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Sunday, July 5, 2020


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Vacationers said goodbye with a sign telling them to “turn around and leave” on the route to West Country

West Country vacationers were greeted with a sign telling them to "turn around and leave" after making long journeys on the M5...
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County gangs disguised drug couriers as key workers during coronavirus blockade News in the UK

Criminal gangs dressed young drug mules as Deliveroo nurses and workers to deliver illegally acquired cocaine, heroin, and prescription drugs during the blockade, according...

Boris Johnson now has “good reasons” to keep Huawei out of the UK 5G | Huawei

Boris Johnson now has "solid technical reasons" to reverse his decision to allow the Chinese company Huawei to play a role in building the...

Scientists investigate post-Covid-19 fatigue cases | Society

Most people experience Covid-19 as a short-term disease - once the infection has been combated, they return to health. But evidence is emerging...