Arteta sounds for Laporta’s candidacy


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A new name appears in the elections to the presidency of Barcelona, ​​that of Mikel Arteta. According to the station ‘RAC1’, the current Arsenal manager is one of Joan Laporta’s candidates to occupy the Barça bench if Koeman finally didn’t continue to lead the team next season.

Arteta, a former Barcelona veteran, would be a man who would like both for his past as a Barça player and for having been a disciple of Guardiola at Manchester City. The coach would arrive with the ‘Pep seal’, with the Barça style very internalized and having already served as the first coach in a first-class club like Arsenal, also practicing a showy and associative game.

For now, it is one more name that the candidacy of Joan Laporta would have in case Ronald Koeman decided not to continue sitting on the Barça bench. Laporta has already assured on more than one occasion that the Dutch coach is currently the coach of the first team and that he would have his trust placed in him if he becomes president.

Wenger: Arteta has the ingredients to be a very good coach | Perform


Monchi rejects rumours he will join Barcelona

Sevilla’s legendary sporting director Monchi has ruled out switching to Barcelona despite rumours he might be coming to Camp Nou. Speaking to Estadio Deportivo, he unlinked himself from speculation.

“I don’t give too much importance to these things, I’m much more worried about the present. I read it, I read it and little else.

“I am where I want to be, where I feel complete. My family are too, and that’s the important thing. Sometimes that doesn’t have a price.

“You just have to see these images (of Monchi congratulating the players after beating Getafe), when you see them you’ll see me happy and content and that for me is important.”



Former Barcelona player points out that in the dressing room nobody supports you


Mexico City / 22.02.2021 20:35:05

Jeremy Mathieu, after the recent mistakes by defender Clément Lenglet, recalled his stay at Barcelona under the technical direction of Luis Enrique and said that he did not enjoy his last year at the Barça team at all.

The French defender recalled the elimination of the Champions League quarter-finals against Juventus in 2017, a duel for which he was pointed out by both the press and the fans of the Catalan team.

“I had a really bad time last year at Barca. I had the feeling that the defeat in Turin was my fault, but I don’t understand why they killed me, eleven play football“he said to Sports RAC1.

Mathieu sent a message to Lenglet and told him what he must do to get out of this bad moment, in addition, revealed that he “felt alone” in the culé dressing room because no one supported him when he made a mistakeyes, not even the coach.

I felt alone in the dressing room, nobody supported you and, for me, that is not football. They all kill Lenglet, now I know what it is. He must try to be positive to turn it around and do his best, “said the former defender.

“The most important thing in the centrals is that they have complicity in the field,” said the former player.

Jeremy Mathieu left Barcelona to sign with Sporting Lisbon, in Portugal he played three years and decided to end his career at 35 years of age after suffering a sprain in his left knee that prevented him from continuing.



The physicist of Barcelona

It was sung. After the 1 to 4 of last week before PSG the physicist’s argument came back. It is the usual wild card. And it is that before some chosen by nature as Kurzawa, Marquinhos, Kimpembe, Kean, Gueyé, Icardi o Mbappé Barcelona had nothing to do. Too high. Too strong. Too fast. When Pep Guardiola left the Barça in the summer of 2012 he warned of what was going to happen when the results did not arrive. In short, he said that criticism would attack the Barça method to give value to those footballing looks that prioritize muscle. Today, nine years later, this is the Barça, dreaming of athletes and surviving after mistreating the idea that has given the club the five European Cups it has in its showcases and the one that made it, not long ago, in the world reference.

After Guardiola Tito arrived, but his work was skewed by misfortune. President Sandro Rosell, to discredit Pep and Cruyffismo, believed that with that template any coach would make champion Barça and brought Tata Martino. And he did not win. But as for Josep Maria BartomeuRosell is one of the five people who know the most about soccer in the world, he continued on his way. And until today, Guardiola’s inertia has been exhausted and using the physicist’s wild card to explain the current hardships and the needs for the future. The vaunted evolution consisted of improving performance under the umbrella of the idea. Luis Enrique, for example, collaborated by making Neymar the fourth midfielder when the Barça fumbled, with the pieces unfolding to the right so that Rakitic protected Messi. Little more to tactical demotion and talent reduction.

Could it be that the problem is not physical but soccer; that the pressure does not depend on the muscle but on the placement; what Pedri always beat Arturo Vidal because soccer is played with the head and the feet are used, or that Mbappé scored a hat-trick at the Camp Nou with a first skill goal; a second, of intuition, and a third, of quality?

One day, a team of children lost 3 to 2 in the dying moments. A father, very angry, told his son’s coach that it was the physical fault because in training they did everything with the ball and barely took the historic laps on the field. The coach asked him if his son was swimming at school. “Yes,” replied the father. “And have you ever seen him with his swimming cap on and running around the pool? No right? Well, that ”. Don’t you realize that Barça will never win by running and jumping? The ball, please. Forgive me. There is no other way.

The kick from afar

It was the 66th minute of the match against Cádiz when Koeman He got off the bench to scream and release tension. The scoreboard indicated a Pyrrhic 1 to 0 and the Dutch coach, scared by experience, complained about the lack of success in front of Ledesma’s goal. It is not necessary to delve into what happened next. Statistics say that Barça He shot 22 times although he has only six great goal options. That is one occasion every 15 minutes. Let each one assess whether it is a lot or a little. What did surprise (for rare) in the face of Álvaro Cervera’s ultra-defensive approach is the repetition of the launch from long distance -nine-. Write down: Dembele (19’, 27’, 55’), Messi (19’, 29’, 79’), Alba (16’), Pjanic (78 ‘) and Puig (85’). Yes, only Messi Y Riqui they were about to score in two of their cannon shots.

How attacking is much more difficult than defending the Barça you must take advantage of all the options. Against Cádiz he insisted from afar because he hardly worked the depth, because he could not overcome the forest of legs that was in the front of the area and because he did not have success in the overflow, on the outside. And as the Andalusian team barely attacked, they could not run against it either. In fact, the only goal came after a post-loss pressure that caused the penalty to Pedri. To create doubts in the rivals it is important that the team is able to combine the end of the plays, because to get inside it needs success in creating danger on the wings, in kicks from far or in deep plays assaulting the baseline . While everything is predictable the goal will be further away.

Guardiola and his City

18 wins in a row and 25 matches without losing, with real chances of success in all competitions. The world of football, one more year, surrendered at the feet of Pep. We’ll see how the season ends, but during it Manchester City fans have fun and take pride in what they see.

Future, from now on

He knows Koeman that he must classify the team among the first four, because not being in the next Champions League would mean ruin for the club and his dismissal. Now, are you sure that the current level of Àlex Collado in the subsidiary it is worse than that of any of its forwards -except Messi-?


Pedri doubles Pjanic’s Barcelona minutes

Results aside, Barcelona’s season must serve to consolidate some of the pieces that will be key to the club in the next decade. One of them is, without a doubt, Pedri. The Canary Islander has been an unexpected surprise this season with his performances wowing the world despite being just 18 years old. From now until the end of the season, whatever happens in the three competitions Barça are still in, Koeman’s mission is to create an ecosystem so that the young talent continues to progress. Not just Pedri, but also Araujo, Dest, Riqui Puig, Ansu, Ilaix, Trincao and Co.


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The reality is that the great news surrounding Pedri’s premature eruption contrasts with some disappointment: Miralem Pjanic. In fact, at the start of the summer, when it was still in the air if Pedri would feature for the first team, the normal line of thinking would have suggested that Pjanic would have a bigger role. But what is actually true is that if Pedri’s the good news story, then Pjanic is the bad news.

Pedri has played 34 of Barça’s 35 matches this season, only sitting out the Champions League match in Hungary against Ferencvaros. The teenager has not been injured at all and has played 2,200 minutes, just 600 fewer — around seven complete games — than he registered last season when he was the most used outfield player by Pepe Mel at Las Palmas.

Only Frenkie de Jong, with 2,875 minutes, has played more than the Spain U21 international. In fact, Pedri has played more than Sergio Busquets (2,070) and double Pjanic (1,180).

Pedri has taken his place in the midfielder with an overwhelming forcefulness and, in the coming weeks, it’s likely that he’s called up for Spain’s senior squad by Luis Enrique for the March internationals. His presence at the European Championships this summer is still unknown but everything suggests he will be among those called up for the delayed tournament.



Follow FC Barcelona live

FC Barcelona returns to the Champions League today with a duel against the French ACCS in search of a pass to the ‘Final to Eight ‘. An unprecedented duel in the European competition but in which the participants know each other very well.


Act. a las 22:50


Cristina Moreno

In the macro-project of the Gallic club that has caused such a stir in the neighboring country is Ricardinho, one of the best players in the world and former Inter Movistar. Another ex of the Madrid team, now in the ranks of Barça, Daniel, will meet again with several of his companions of the time as Ortiz or the coach of the French team himself, Jesus Velasco.

For this encounter, Andreu Plaza has the casualties of Lozano Y Adolfo. Yes it will be Ferrao that he returned to Cartagena with good feelings. In the ranks of the rival may not be Coelho, sanctioned, although yes Edu, the new signing.

The match is played at the Palau Blaugrana behind closed doors from 9:00 p.m. We will tell you live on

For our part, this has been it. We hope you have enjoyed this victory that has ushered in the fight for the title in Minsk next April. Have a great weekend!

“We were very convinced that this was playing today. We were aware that today would be a long match and we knew how to suffer and reach the goal of being in the Final to Eight”, explains Dídac to the Tv3 microphones.

We review. ACCS took the lead through Edu and Ferrao with one minute to go in the first half scored the equalizer. The final goal came from Ximbinha with five minutes remaining, culminating in a lethal counterattack.

How it has cost. Much credit to this ACCS against the current European champion. Velasco’s team says goodbye. We see Ricardinho congratulate the Catalans one by one. Low Lozano to the parquet to celebrate with his companions.

FINAAAAAAAAAL! Barça will be in the Final a Eight next April.

Ricardinho has had it! It fell on his bad leg, caught him on the wrong foot and could only send the ball high.

uyyy, here it seems that the game is over. The Ortiz-Ricardinho connection was lost. While seeing Andreu Plaza card that cannot be still.

Another one that saves Dídac! Barça is suffering a lot in this last minute. All the bench standing.

Oops Mohammed. He has shot as he arrived, very heeled on the right wing. You’re pressing ACCS.

It was Ortiz’s turn to put on the black goalkeeper player jersey.

Velasco is already playing it with the goalkeeper-player. All or nothing for Parisians. Less than three minutes left. Coelho enters Barça, first minutes for him, a specialist in these 5 against 4 actions.

Ferrao wants his goal. He left Mouhoudine, who almost missed him, and still managed to get the shot.

Dangerous foul for ACCS. Mouhoudine will serve who will look for Ricardinho. It came to him, he kicked directly, luckily the ball went out but reached the post.

Velasco calls for a time-out, which informs his players that they have already fouled five. He demands patience from his players and marks a possible play for later because he no longer has time-outs.

Yellow for Aksentijevic for touching the ball with his hands outside the area. Fifth foul of the Parisian team that complicates life in this match.

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Barcelona vs PSG LIVE on Azteca Deportes

Follow the live actions of the Barcelona vs PSG match here.

Minute 70: GOOOOOL from Moise Keane! He finishes inside the area and PSG already wins it 3-1.

Minute 65: GOOOOOOL OF MBAPPÉ! Kylian scored a goal for 2-1 and Barcelona suffered at the Camp Nou.

The second half begins at the mythical Camp Nou!

The first half ends at the Camp Nou! Barcelona and PSG tie at one goal in the first 45 minutes.

Kylian Mbappé’s goal to tie the game.

This was Lionel Messi’s goal.

Minute 32: GOOOOOL from PSG! Kylian Mbappé evens the score with a real goal.

Minute 27: GOOOOOOOL from Barcelona! Lionel Messi opens the scoring from eleven steps after a rather controversial penalty.

Minute 10: Barcelona and PSG equalize without goals, in a match in which Kylian Mbappé has had the clearest opportunity.

Roll the ball at Camp Nou! Barcelona vs PSG in the first leg of the round of 16.

Lionel Messi, the best player in the history of Barcelona, ​​is already preparing to vaccinate PSG!

Barcelona goes out to the field with eleven of fear! Piqué returns to the starting eleven.

PSG’s stellar line-up to face Barcelona.


The UEFA Champions League are back this February 16 and almost four years then from the infamous comeback of Barcelona al Paris SaintGermain, both teams meet again for a round of 16 match of the Champions at Camp New.

However now, beyond the PSG seek revenge before him Barca for that elimination of 2017, this week the club’s attention Parisian, will also be in the decision of Lionel Messi as a free agent and both teams will fight not only on the field of play, but also to try to seduce the Argentinian so that it continues in Barcelona Or take a change of scenery in the French capital.

How do they get to the Champions League ?:

The hosts arrive for this match with a comfortable win from 5-1 to Alaves in his last game played in the Spanish league with a real goal from Leo. After that victory, Barcelona was placed in third place in the table general with 46 units and maintains a distance of three points below the Real Madrid and eight from the leader Athletic of Madrid.

Meanwhile, the PSG also comes from a victory against him Nice 2-1, but the form of their victory left a lot of disagreement in the French country, after the little effectiveness they lose without Neymar, because the Brazilian is injured.

However, despite that latest victory, the team led by Mauricio Pochettino is he runner-up of Ligue 1, where they add up to 54 units and are only down by one point from the LOSC Lille that stays on top.

The team most beaten for this first match for the pass to the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League, is he PSG who will have three major casualties from his starting squad, due to the injuries of Neymar (adductor), Angel Of Mary (thigh) and Juan Bernat (cruciate ligament rupture). On the other hand, Marco Verratti Y Rafinha They are in doubt due to muscular problems, although they did make the trip to Spanish territory.

Regarding the Barcelona, Sergi Roberto will be one of the casualties for the ‘Blaugranas’ due to having a relapse in a injury muscular, after the kilometric match against Granada on the Cup of ReyTherefore, he is out of the call and far from repeating a goal like the one he scored four years ago for the Catalans to achieve a historic comeback. While Phillipe Coutinho Y Ansu The fate they are casualties that were already considered due to the severity of their injuries.

However, the team of Ronald Koeman recovers important players like Sergiño Dest, which will have an important job to be in charge of stopping Kylian Mbappé by the left sector of the offensive of the PSG.

Possible Barcelona line-up:

Ter Stegen; Dest, Umtiti, Lenglet, Alba; Busquets, De Jong, Pedri; Dembélé, Messi, Griezmann.

Possible Paris Saint-Germain lineup:

Navas; Florenzi, Marquinhos, Kimpembe, Kurzawa; Gueye, Paredes; Kean, Draxler, Mbappé; Icardi.

For Emilio Lara


“Laporta has not won yet, do not cajole the partners”

Toni Freixa, candidate for the presidency of FC Barcelona, ​​assured that “from today I will speak clearly.” He did so at the lunch-colloquium held this Tuesday at the Esportiu Arsenal Club and in the framework of which he urged Barça members to vote en masse in the elections for the club’s presidency next March 7.

Feb 16, 2021 at 13:38


Freixa also denounced that environment that, in his opinion, pulls the strings in the electoral back room. “You do not have to stay at home, you have to mobilize; If the turnout is less than 45,000 voters, the club will have a very bad time ”, said the leader of Fidels to Barça, who also stressed that “Laporta has not won yet.”

Likewise, Freixa indicated that “The partner does not want Laporta, he does not want me to do it again …”, since, according to him, the candidate for Estimem Barça did not leave the club in a good economic situation.

“Despite the mental framework that has been created, the elections are not resolved”, he later assured, “There is a candidate who does not attend all the debates, not because he is not prepared, not because he does not have a program, although he has explained few things well. He does not go because he thinks he has already won, and to imply that it is not necessary to even go to vote. But this is not the case: we encourage members to vote so that the club does not fall into which hands”, he sentenced.


PSG of the eighth of the Champions League: schedule and where to watch on TV

The Champions League begins with its most decisive phases this week. Thus, the most prestigious club championship in the world continues to advance to settle which is the best team in Europe. On this occasion, teams of considerable rank have passed, such as the Juventus, the Bavaria de Münich or the PSG. Of course, the Spanish teams with the best results last season are also in the competition: Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid and Seville. This time they will face the Barcelona and the PSG at Camp Nou.

Feb 15, 2021 at 21:35


This first game will be played with great anticipation. Among other things due to the ambivalent relationship that exists between the Parisian team and the Blaugrana. Many rumors suggest that Messi’s future is at PSG. While for quite some time the return of Neymar with the whole of Barcelona has been defended.

In any case, the match will be played on Tuesday, February 16 at 9:00 p.m.. The channels that will broadcast it are Miteles Plus and Movistar Champions League. Therefore, a subscription to one of these platforms will be necessary to enjoy the meeting.


Koeman and the ‘tell him it’s Pelé’

One of the funniest anecdotes from the soccer catalog It was starred by the coach of Partick Thistle, Glasgow’s third team, always in the shadow of Rangers and Celtic.

In a Scottish League game in the 1992-93 season, Partick forward Colin McGlashan collided with an opponent and was stunned. The masseur ran to attend to him and took him out of the field. From the bench they asked how things were going. “You don’t know who it is!” The masseur yelled.

“Perfect, then tell him it’s Pelé and to go back to the field!”replied the coach, John Lambie.

Lambie was a kind of Brian Clough in a modest version, author of witty phrases that today they would be censored by the standard-bearers of political correctnessBut his idea of ​​Pelé’s message has a depth that could be applied to the speech that Koeman will convey to his players today.


It’s about believing yourself better than you really are for 90 minutes. It’s not about arrogance or arrogance, but to grow up against a theoretically more powerful rival, with more resources in the field and in the bank (but not in history or in the European hierarchy).

Within the game against PSG there will be another thousand games: one of them will be the pulse of confidence. That divided ball that wins the one who fights it the most, that sprint that can make the difference between a goal or a clearance, that meter of more or less that can begin to decide the tie. That’s where the head comes into play, and although Barça has no Pele other than Messi, it has resources to make life difficult for Paris Saint-Germain. It is a matter of believing it. And Koeman, who has been through situations of all kinds, seems the ideal coach to deliver that message.