to go for everything at home. The man from Santiago left no doubts, and was able to control his rival on duty as the minutes passed. It was 96-83 with six players in double digits, a very oiled offense with Gramajo (15) and Robinson (13) as scorers.

On stage he ran into the cast to beat: San Lorenzo. Quimsa with the field advantage, hence the first game in Boedo. A game full of moments, with Barça up 48-35 after dominating the first half but everything will change. Quimsa appeared in a pure triple, defensive deployment for a 31-17 run.

Finally beat 91 – 84 with Romero (20 pts) as a figure. The second game had certain complexities. The covid began to threaten and it was decided to play without an audience. Quimsa ended up hurt, San Lorenzo took full advantage of it and showing a great offensive level from the start, he won 100 – 87 to equalize the series.

What happened to the third game? I couldn’t play two days later and the virus wreaked havoc, relegating the match for later. There were chances that the tournament would finally be suspended until finally there was a light for said match.

First Cordoba as an option and finally Buenos Aires. Quimsa had movements, Baralle and Ramirez Barrios appeared, added to the returnee Robinson and a couple of new foreigners. On the one hand Simpson and a man known as Kent (on loans from Ober). San Lorenzo did the same, therefore, where casts were certainly renewed.

A real clash of planets. Again San Lorenzo with a pure goal start, ideas and greater clarity to win the first quarter 26 – 18. Quimsa had lapses but could never control his rival. In fact, the first half yielded 48 – 36. As happened in the first game, the Santiago player with better defensive intensity, an external goal and several protagonists appeared.

Cosolito and Ramirez Barrios as emblems to shrink and give hope to the team by being only 70 – 65 down. The bombings arrived, the pressure in defense, the advantage in the end although San Lorenzo was equal in 91. In the extra, Quimsa maintained his consistency, Baralle and Gaskins in pure bombshell for an impressive 19-6 in just five minutes and passage to the final .

The ending of the movie couldn’t be better. Face to face in Uruguay against the powerful Flamengo, and great favorite to win the crown. Another good-looking thriller game with different moments and another full-band closing to celebrate such a feat.

The man from Santiago could manage the game at times, taking the first quarter 27 – 19 but suffering later. Flamengo appeared with spaces, a goal in Balbi and his interns although Quimsa showed the necessary mettle to go to the dressing room 50 – 43 up.

Flamengo had his chain reaction. A 16-4 partial to pure defensive aggressiveness, ideas and control of the situation to be in front. Quimsa suffered the game, the cost to score with consistency but was close to 68-63 at the end of the period.

The Argentine team managed to lower the decibels of the rival, Gramajo and Copello with decisive triples, the team with another intensity and Robinson with the necessary daggers. Quimsa went from dominated to dominator, he exercised his heart at all times and even reached +8 at the end. Flamengo turned off and the dream of a champion came true for Santiago, who ended up being from America …

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Match preview: Chelsea host West Ham on matchday fourteen – naaju

Chelsea receives this Monday at 2:00 p.m. the visit of West Ham at Stamford Bridge during his fourteenth game in the Premier League.

Chelsea He wants to be victorious again in the match corresponding to the fourteenth day after suffering a defeat against Wolverhampton Wanderers in the previous match by a score of 2-1. Since the competition began, the hosts have won six of the 13 matches played so far in the Premier League, with 26 goals for and 14 against.

On the visitors’ side, West Ham had to settle for a 1-1 draw against Crystal Palace during the last match, so he will try to keep adding points to his leaderboard against Chelsea. To date, of the 13 games he has played West Ham in the Premier League, he has won six of them with a figure of 21 goals for and 16 against.

Focusing on performance as a home team, Chelsea They have achieved a balance of three wins, one loss and two draws in six home games, which shows that they are slipping points in their fiefdom, giving the visitors hope of achieving positive results. At home, West Ham They have a record of three wins, two losses and a draw in six games that they have played so far, so they are quite a strong opponent away from home that the hosts will have to face.

The two rivals have met before at home ChelseaIn fact, the numbers show 15 wins, five losses and five draws in favor of the home team. The last time they faced each other Chelsea and West Ham in this competition it was in July 2020 and the match ended with a 3-2 result in favor of West Ham.

Analyzing the situation of these teams in the Premier League qualifying table, we can see that the locals are above West Ham with a difference of one point. Chelsea He arrives at the meeting with 22 points in his locker and occupying the eighth place before the game. For their part, the visitors are in ninth position with 21 points.


Chelsea – West Ham live – 21 December 2020 – Eurosport

Premier League – Follow the Football match between Chelsea and West Ham live that will take place on 21 December 2020 at 21:00. Follow the live result of the match on Eurosport, as well as the most important plays. We also offer you the starting lineups
Who will win Frank Lampard or David Moyes? Don’t miss out on this match by following the live result of the match on Eurosport.ES. We also offer you the line-ups, statistics, goals, summary …

If you haven’t already, vote in our poll on who will win: Chelsea or West Ham. Before the match begins you can read the preview, the related news, as well as the results of these two Football teams.
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Crack: rumors of a new rivalry between Queen Elizabeth, Harry and Meghan Markle grow

A renowned expert on royal issues, Sean Smith, said that the Dukes of Sussex should take over a historic work of Queen Elizabeth II, giving rise to speculation of a new confrontation between members of the British crown

Every year, the reina Isabell II distinguish in a

Author of recent biography Meghan Misunderstood, Sean Smith is a authorized voice to express opinions on matters inherent to the British crown. In this sense, the specialist stated that the accolades that His Majesty makes year after year are overvalued, since, although they can have a great weight for those figures who do deserve them, they are also received by people who should not be on the payroll.

“It has great meaning to the people who deserve it. Who could object to Captain Tom Moore receiving it? But handing it over to big donors or political failures makes, in my opinion, the whole thing a complete mockery“, sentenced Smith.

From his point of view, the historic honors list published for Queen Elizabeth’s birthday should be rethought. As slogan

[embedded content]

Before the holidays, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will launch a podcast Inaugural with guests to ring in the new year. Throughout the episodes, Meghan and Harry are expected to present stories of improvement that contribute to the well-being of society.

Through a teaser spread on social networks, the couple anticipated

In his statements, Smith implied that both initiatives should not coexist, but rather Prince Harry and his wife should take the lead. For the moment, to dispel doubts of any friction, in a statement issued by its spokesperson the sussex clarified: “We hope to share more about Archewell’s work in the coming weeks, but any hint that it intends to rival the UK honors list is false“.



Firmino places Liverpool as a solo leader

Agonizing outcome that put an end to a vibrant duel, which demonstrated why both the “reds” and the “spurs” are today the two best teams in the English championship.

Of course, each with their weapons, two completely different styles, since if Liverpool did not hesitate to take over the ball from the opening whistle to try to overwhelm their rival with their frenzied arrivals, Tottenham waited in their field waiting for Show off your deadly counter game.

Two radically disparate proposals, which seemed to give the reason to the German Jurgen Klopp, who saw his team, Liverpool, go ahead at 26 minutes on the scoreboard (1-0) with a goal from Mohamed Salah.

Something in which the Egyptian striker had the involuntary collaboration of defenders Toby Alderweireld and Eric Dier, who in their attempt to block Salah’s shot, led to a diabolical effect on the ball that made it impossible for goalkeeper Hugo Lloris to catch the ball.

But not even so did Jose Mourunho change his mind, seven minutes later his approach was justified in a brilliant counter led by the Argentine Giovani Lo Celso that the South Korean Heung-Ming Son converted to 1-1.

So yes, the Tottenhan coach ordered his pupils to take a step forward, a movement that surprised Liverpool at the start of the second half, in which only the post avoided the goal of the Dutch Steven Bergwijn for the visitors.

It would not be the only wood in the game since ten minutes later, in 73, it was Liverpool forward Sadio Mané who crashed this time off the crossbar.

Nothing could prevent, however, the goal of the Brazilian Firmino who headed to the nets in the 90th minute a corner kick launched by the Scotsman Andrew Robertson.

With this triumph, Liverpool leads Tottenham by three points, second, and by four over Southampton, which snatched third place from Leicester, after drawing 1-1 on Wednesday in the field of Arsenal, which despite avoiding defeat, failed appease bad feelings.

For their part, Leicester, who stumbled again at home, after falling 0-2 to Everton this Wednesday, was relegated to fourth place, with one point more than the “toffee”, who are already fifth.

Some European places to which West Ham also aspires, seventh, despite being unable to pass this Wednesday the tie (1-1) at home against Crystal Palace, in a clash in which the Ivorian Sebastien Haller equaled the ten minutes of the second half the opening goal of Belgian Christian Benteke for the visitors.

Fulham, meanwhile, managed to escape the relegation zone after drawing 0-0 at home with Brighton.

Source: EFE Agency


Room 2 | Josh Hawley: What if the next Trump is not what you imagine?

15/12/2020 11:39Updated: 12/15/2020 12:06

With an impeccable side parting, the harsh voice of a ‘western’ actor and one of those Obamian smiles practiced in front of the mirror some six million times, the conservative Josh Hawley a media gap is being carved out in these days of transition. And not in the way one would expect from a Republican. The senator from Missouri, 40, appeared these days shoulder to shoulder with the socialist Bernie Sanders. The two demanded, as part of the second stimulus plan, a new round of checks to lower-middle-class families affected by the economic debacle unleashed by the coronavirus pandemic.

It was not the first time that Hawley advocated progressive policies. The senator has proposed to tax foreign capital, monitor the quality of university education according to its price and force the centers to pay half of the debt of students who cannot pay it. But above all, it has become one of the main scourges of Silicon Valley; both for its responsibility in addictions to technology and for the censorship, in the view of many Republicans, of conservative content.

Sometimes they could be put in the mouth of Sanders or Elizabeth Warren things that Hawley has said without making a difference, which has aroused misgivings among the conservative ranks. “They told us to shut up,” Hawley acknowledged, “while the party’s establishment focuses more on cut taxes and do favors for corporations. Multinational corporations that do not share our values, that will not uphold American principles, that were delighted to send American jobs abroad.

Argemino Barro. NY

“This has to stop”. Republican Gabriel Sterling, supervisor of Georgia’s voting system, becomes a symbol of conservatives who want to protect the electoral system

The anti-elite stance of this young conservative, enthusiastic about the president Teddy Roosevelt, which broke the great monopolies of the early 20th century, can generate disbelief. Until we travel a few decades back in time. A time when the Republican Party retained some of the concerns that, for a few years, seem to us Democratic heritage.

Tectonic changes

San Francisco, August 1956. The Republican Convention meets to re-nominate the exgeneral Dwight Eisenhower as a candidate for reelection. Among the points of his program are to strengthen Social Security and expand it to 10 million more workers, protect the salary increase that Eisenhower himself had approved as president, increase unemployment insurance and “grant asylum to thousands of refugees, expelled and displaced ”. As if that were not enough, the party promised “to continue fighting (…) to ensure the same pay for equal work, regardless of the sex” of the worker.

He Republican PartyLike the Democrat, it was not always the same. Both political forces have been realigning their positions according to the time and context. The ‘great emancipator’, Abraham Lincoln, he was a Republican. In the second half of the 19th century, it was the party of the big cities, the industrial and cosmopolitan force that ended up going to war to end slavery. On the contrary, until almost the middle of the 20th century, the party mostly rural and segregationist it was the other, the Democratic Party.

One of the hinges of the turn that ended up happening was the New Deal of Franklin D. Roosevelt. The Democratic president, who at that time was still courting the racist electorate of the South, added Italians and Irish from big cities like New York or Boston to his coalition of voters. Workers who had arrived at the beginning of the century, but who had remained on the margins of the system. This is how the Democrats, little by little, they were urbanizing. Roosevelt’s adoption of strong socialist policies also contributed to the change.

Argemino Barro. NY

Among many other lessons, these elections have invited us to recognize diversity within diversity, and to understand that the Democratic Party does not have a monopoly on minorities

From 1933 onward, the Democratic Party became the dominant machine of U.S. The output of the Great Depression and victory in the Second World War they consolidated their prestige. The dazzling rise of the young man (Irish) John F. Kennedy, finished off with a tragic ending, formed one of the most enduring legends of the 20th century. His successor, Lyndon Johnson, finished off the play by betting everything on the civil rights charter, passed in 1964. Democrats have earned the political loyalty of African Americans, to this day, and confirmed that great change of course.

Reagan’s Ordeal

The Republican Party, while retaining the support of the industrial and financial elites of the cities, was increasingly serving the rural world. That southern electorate that the Democrats, with their embrace of the minority cause, had abandoned. A profile voter more conservative and somewhat less wealthy. And this is where the reasonably social program with which Eisenhower won the 1956 elections again fits in. One of his star proposals, precisely, was an expensive investment plan in rural areas.

For years the Republicans therefore maintained a balance that did not bring them much profit. In the nearly half century from 1932 to 1980, Democrats ruled the country for 32 years. In 1975 a record 37 state congresses dominated, and in Washington both the Senate and the Supreme Court were nothing short of non-negotiable, its territory by divine right.

But the Democratic force, since the early 1970s, has faded. The oil crisis tightened the nuts of the industrial model, the welfare state was increasingly unsustainable and globalization was gaining strength. This was the window through which Ronald Reagan launched his 1980 ordeal: a conservative revolution that would return the Republicans to preeminence. An optimistic and vibrant rhetoric, a robust foreign policy and an incurable distrust of anything that smelled of social spending, of that government that was slipping towards bankruptcy.

Argemino Barro. NY

Once upon a time, progressives in the United States controlled the country, but now they are too focused on getting the presidency

The Republican Party that we have known for almost four decades is this: that of austerity, free trade and interventionism in middle East. The Bush party and Wall Street party, climate skepticism and the Chicago School. A paradigm that, like the previous ones, will not last forever.

As manufacturing jobs shifted to China, hinterlands became poorer, and cities became even more Democratic, the ground was paved for the rise of a new sect within the Republican religion. A movement that was already there, larvae in the Tea Party and in the books of Ann Coulter, and that Donald Trump He knew how to back up with his talents as a ‘showman’. National-populism, with its protectionist strands and its rhetoric more focused on the common people than on the big financial interests, took power in 2016.

The heir?

What we have seen for four years in the Republican Party is the struggle between two souls. An old, Reaganian, with that ‘establishment’ of interventionists and tax hawks. And the new, the bug that comes out of the chrysalis and that enjoys the sympathy of the constituencies: Trumpism.

Checking several of the Trumpian boxes may be enough to give Hawley a bright future in 2024 or 2028

Now that the leader of the new sect is on his way out, even though he hasn’t recognized him yet, Josh Hawley is one of his most notorious heirs. The Missouri senator is halfway through the overworked and occasionally social rhetoric of the 1950s and Trump’s populist isolationism. Like other Republicans, he remains a staunch enemy of abortion, a radical critic of coastal elites, a supporter of protectionism and a recipient, despite his words, of substantial donations from the koch brothers.

The fact of check several of the Trumpian boxes it may be enough for Hawley to have a good future in 2024 or 2028. The street is not with Mitch McConnell, nor with Marco Rubio. He’s with Trump. The Republican lost the election, but he did so with more than 74 million votes. And a part of its base (50% of Republican voters) supports, for example, a wealth tax like the one who proposed leftist Elizabeth Warren. There is Hawley, at this precise intersection. Everything will depend on which soul, whether the new or the old, ends up imposing itself within the ‘Old Great Party’.