Brexit, a time bomb in the hands of Boris Johnson

After the defeat of the main champion of Brexit, the president of the United States, Donald Trump, the United Kingdom is heading towards an uncertain scenario, whose lack of definition harms the entire European Union. Boris Johnson’s populism has focused its efforts on bogging down the bargaining ground until it becomes impracticable, and as a result, the December 31 date is approaching without a substantial deal on disengagement.

There are just weeks of negotiation before the spring of ‘Hard Brexit’ is activated, a de facto disconnection in which there would be many important issues to be resolved. Boris Johnson’s negotiating team has preferred to play with the threat of the abyss, even though it would harm both the UK and the European Union. It is the only hope to achieve a profitable pact for the British side, whose economy has just starred in the worst disaster in the last 300 years.

Competition between British and community companies, dispute resolution mechanisms, fisheries agreements, State aid … are some of the points that will focus the negotiation against the clock. The possibility that relations between the United Kingdom and the European Union are left in a framework of legal indefiniteness intimidates the markets while making the large law firms rub their hands in the face of the chaos of overlapping rules and all the gray areas, of chiaroscuro and even opaque that would leave a ‘hard Brexit’.

Europe’s undisputed financial epicenter, the City of London, trembles at the prospect of an unprecedented rout. Days of shocks are ahead waiting for one of the key dates: the European Summit of December 10-11, in which the final draft agreement will be, ready to be voted on in the European Parliament on December 16, with the end of entry into force on January 1, 2021.

Too tight a timetable for something as serious as Brexit. The controversial decision of the British people to leave Europe has become, in the hands of the populist Boris Johnson, a ticking time bomb.


Boris Johnson’s plan to fight covid-19 falters

London, Nov 28 (EFE) .- The three-level restriction plan to curb the pandemic that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to apply in England since December 2 is reeling from the rejection of Tory deputies who are considering this Saturday vote against next week.

English hospitals are at risk of “saturation” if measures are not taken

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The conservative leader proposes to toughen the rules to contain the advance of the virus against the guidelines established before the current lockdown – which began on November 5 – a decision that does not please dozens of parliamentarians from his own party.

One of them, Craig Mackinlay, advanced today that he will not support the strategy this Tuesday in the Commons: “Fundamentally, since we have already been through this, we have to ask ourselves: if this is the cure, is it really working?” politician to the BBC.

Another prominent Tory, Graham Brady, says in an article published today by the Daily Mail tabloid that he will not vote in favor of “dubious” rules, which endanger the “social fabric” of the country.

Many detractors feel that areas with low infection rates will be forced to weather even stricter rules than those enforced during this second lockdown.

That outright rejection of his strategy could potentially leave Johnson at the mercy of the backing of the opposition Labor Party.


The so-called Cabinet Minister, Michael Gove, came to the rescue of the Chief Executive by warning today in The Times that hospitals run the risk of being “saturated” with infected patients if these measures are not introduced.

Gove – one of the great promoters of Brexit – urges those “rebels” to “assume responsibility for making difficult decisions” with the mission of flattening the curve of covid-19.

On the basis of this three-tier plan – medium, high and very high – 99% of England will be subject to the two highest degrees of alert.

Unless actions are taken to slow the spread of the virus, the NHS (public health service) will “break down” and hospitals will be “physically saturated”, warns Gove.

“The levels of restrictions before confinement did not suppress COVID sufficiently: they were not strong enough to reduce social contact, nor were they applied to the extent necessary to contain the spread of the virus,” he recalls.

The politician emphasizes that the country, which has 57,551 deaths from the virus, faces a “national crisis”, in which 16,000 hospital beds are occupied by covid-19 patients compared to almost 20,000 last April and 740 on September 11.


In areas with a very high level of risk – such as Manchester – indoor and outdoor social gatherings will remain prohibited, and bars that do not serve take-out will remain closed.

At the intermediate level, where London and Liverpool appear, indoor meetings of different households are forbidden; The maximum of six people will be kept for outdoor meetings, and the closing time of pubs and restaurants – now closed except for home delivery – is set at 23.00 GMT.

The establishments will only be able to serve alcoholic beverages if they are accompanied by a “substantial meal” and the “limited” return of spectators to sports stadiums and live shows will be allowed, while non-essential places such as hairdressers may also reopen.


According to the Guardian today, hospitals have been instructed to be ready in just ten days to launch the distribution of the vaccine developed by Pfizer / BioNTech.

The directors of the NHS have revealed that these centers could start receiving the first batches on December 7.

Citing various hospital sources, the newspaper points out that initially the health workers will be the first to receive the antidote, and not residents of nursing homes or those over 80, as had been anticipated.

This is due, according to these, to the fact that the vaccine created by Pfizer “cannot travel again once it reaches the hospital, so it must be used within five days.”

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Will Santa Claus come this year? Boris Johnson Responds

  • This Christmas will be very different and the children want to know if Santa Claus will be able to distribute gifts this year

  • Boris Johnson has personally answered an 8-year-old boy and assures that this question has been asked by many other children

Remains less than a month for us to start celebrating the first Christmas dinners and mealsHowever, we are still not very clear how the holidays are going to be this year, although the Government has already advanced a draft announcing some measures that we will have to comply with during those days. What we do know for sure that we will have to wear the mask and maintain a safety distance

The thing about not being able to gather more than six people in a house for dinner for Good night or eat in Christmas it is one of the points of this draft that generally worries more. These dates are always an excuse to reconnect with our loved ones, but this year we will run out of dinner with many friends and family.

Although this is making adults sad, children have other concerns, also very important: Will Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men give out gifts this year? or will they not be able to enter our houses because of the coronavirus? This question is currently being asked by many children and there are parents who have taken the opportunity to play one of the fashionable jokes on TikTok, putting them an audio of what seems like an informative program in which it is reported that Santa Claus will not distribute gifts this year.

The most important question of an 8 year old

Due to the uncertainty that the little ones have since Christmas is approaching, The British Prime Minister has received many letters from children asking him if Santa Claus will be able to come to their homes this Christmas to distribute the gifts or not, so he has shared the answer he has given to an eight-year-old boy through his Twitter profile so that the parents of the rest of the children can also answer their children’s questions.

This boy of only eight years old is called Monti and he has asked Boris Johnson with a letter written by him If Santa Claus will be able to deliver the gifts and if you have to leave him something special this Christmas, such as hydroalcoholic gel: “I am 8 years old and I was wondering if you and the government have thought about Santa’s arrival this Christmas,” wrote the child: “Shall we leave the hand sanitizer in case the bugs come? Or will he wash his hands?”

This child is very clear about it, every time someone enters our house they have to wash their hands and Santa Claus will not be less. Monti knows that Boris Johnson surely has some contact that can inform him about this matter, so he adds: “I understand that he is very busy, but Can you and the scientists talk about this? ”

Boris Johnson has reassured all the children

Boris Johnson has responded to Monti by writing another letter that he has shared on his Twitter profile: “Thank you very much for your letter, that Raises the all-important question of whether Santa will be able to deliver gifts this year despite the coronavirus “, can be read in the official letter.

“I know millions of other kids ask the same thing. Just to be sure, I made a call to the North Pole and I can tell you that Santa Claus is ready and eager to leave, just like Rudolph and all the other reindeer, “says Boris Johnson.

“The medical director has asked me to tell him that, provided that Santa Claus behaves in the usual responsible manner and works quickly and safely, there are no risks to their health or yours “, the politician explained to little Monti.

Santa is coming

“Leaving the hand sanitizer next to the cookies is a great idea to help prevent the spread of the virus, and using it yourself and washing your hands regularly is exactly the kind of thing that will get you and your friends on the good kid list. “It seems like the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčditching the hydroalcoholic gel this year together with cookies will be the best way to avoid contagion these holidays.


Boris Johnson already has a solution for the crisis and the pandemic: more military spending – Europa Directo

Boris Johnson has found a way to lift the spirits of Tory MPs and the rank and file of the party. Polls place the Conservatives fairly on par with Labor – some with Keir Starmer’s party. in front-, which is a big drop from the December 2019 elections, which the Tories won by 11.5 points difference. Dozens of Tory MPs are making no secret of their displeasure at the unfulfilled promises the prime minister made at the end of the summer. At that time, the government anticipated an imminent return to economic normality. The second wave of the coronavirus has required the return of the most drastic measures, so far without very positive results.

Everything is depressing for the Tories shortly before the final culmination of Brexit. The alternative that Johnson presents, the candy with which he tries to make his party and the population forget the hardships of the present, is to return to the past and the naval glories of the empire. It is time to brighten the great power character of the United Kingdom with a large increase in military spending.

Joe Biden’s arrival at the White House in January leaves London without a reliable ally in Washington, even though Donald Trump’s erratic character and his disinterest in European countries were not a guarantee for British foreign policy either. But Biden is a pragmatist that it will try to rebuild relations with Europe and the importance of NATO, and there the United Kingdom can play a relevant role. The downside for London is that a post-Brexit Britain is less interesting as an intermediary in the dialogue with the Europeans for the US. Furthermore, Biden has already made clear that the future of Ulster is a matter that interests you especially.

To remedy this, Johnson has opted for rearmament. An extra expense of £ 16 billion over the next four years. The largest increase in real terms since the time of Margaret Thatcher. There was a prior commitment to increase Defense spending by 0.5 points above inflation, so the final figure could be around 21,500 million.

“This is our opportunity to end the era of withdrawal, transform our Armed Forces, strengthen our global influence, unite our country, invest in new technologies and defend our people and their way of life,” said Boris Johnson.

The Ministry of Finance had resisted Defense requests until now. It was Johnson’s personal intervention that closed the debate. The increase in public spending during the pandemic will force Foreign Minister Rishi Sunak to completely review the budget that was presented in March. Next week, Sunak will present the new data to Parliament. Expected to confirm that UK finances have taken the hardest hit since World War II.

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Under current conditions, analysts see no alternative but to increase taxes – a very difficult drink for conservatives to accept – although no decision in that regard is expected until 2021 when the final economic impact of the pandemic is known.

The Bank of England has predicted that the drop in GDP will be 11% this year, the largest decline in the last three centuries.

Always ready to live up to imperial glories or to emulate Winston Churchill for whom the naval force was the best standard of British influence, Johnson intends to pay special attention to the Navy as a symbol of foreign policy and of the country’s global strength. The extra money will serve to complete the strike group of the two new aircraft carriers already delivered to the Navy, but still pending their final deployment (the first of them will do so next year). Frigates, support ships and aircraft what do you need they were still in the air due to budgetary problems. “More warships for the Royal Navy” is the goal that Johnson has announced.

The Green Party has compared the increase in spending to the ¬£ 4 billion added for the fight against climate change. “We are walking blindly into a dystopian video game without a public debate” about the country’s priorities, has said its number two, Amelia Womack. Pacifist NGOs have been more aggressive in criticizing. ‚ÄúTanks and warplanes will not keep us safe from the most serious threats we face: pandemic, poverty and the climate emergency. Covid-19 has revealed the superficiality of naive opinions that argue that weapons give us security. You cannot attack a virus with nuclear weapons “, has denounced Symon Hill, of the organization Peace Pledge Union.

The construction of the two aircraft carriers was commissioned by the Gordon Brown Government a decade ago. After coming to power and at the beginning of the era of austerity, David Cameron seriously considered selling one of them, still under construction, but the high price meant that there were no candidates. The contracts made made it more expensive to cancel the order than to carry it to the end, even though the deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan showed that the Army was most in need of the money.

As a symbol of the country’s military power, aircraft carriers belong to an earlier era. These giants of the sea are now much more vulnerable due to the advancement in missile technology. The Chinese anti-ship missile Dong-Feng 21 It is its most recognized adversary since it was put into action in the early 1990s. Mounted on a mobile platform from the ground, it has an operational range of about 1,700 kilometers. It is designed to attack large ships, especially aircraft carriers. It can land on its target at a maximum speed of Mach 10.

It’s not that China has kept its ability to make aircraft carriers obsolete a secret. In military parades, he has presented later versions of the Dong-Feng with a range of 3,000 kilometers.

The reality is that Boris Johnson is not interested in declaring war on China. It is enough for him to warm the patriotic spirits of the Tory deputies who cannot explain how the prime minister could so quickly lose the support he obtained at the polls less than a year ago.

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Boris Johnson, who passed COVID-19 in April, is quarantined after contact with a positive

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Monday he felt “fine” and had no symptoms when starting a period of isolation at his official residence after being in contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19.

The head of the Government, who last April was in intensive care for coronavirus, has indicated in a video posted on his Twitter that the British health system contacted him after the virus tracking system through mobile registered the contact.

Johnson has asked the population to comply with the isolation if it is required by health workers in order to control the coronavirus, even if a person has already had the disease and has antibodies.

“We have to stop the spread of the disease and one of the ways to do it now is with isolation for 14 days when contacted by the tracking system,” he added.

The prime minister, isolated in his private apartment in the official Downing Street residence, has said he feels “very good” and as fit as “a butcher’s dog.”

According to the media, Johnson had spent about 35 minutes with Conservative MP Lee Anderson, who has tested positive for COVID-19.

The United Kingdom has registered another 168 deaths from COVID-19 this Sunday, while the number of new infections has risen to 24,962, according to official figures. With these data, the total number of deaths from coronavirus reaches 51,934 since the beginning of the pandemic, with a total of 1,369,318 cases.


Great Britain: Prime Minister Boris Johnson decided to isolate himself after being in contact with a coronavirus infected

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson decided to isolate After having been in contact with a person who tested positive for the new coronavirus, a spokesman for the prime minister announced Sunday night.

Johnson, who was seriously ill with covid-19 in the spring, is “fine” and has “no symptoms” of the disease, said the same source, who indicated that he continues to work from Downing Street, “especially to lead the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.”

As the BBC learned, Johnson was about 35 minutes with Conservative MP Lee Anderson, who has tested positive for covid.

A few days ago, Great Britain became the fifth country to register more than 50 thousand deaths related to the coronavirus and the Labor opposition has been questioning the prime minister for lack of tests to detect Covid 19 and the certainty that “Great Britain could do better” against the virus.

Thus, the United Kingdom joined the United States, Brazil, India and Mexico in exceeding 50 thousand deaths from covid, according to the count of the Universidad Johns Hopkins.

Strictly speaking, the actual death toll in Britain is believed to be is much older Because the total reported only includes those who tested positive for the virus and does not take into account those who died from symptoms related to COVID-19 after 28 days.

Like other nations in Europe, UK is seeing a spike in coronavirus cases and has imposed new restrictions to curb the spread in recent weeks. Currently, the region of England is under lockdown measures, which expire on December 2.

After testing positive last April, Boris described the virus as “the country’s greatest challenge since the war.”

According to Downing Street, Johnson has planned to address the British during his quarantine and will also examine with Parliament services how he could intervene remotely in parliamentary debates.

After contracting COVID-19 in April, Johnson was admitted for a week to a hospital in London, and spent three days in an intensive care unit.

With almost 52,000 dead, United Kingdom is the European country with the highest total number of deaths from the pandemic and some of its regions, such as England or Wales, are confined for the second time.

Source: AFP and EFE


Brexit architect: Johnson advisor Cummings throws down

Brexit architect: Johnson advisor Cummings throws down

Brexit architect: Johnson advisor Cummings throws down

Sa, 14.11.2020, 11.44

Dominic Cummings is considered the architect of the Brexit campaign and is notorious for his aggressive political style – now the controversial chief advisor to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is leaving his post. of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s chief adviser Dominic Cummings

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Biden shows Boris Johnson his loneliness in the final leg of the Brexit negotiations – Europa Directo

Donald Trump celebrated Brexit and has given rallies in this electoral campaign with his greatest exponent, Nigel Farage. And Joe Biden expresses to Boris Johnson his commitment to the Good Friday Agreement, in a warning to the risks of the Internal Market law that the British Government wants to approve and that has already triggered the alarms of a relevant leader of the Democratic Party, the spokeswoman of Congress, Nancy Pelosi, who pointed out that “if the United Kingdom violates an international agreement and undermines the Good Friday Agreement, there will be no possibility that a US-UK agreement will be approved by the US Congress.”

‘The Good Friday Agreement is the cornerstone of peace in Northern Ireland and an inspiration to the whole world,’ said Pelosi: ‘Whatever form it takes, Brexit cannot be allowed to jeopardize the Good Friday, including the stability provided by the invisible and frictionless border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The UK must respect the Northern Ireland Protocol signed with the EU to ensure the free flow of goods across the border. ‘

“If the UK violates that international treaty and Brexit undermines the Good Friday deal, there will be absolutely no chance that a US-UK trade deal will be approved by Congress,” Pelosi said: Good Friday is a treasure of the American people and will be proudly defended in the United States Congress.

Pelosi was responding to the British Government’s Internal Market bill, which undermines Ireland’s protocol in the Brexit deal and thus violates international law by contravening it. So do the Lords, who on Monday gave Johnson a crushing defeat by voting on two sets of amendments to strip the internal market law of controversial clauses that contravene the EU Withdrawal Agreement. But the bill is due to return to the House of Commons in December.

The president-elect of the United States spoke with Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom on Tuesday.. And, in addition to pointing out shared priorities – containing COVID-19; sustainable economic recovery; combat climate change; strengthening democracy – Biden expressed “interest in cooperating with the UK, NATO and the EU on shared transatlantic priorities and reaffirmed his support for the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland.”

But not only that. Biden only called four political leaders on Tuesday: Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel and the Irish prime minister. Not because of Ireland’s weight in the world, but because it is the party most affected by Brexit and the Good Friday Agreement. Thus, the president-elect informed Miche√°l Martin that ‚Äúhe hoped to work with the taoiseach [primer ministro irland√©s] to address shared challenges such as controlling COVID-19; build a sustainable economic recovery and address climate change. He also reaffirmed his support for the Good Friday Agreement and the Northern Ireland peace process.

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And if the personal is political, and the political is personal, it cannot be forgotten that Biden’s mother (Scranton, Pennsylvania, 1942), Catherine Eugenia Finnegan, was of Irish origin and, therefore, was raised in the Catholic religion. Y the Secret Service, when he enters the White House, will call him Celtic, in reference to his Irish roots. These names, the BBC explains, are chosen by the candidate. Trump was Mogul (tycoon) and, according to reports, Kamala Harris, the vice president-elect, has chosen Pionera (pioneer).

On the day of the announcement of his victory, the BBC aired a file image when a journalist from the British public broadcaster addressed him: ‘Mr Biden, a question for the BBC!’ Biden replied: ‘The BBC? I am Irish!”. He smiled and continued on his way.

Unlike Trump, Biden opposed Brexit. A trade deal with London is not likely to be as high a priority as it could be for Trump, which closes a door on Boris Johnson in his negotiating game with the EU. And, like Pelosi, it has ruled out such an agreement if the United Kingdom watered the Northern Ireland protections enshrined in the Brexit agreement it signed with the EU and which led to the UK’s formal exit from the EU on the 31st. January 2020.

Tommy Vietor, a former spokesman in the Obama administration, of whom Biden was vice president for eight years, replied to Johnson’s congratulations: “We will never forget your racist comments about Obama and your submission to Trump.” Indeed, in 2016, when Johnson was Mayor of London, he pointed out that Obama had replaced a bust of Winston Churchill in the Oval Office with one of Martin Luther King Jr. and attributed it to “the ancestral antipathy of the partly Kenyan president for the British Empire”, explica The New York Times, which also recalls that Johnson once compared Hillary Clinton to Lady Macbeth.

In this context, the United Kingdom and the European Union have resumed negotiations this week, once the count in the United States has been cleared, after having suspended them last Wednesday, and from a telephone conversation this past Saturday between Johnson and the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen in which they found the differences. ‚ÄúSome progress has been made, but there are still big differences, especially on the level playing field and in fishing. Our teams will continue to work hard next week. We will remain in close contact in the next few days, “said Von der Leyen after the conversation.

On the table, the same issues are still pending. The problem is that if the negotiations are not concluded in the next few days, it will be impossible for there to be a current trade agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom on January 1, due to the impossibility of passing the parliamentary procedures in London. “Happy to be back in London,” said the EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier: “Redoubling our efforts to reach an agreement on the future partnership between the European Union and the United Kingdom.”

Barnier listed the three keys to unlocking an agreement: ‚ÄúRespect for the autonomy of the EU and the sovereignty of the United Kingdom, with effective governance and enforcement mechanisms between international partners; strong guarantees of free and fair trade and competition based on shared high standards, which evolve consistently over time; and stable and reciprocal access to markets and fishing opportunities in the interests of both parties ‚ÄĚ.

If Johnson had a powerful transatlantic agreement that limited the impact of a Brexit without a trade agreement with the European Union, or if he waved it as a bluff, now he knows that will not happen: not the commitment of Biden and the Democratic Party to international agreements It is the one that Trump had; you have already been warned not to violate the Irish protocol in its Internal Market law; And last but not least, the human factor remains: Biden’s Irish roots and Johnson’s offenses against Obama.

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What will become of Boris Johnson without Donald Trump?

  • Beyond supporting Brexit, the Republican has provided no tangible benefit to date, according to some experts.

  • The British Government now faces the challenge of building bridges with Joe Biden, critical of the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union

  • The Democrat knows Tony Blair, David Cameron and Theresa May, but has never met the current Conservative Prime Minister

Is Joe Biden’s win bad news for the UK? This is the question that everyone is asking at the moment and the answer seems obvious because of the support that Donald Trump has given to the Brexi and “his friend” Boris Johnson. However, some have questioned this statement and even one of the conservative newspaper columnists Daily Telegraph He went on to say that the British Prime Minister “secretly desired a victory for the Democrat.”

The journalist, Nick Cohen, in an article in the publication Foreign Policy, says that ‚ÄúTrump taught leaders from Brazil to Hungary that they no longer had to pretend they were saints. Regardless of how they behaved, their rank and file would applaud them. No one learned a lesson better than Boris Johnson‚ÄĚ.

“Living in the UK it has been very disheartening to see how quickly Trump’s tactics were accepted as normal,” says Cohen, recalling “how Johnson suspended parliament supposedly sovereign, in an attempt to force Brexit, threatened the independence of Justice, and said that would violate international law renouncing a treaty that he signed with the European Union ‚ÄĚ.

Was Trump really an ally?

Trump “may seem like Boris the Brexiter’s natural ally,” according to Professor Anand Menon, director of UK in a Changing Europe, “but the UK was going to face challenges and opportunities with one or the other‚ÄĚ.

For the commentator of the Financial Times, Gideon Rachman, ‚Äúsome have not taken into account the radicalism of a second Trump term, whose administration would be less tolerant of divergences between the United Kingdom and the United States. He had accepted them until now, but if re-elected he promised to be much tougher ‚ÄĚ.

And it is that the British Government believes in United Nations (ONU), the the Paris Climate Change Agreement or in the World Health Organization (WHO). Trump no, but Biden did. And it is that in foreign policy, the conservative party has traditionally been closer to the Democrats than to the Republicans. Continue, for example, to support Obama’s deal with Iran– something that promised to put Johnson in trouble if Trump had won the election.

The Democrat has shaken hands with former British prime ministers, such as the Conservatives Theresa May Y David cameron or labor Tony Blair, and with all there was good harmony, regardless of the ideology. But nevertheless, Johnson and Biden have never met.

It remains to be seen how they get along, but in advance their impression must not be very good. In the middle of the Brexit campaign in 2016, the leader tory said the fact that Barack Obama it was ‚Äúpart Kenyan‚ÄĚ it made it anti-British (Kenya was part of the British Empire) and the former Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton He described her in 2007 as a “sadistic mental health nurse.”

In December 2019 it was Biden, opposed to Brexit, who gave his opinion on the Conservative leader whom he described as “A physical and emotional clone of President Trump”. In fact, according to Rachman, “some conservatives are paranoid that Biden is anti-British.”

What is clear is that it has irish roots by Mother and is a staunch defender of Good Friday Agreement, which sealed peace in Northern Ireland in 1998. For this reason, it is not going to allow London to do anything to disrupt that peace process or affect the Republic of Ireland.

What is less discussed is that it also has some english blood from father’s side. Their ancestors are from the county of Sussex, in the south of the United Kingdom, something that the Johnson Executive promises to use to woo the new President.

Free trade agreement after Brexit

Despite the supposed good relationship with Trump, he, according to Professor Anand Menon, “has not delivered any tangible benefits to date.” Negotiations for a free trade agreement began in May and they were on their fifth round. For Rachman, ‚Äúit is actually the most right-wing sector of the tories the one who opted for Trump because he thought only he would offer a good deal for the UK. ”

In that sense, it remains to be seen what will happen to Biden. For starters, it will be time to start from scratch, but it is believed that it wants a free trade agreement as much as its predecessor. According to Kate McNamara, a professor at Georgetown University, “The good thing about working with Biden is that his team has competent bureaucrats.”

In addition, the United Kingdom is the first investor in the US and this is the first in that. “In the long run the Biden administration will be better for Britain,” says McNamara.

The “special relationship” coined by Churchill

The British media use the term ‚Äúspecial relationship‚ÄĚ a lot to refer to the ties that unite the two countries. However, more and more voices are questioning this label that is attributed to Winston Churchill and of which Americans are not aware.

What is clear is that the British Government now has to build bridges against the clock because On December 31, he will leave the European Union, with or without an agreement, and he hopes that the United States will be his most faithful companion in this new journey. However, “despite his domestic populism, Johnson has no intention of spreading his domestic revolution to the world stage,” Menon says.

In fact, in the congratulations that the Prime Minister has posted on his Twitter account, he has made it clear that “the US is our important ally and I hope that we will work closely on the priorities we share, from climate change to trade and security‚ÄĚ.

Biden is an internationalist who will put global cooperation first. Unlike Trump, he will want to rebuild ties with the EU and will see the UK as an ally to strengthen the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the renewal of nuclear deal with Iran, manage the growth of China and face the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

The British Government is going to need the US because it will assume the G7 presidency next year and, as of February, also that of UN Security Council. In addition, it will host in November 2021 in Scotland the United Nations Summit on Climate Change, which had to be postponed for a year due to the coronavirus. “The diplomatic calendar offers the UK an opportunity to forge an effective relationship with the new president,” Menon concludes.


Boris Johnson-confinamiento By Dragan | Politics Cartoon

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a month-long national confinement for England a few days ago, from yesterday to December 2, due to the alarming data of the covid-19 pandemic.

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