Apple is tightening the security of some older iPhones, what’s going on? | Lifestyle

Security is one of the biggest headaches for manufacturers, who not only have to verify that their devices are functional and have no faults, but are also capable of withstanding the onslaught of hackers who are always looking for a way to bypass their protections. So on many occasions we are faced with problems of zero day that are there latent until someone discovers them.

And something like this must have happened within the Apple ecosystem that, silently and practically secretly, has been introducing changes over the last few months in some iPhone models arrived on the market for two and a half years, at the end of 2018, with the intention of protecting them from some threats that have proliferated since then.

A serious security flaw?

So has published Forbes, where it is clear that the smartphones with A12 and A13 processor, they have received a little extra security in recent times: “The A12, A13, S4, and S5 products first released in Fall 2020 have a second-generation secure storage component, while previous products based on these SoCs have a first-generation secure storage component.”

This part of Apple’s ecosystem, Secure Enclave, It is inserted into the processors that North Americans manufacture for their devices and it is an extra reinforcement when it comes to storing and encrypting confidential data such as those corresponding to Face ID, Touch ID, etc. It has been on the market since the A7 chips, which equipped the iPhone 5s of 2013. The problem is that the threats have become more sophisticated and the current version of the new iPhone 12 is much more secure than, for example, that of the previous models 2018 or 2019.

That is why some analysts believe that all smartphones that have been sold since the end of 2020, including the updated versions of iPhone 11 and iPhone SE, they have done it with this security module updated to the latest version. So what has happened to the previous ones? Are they exposed? Luckily, it seems that Apple has applied a update to all models with A12 chips, such as the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max, as well as the fifth generation iPad Mini or the third and eighth generation iPad Air and iPad, respectively.

According to some experts, this movement is due to Apple has wanted to provide a “countermeasure against devices to crack passwords, What Graykey, which try to access iPhones by guessing the password an infinite number of times, using exploits that allow countless attempts at the wrong password. “All of this suggests that” the security issues that are being addressed are serious. “


The institution studies to reinforce the attention to the international residents of the province

The deputy for Cooperation, International Residents and Volunteering, Juan de Dios Navarro, has initiated a round of contacts with the town councils of the province to take the pulse of the situation of international residents and make available the services developed in this matter by the Alicante Provincial Council. One of the main focuses of these meetings, as confirmed by the deputy, will be on residents of British origin and their concerns and needs to legalize their situations before the implementation of Brexit. “We want to reiterate our collaboration to promote the integration of this important group, fundamental for the development of the province, by supporting registration campaigns, training or learning courses in Spanish or Valencian, among many other alternatives,” Navarro pointed out. .

He also recalled the edition of a manual on the Brexit process through the Provincial Immigration Observatory whose objective is to analyze and resolve those questions generated after the entry into force of this measure.

On the other hand, the provincial institution has increased this year by 13%, reaching 215,000 euros, the subsidies to municipalities and associations for the development of projects, programs and activities such as the implementation of integration plans, the development of care services and advice or the implementation of awareness and equality campaigns. “For these citizens it is important to know the language and the legal, juridical or labor issues that concern them,” said the deputy.

The meeting that Navarro has held with the mayor of Benissa, Arturo Poquet, will be followed by others next week in different locations. The deputy highlighted the high number of international residents in this municipality of the Marina Alta, where they exceed 30% of the population, and others such as Daya Vieja or L’AlfĂ s del Pi, with 62% and 50% foreigners census, respectively.


The Island takes advantage of the virtual ITB to strengthen the German market


ITB Berlin virtual meeting
Carsten W. Lauritsen

Tenerife seeks to reinforce German tourism within the framework of the ITB Fair in Berlin, which is held until next Friday in virtual format by Covid-19. Innovation and the use of new technologies are the strengths of the island’s offer in this scenario. If the pandemic does not prevent it, The objective is to almost double the number of travelers from Germany who visit the Island. In 2019, before the coronavirus, they were 565,000. The president of the Cabildo, Pedro MartĂ­n, figures his “Ambitious but feasible illusion” in a million although “everything marks the pandemic, including deadlines.” This is ensured just before connecting telematically to the forum. The goal, moreover, is not only Germany but also niches of potential visitors in nearby countries that coincide in language and customs such as Austria or Switzerland.

The destination Tenerife has started a promotional campaign in the German country that is based on the preferences of potential tourists to send them personalized advertising over the internet, thanks to a powerful online tool. During the first day of ITB Berlin the Tenerife representation has met with representatives of the German network of agencies RTK and the tour operator Der Turistik.

Goal: one million.

Pedro MartĂ­n reaffirms his goal of reaching one million German tourists between this season and 2022 because it is about being “ambitious” and the Island has “many possibilities for growth” in tourism. Remember that in 2019, in addition to the 565,000 Germans, the Island received around two million British people. MartĂ­n recalls that “the uncertainty that could be generated in our main issuing market, the United Kingdom, as a result of Brexit and the coronavirus, leads us to open the spectrum.” In this sense, he values: “We must bet on a tourist who, we have evidence, wants to travel.” Hence the firm commitment to a great promotional campaign in both traditional media and social networks.

“This is the largest campaign launched for German tourism and, moreover, it is personalized”

Pedro MartĂ­n – President of the Tenerife Council

“We expect the recovery for the winter, the high season in this segment”

JosĂ© MartĂ­n Plata – Insular Tourism Councilor

The president was accompanied by the Minister of Tourism, José Gregorio Martín Plata, and the CEO of the area, David Pérez. All of them recalled that the new promotional campaign launched through the public company Turismo de Tenerife, will have an impact on television, radio and written media, mainly specialized, but also online.

“This is the largest campaign ever carried out to attract German tourism”, as the island’s president, Pedro MartĂ­n. It is based on the tastes and preferences of potential Teutonic tourists in order to offer products on and from the Island that are attractive to them and encourage them to come.

Spot with virtual game.

Last Monday, as a preamble to the campaign, a spot recorded in the original German version was launched. Its protagonists, really confined, reveal the desire they have to spend a few days of vacation on the Island with a board game as the axis. Then they appear in Tenerife to enjoy. It is already visible through various online platforms in the three recipient countries and shows Tenerife as a “diverse, unique and sustainable” destination. JosĂ© Gregorio MartĂ­n Plata describes the meetings held within the framework of the German fair as “fruitful” and assures that “although expectations for next summer are good, although still timid, we expect a greater recovery for winter”, coinciding with the high season for the German market.

New route.

The Irish airline Ryanair announces that it will add two flights a week from Tenerife to Warsaw as part of its 2021 summer program in Spain. If the vaccination system is extended, passenger traffic will likely skyrocket this summer, according to the company, so it will offer those two weekly flights. Regarding the restrictions, Ryanair reveals that it will allow up to two free flight date changes in all reservations made before March 31, 2021. This will give customers greater flexibility and peace of mind, according to airline sources.

The PP and the insular airline

The Popular Party has requested the appearance of the president, Pedro Martín, to give explanations about “the acquisition by the Cabildo of an airline, the background that justifies this decision, the steps that the island institution is going to take and the objective it seeks the government with this action ”. The PP counselor Manuel Fernández states that they have requested the appearance since in the last plenary committee his party found that the three that support the island government (PSOE, Ciudadanos and Sí Podemos Canarias) “have different criteria regarding the management of the future company ”. Fernández explains that in the course of that Commission it was revealed that “Podemos aspires to a predominantly public airline company; Ciudadanos suggests that once it acquires some financial solidity, the Cabildo must get rid of its actions; and the Socialist Party made public its intention that the participation of the Cabildo should be limited to 25% of the capital stock ”.


Sergio Albiol arrives at Real Jaén to reinforce the rear and contribute his extensive experience

Real Jaén reinforces a depleted squad of troops. The entity of the capital of Jaén announced yesterday the landing of Sergio Plaza Albiol, a 33-year-old right-back, about to turn 34 (11-3-1987) who was without a team and that he has extensive experience in Second Division B (nine seasons).

«Illusion and Pride for joining the project of a historical team to which I have always had a lot of affection. Thanks for the trust and to the bull! », The footballer commented yesterday on his social networks. Those who know him speak of a «Player who is characterized by being a very offensive winger, with great physical power and great movement of the ball».

Formed in the lower categories of Málaga, a team with which he made his debut in the silver category of national football (in May 2005), Juan Arsenal knows him from his time in Lucena. He has also coincided with another player like Julio de Dios (at FC Jumilla, a team with whom he came to visit the white coliseum) and in 2017-2018 he coincided with a Jaén like Migue Montes at Ontinyent.

His last destination, before taking part in the AFE sessions, was Lorca FC. He has played in squads such as Poli Ejido B, Murallas de Ceuta and VĂ©lez, all of them in the Third Division. Likewise, in the bronze category he has carried out his profession at Sporting Villanueva, in La Roda and in his first stage at Lucena, between January 2012 and May 2013.

The new player will be presented tomorrow Friday, just before the press conference of the coach, Juan Arsenal set at Las Fuentezuelas at 12:30 pm.

On the other hand, the club issued a statement yesterday in which it surprisingly announced the appearance today Thursday, March 4, of the president of the club, AndrĂ©s RodrĂ­guez from 5:00 p.m. in the New Stadium of La Victoria. “He summons the media to report on the club’s institutional news and then he will answer questions posed by the media.”

This is an expected appearance after the chief of the white tribe will not make statements to the local media since last September 2020, when he came to the fore forced by the call for a demonstration rejecting his management.

Club employees they still do not receive their payroll for the month of January, which is added to that of February and the Almeria businessman continues to forge the demand with which he hopes to take over the helm of the white ship shortly.


Coronavirus: Europe strengthens its arsenal of vaccines by giving way to AstraZeneca’s | Companies

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has recommended this Friday the approval of the AstraZeneca vaccine against Covid-19. In this way, the community body endorses the efficacy and safety of the product, which has carried out trials with thousands of patients in various countries around the world. It is valid even for people over 65 years of age, although it acknowledges that it does not have sufficient data from the study in clinical trials.

This validation of the EMA is the preliminary step for the European Commission to grant the conditional marketing authorization in the next few hours. .

The approval comes in full conflict between the British laboratory and the EC, because the company has cut the forecast of compromised deliveries to community partners, alleging problems at its Belgian factory. This has roused the Executive of Ursula von der Leyen who demands that the company fulfill its contractual commitments by distributing from its plants at full capacity in the United Kingdom and, in addition, putting in place a mechanism to control exports of doses from Community territory.

The AstraZeneca vaccine will be the third to join the arsenal of the European Union to fight the pandemic, following that of Pfizer / BioNTech and AstraZeneca. If supply problems allow it, in this way European countries will be able to accelerate their vaccination processes in the coming weeks.

“With this third positive opinion, we have further expanded the arsenal of vaccines available to EU member states to combat the pandemic and protect their citizens,” said Emer Cooke, executive director of the EMA.

The contract with the EC establishes that it must deliver 300 million doses, plus another 100 million optional. In the case of Spain, 31.5 million units would correspond to it, enough to vaccinate 15.75 million people.

The combined results of four clinical trials carried out in the United Kingdom, Brazil and South Africa “have shown that the AstraZeneca vaccine complies with the guarantees of quality, safety and efficacy, to prevent Covid-19 in people aged 18 years and older “, detailed the EMA. Around 24,000 people have participated in these clinical trials.

The trials showed an efficiency close to 60%, when observing a reduction of 59.5% in the number of symptomatic cases that received the product (64 of 5,258 participants had symptoms), compared to those that received the placebo (154 of 5,210 had symptoms). Each person receives two doses, spaced four to 12 weeks apart.

Most of the participants in these studies were between the ages of 18 and 55. “There are still not enough results in people over 55 years of age to determine how effective it is in this age group,” acknowledges the community agency. The endorsement of the product is produced by the positive benefit-risk balance on which the evaluation of any drug is based, according to the EMA.


The AstraZeneca vaccine had raised a lot of uncertainty regarding its use. Germany already pointed out on Thursday that it should only be administered in people over 65 years of age, due to the limited tests carried out in that segment of the population, which did not provide sufficient data.

The AstraZeneca vaccine created enormous uncertainty in November when it presented the results. Unlike what Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna had previously done, the British multinational presented the results in two different types of administration. In the conventional dosing regimen of two complete injections (on 8,895 volunteers), whose administration is separated by a month, it showed an efficacy of only 62%. Much lower than those previously reported by Pfizer (95%) and Moderna (94.5), both based on messenger RNA.

But the company came down with data from a hitherto unknown study with a smaller sample (2,741 participants), which has an efficacy of 90% if half a dose is administered, followed by a complete one with an interval of one month. . But AstraZeneca did not report that the trial with the most promising results did not include older people, those most commonly affected by severe cases of Covid-19.

The laboratory decided to average the two trials and reported an average efficacy of 70% in its press release.

Adverse effects

The most common adverse reactions are pain and swelling at the injection site, headache, fatigue, muscle pain, general feeling of malaise, chills, fever, joint pain, and nausea.


Kim Jon Un vows to bolster his nuclear arsenal

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un promised to strengthen the army, by “strengthening” the nuclear arsenal of his country, in his speech of the closing of the congress of the party in power, reported on Wednesday the official North Korean agency KCNA received in Seoul.

According to analysts, Kim tries to attract the attention of the new American administration, now that your country is more isolated than ever after closing the borders to protect itself from pandemic of the coronavirus.

“By strengthening our nuclear war arsenal, we must do everything possible to build the most powerful military,” he added, according to KCNA.

The leader recently declared that U.S is the main enemy of North Korea, in addition to announcing the acquisition of a nuclear submarine, after a satisfactory planning research that would enter the process of final evaluation.

“The true intention of your policy towards RDCN (Democratic Republic of North Korea) will never change, regardless of who is in power, “he added without mentioning the name of Biden.

North Korea it has concluded, Kim said, its plans to develop a nuclear submarine – which will be a strategic turning point – and enunciated the list of weapons targets, such as supersonic nuclear warheads, military reconnaissance satellites and solid-fuel ICBMs.

The North’s arms programs have accelerated since Kim came to power, including the nuclear bomb most powerful to date and missiles capable of reaching the territory of U.S, although this at the cost of the intensification of international sanctions.

In the October military parade, North Korea showed his new intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) gigantic, which would be, according to analysts, the largest in the world powered by liquid fuel that can travel on the road.

Kim and the outgoing US president, Donald Trump, they maintained a tumultuous relationship, initially peppered with mutual insults and threats of war, to move on to a close relationship and declarations of love for him. american president.

However, the nuclear summit held by both leaders in Hanoi in February 2019 ended abruptly with no agreement on sanctions relief and what Pyongyang I’d be willing to compromise in return.

The leadership change in Washington poses a challenge for Pyongyang: Biden has called Kim a “bully” during the presidential debates, whereas for this he is a “mad dog” who must be “beaten to death”.



Large investors are preparing to strengthen themselves in alternatives after the Covid | Markets

At a difficult time to extract profitability from financial assets, it is precisely the high returns offered by alternative assets that are the hook to attract large institutional investors. Investors surveyed by Yielco state that their expectations of returns on their investments in venture capital are 12.75%, 7.25% for infrastructure and 6.4% in private debt.

But not only this. 61% of those who bet on private equity declare that this asset exceeded their expectations in terms of performance, while only 6% were disappointed. As for infrastructure investors, 73% said they had met their expectations, while no one declared themselves disappointed. 67% of those in private debt were satisfied.

Looking ahead, none of the large investors surveyed expects a negative development of their investments in alternative assets. 80% of investors in private equity have a positive outlook on their investment, for 56% of infrastructure assets and 57% in private debt. That is, investors hope that the scourge of the coronavirus on company accounts will cause multiple opportunities to emerge in the market.

As for the secondary market, the one in which positions in private equity funds are traded, almost half of Spanish investors have not yet resorted to it. 19% have used it to sell positions and 30% to buy others.

Thus, 70% of private equity investors plan to increase their exposure to this asset in the future, compared to 77% of those who say they will bet on infrastructure and 65% on private debt. Geographically, investors choose to increase their exposure to the US, first of all, at the expense of their investments in European funds.


Ideam forecasts new tropical wave that will leave more rain

Cloudiness related to Iota added to a new tropical wave, it will favor the development of rains in the Caribbean and Andean region, which in turn will make possible sudden increases and landslides in La Guajira, Cesar, Magdalena (foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta), Atlántico, Bolívar and Sucre.

Given the forecast of idea recommended activating and reinforcing prevention measures aimed at reducing the risks caused by these kinds of events, both to the National Unit for Disaster Risk Management (Ungrd) and to the departmental and municipal councils of the Caribbean region.

The Ideam reported that Iota will tend to lose intensity and possibly become a tropical storm for the next 48 hours as it moves into Central America.

According to the Saffir-Simpson scale and the National Hurricane Center, the center of the cyclone was positioned with maximum sustained winds of 260 kilometers per hour, while continuing its westward movement at a speed of 15 kilometers per hour.

The institute insisted on activating and reinforcing prevention measures aimed at reducing the risks caused by these kinds of events.

“We advise you to consider these conditions and the possible risks associated with increased waves and wind, reduced visibility for navigation in the area and at sea, heavy rains and electrical storms. Small boat operators, tourists and fishermen are advised to closely follow the daily evolution of the meteorological and marine conditions ”.


Despite the fact that Iota reached category 5 in San Andrés and Providencia during the holiday Monday, in much of the Caribbean dry weather prevailed. Only light rains were reported in Barranquilla, Sincelejo, the Gulf of Morrosquillo, Montería, Riohacha, Valledupar and Zapayán in the Magdalena.