Deutsche Bank wants to turn its back on Donald Trump after decades of doing business together

If Donald Trump and the German bank Deutsche Bank are not family, little is missing. Not in vain, as the British newspaper has rightly pointed out Financial Times, “Donald Trump’s relationship with Deutsche Bank has lasted longer than any of the marriages” of the American politician.

When Deutsche Bank works for the mob

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Two of Trump’s five children – Tiffany and Barron – weren’t even born when the politician-turned mogul was already doing million-dollar deals with money borrowed from the Frankfurt-based German entity. Since Trump began his financial relationship with Deutsche Bank in the last decade of the last century, it has been estimated that the German entity would have placed a total of 2,000 million dollars (about 1,646 million euros) in the hands of the now president of the United States.

With that money, Trump was able to finance projects in the real estate and tourism sector despite the fact that it was “radioactive for most banks,” as noted by the US newspaper. The New York Times. Before Deutsche Bank made Trump’s builds possible, Trump had experienced enough business failures that ended in loan defaults.

However, with Deutsche Bank, an entity that for many has been characterized by an aggressiveness in its practices in many cases questionable and even punished by the authorities, Trump’s record was not an impediment to doing business with him.

The ‘romance’ between Trump and Deutsche Bank – like that of any marriage – is fraught with good times, bad and even the exchange of complaints. But according to David Enrich, a journalist for the The New York Times and author of Dark Towers – “Dark Towers “ (Ed. Custom House, 2020), a volume on the history of Deutsche Bank, the relationship between Trump and Deutsche Bank “has been positive for both the loyal bank and the valued customer.”

Now, last week, Trump appeared to incite rebellion in the incidents that led to the seizure of the Capitol, where five people were killed, including a police officer. These events have led to a impleachment historical. It is the second that the head of state still faces in the United States.

Trump, from “precious client” to image problem

In this context, it seems that the “precious client” may end up becoming an important part of the image problems that an entity like Deutsche Bank accuses, a bank that has been and is often in the news due to the sanctions, fines or millionaire agreements reached for avoiding lawsuits in cases ranging from alleged money laundering to paying bribes or even plugging in young Chinese and Russians in exchange for business in those countries.

Hence, it is news these days that Deutsche Bank’s desire to end its relationship with Donald Trump has been aired, as recently reported by the Bloomberg agency and the The New York Times.

In fact, before the last presidential election, in which Trump would end up losing to the Democratic Party candidate, Joe Biden, the Reuters agency had also realized that the German bank wanted to end the millionaire ties that still bind the president. outgoing United States.

The events of last week have generated important gestures that suggest that the German entity is ready to end the long chapter of its history with Trump in the United States. Not surprisingly, in statements collected by Bloomberg, Christiana Riley, the head of Deutsche Bank America, pointed out on account of the disturbances in the Capitol that what happened in Washington DC turned that day into “a black day for the United States and democracy.” American.

“We are proud of our Constitution and we support those who want to ensure that the power of the people is maintained and that a peaceful handover takes place,” Riley noted. In those words he did not seem in any way to be alluding to Trump.

Almost 300 million euros in loans

Thus, it is not surprising that the Reuters agency quoted internal sources from the German bank a few days ago when it realized that the entity is looking for a way to turn its back on the outgoing president of the United States.

That will not be an easy thing, in any case, because The Trump Organization, the business group that runs the business of the tycoon – currently in the hands of the sons of the US head of state – has yet to repay a loan of 340 million dollars ( about 280 million euros). According to what has transpired, that money, necessary in three of the tycoon’s projects – a golf course in Miami and two hotels in Chicago and Washington – must be returned between 2023 and 2024.

It is speculated that, since the coronavirus crisis has hit the sectors that support the economic activities of the Trumps, that money cannot be returned in a timely manner. Before becoming president, Trump used himself as a personal guarantee when asking for that money. This means that if Trump cannot repay the loan, he could end up being repossessed.

Of course, “it seems unthinkable that the properties of a former president could be seized”, as the economic pages of the conservative newspaper have recalled in Germany Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. This eventuality is unprecedented and therefore highly unlikely for many.

Before that extreme occurs, there are other options for Deutsche Bank. For example, reselling Trump’s loans, sources from the German entity have told Reuters. Be that as it may, “the divorce” between Deutsche Bank and Trump appears as complicated as the history that unites them is old.


German looking to go around the world in triathlon, stranded in Turkey

Istanbul, Jan 16 (dpa) – German extreme athlete Jonas Deichmann, who is currently trying to go around the world in a kind of triathlon, is currently stranded in Turkey due to border closures due to the coronavirus.

“It’s really frustrating not being able to go on, but naturally not surprising,” the adventurer commented to dpa.

Deichmann left Munich by bike in September, swam 456 kilometers off the coast of Croatia and now, on his way east, has been in Turkey for about a month.

The extreme athlete explained that he exercises in Turkey, while analyzing how to continue his journey. Initially he planned to continue his journey to Russia, although now he could change course.

These days he is looking for a sailboat that can take him from Europe to the United States, which he also wants to cross.

“With my project I want to show that you can also go around the world without a motor and I intend to draw attention to climate change,” said Deichmann, who usually resides in Munich.

Three years ago, the Stuttgart-born extreme athlete who grew up in Pforzheim dared to turn his childhood dream into his trade.

Deichmann is an independent adventurer, earning his living by speaking on tour and as a motivational speaker. And, despite all the inconveniences, he affirms that interrupting his trip around the world is not an option. “If I am stranded for half a year, then I am stranded,” he added.

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Businesses turn their backs on Donald Trump | Fortune

Since last week, when the still president of the United States, Donald Trump, instigated his followers to march on the Capitol, his brand and his fortune are in crisis. It is being rejected by some of the political donors who fed it, it has been banned from the technological platforms that have amplified its message, the banks that manage its finances have pointed out that it will no longer be welcome, as has the American golf industry that runs the business of his clubs.

It took his four years as president for most of those who were his corporate allies to turn against him now, when his pressure will not be able to bring about major changes in an administration that is hurrying its last days. However, although there is no longer time for major changes politically, there is time for economics, as your latest actions could have a major negative impact on your business. “As you walk out of the palace gates, you are burning the kingdom, but in doing so you are damaging your own brand,” brand specialist Sally Hogshead tells Bloomberg. The expert adds that there is a factor of shame for a greater percentage of the population than before when pointing out that they sympathize with the president.

In a few days, Trump has been shunned by Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Washington. Twitter and Facebook suspended his accounts on their platforms after his messages encouraged violence. Canadian e-commerce company Shopify closed the Republican candidate’s campaign tent.

Some of the banks that Trump and his family have worked with for years have also turned their backs on him. The most notorious case is that of Deutsche Bank, which has decided to refrain from continuing to do business with the politician and businessman, who owes the company more than 340 million dollars. The German bank is Trump’s most important lender, but the entity’s chief operating officer in the US, Christiana Riley, condemned the violence last week through a post on her LinkedIn profile. “We are proud of our Constitution and we support those who seek to ensure that the will of the people is respected with a peaceful transition,” he wrote. Deutsche Bank has yet to make an official statement, but it might be tired of the bad publicity of remaining associated with the Trump brand.

For its part, Signature Bank, an entity of which Ivanka Trump became part of the board of directors, assured that he is cutting ties while they pressure him to resign. The firm is closing two personal accounts in which Trump held $ 5.3 million, The New York Times reported Monday.

Democrats have launched another attempt to impeachmen, that would make Trump the only representative to have faced two impeachments. All of this has led even his favorite props to turn against him. The PGA, America’s premier men’s golf circuit, has said its board voted to end an agreement that the Trump-owned golf course in New Jersey would host the next championship. “It has become clear that holding the PGA Championship at Trump Bedminster would be detrimental to our brand,” he said. Jim Richerson, PGA President, via video release. The disagreements between Trump and the tournament, however, are not new, the organization has already decided not to celebrate its 2015 Golf Grand Slam at Trump National in Los Angeles when the president assured that Mexican immigrants include rapists.

The future of Trump’s business is not so bright, according to Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of HP who fought the president in the primaries in 2016. “His brand is toxic,” the executive told Bloomberg on Monday. “This will have real consequences for his business, even as he continues to have the support of some in the Republican party,” he continued.

Other brands such as Coca-Cola, Marriott, Morgan Stanley and AT&T have also assured that they will cease donations to members of the Republican party who do not recognize the victory of Joe Biden or who join the accusations of electoral fraud by the still president of the United States. .

In any case, Trump’s career is a story of ups and downs, and his brand could also come back stronger than ever, especially among the fervent supporters who stormed the Capitol. His associates say that there are still lucrative opportunities for him, for example, in the media, including a possible role in his own news channel or the publication of books. While it’s hard to imagine Trump coming back to the top after treacherous actions, brand strategist Rebecca Horan tells Bloomberg, “History shows us that we have a short memory.”


What will become of your most successful impersonator?

On January 20, Donald Trump will no longer have the nuclear codes of the United States, the possibility of pardoning his friends and relatives and of making more or less barrabs. Not only is he going to lose power. Also John di Domenico, the most successful impersonator of the 45th American president.

Trump – unless he has complications with the law – will undoubtedly recycle himself as his predecessors have, and will continue to earn even more money as a consultant to international companies or speaking at conferences (you don’t even have to win elections: Hillary Clinton has made a fortune). But it is not the case copycats, whose cache plummets if their character takes a backseat.

“What are you going to do to him, it’s the law of life!” Says Di Domenico, a 58-year-old actor, a native of Pennsylvania, stoically. .

He began to imitate him when Donald Trump was a businessman presenting the television contest The Apprentice. When the tycoon won the 2016 election, he was working in Montreal and his agent called him at dawn: “You won the lottery.”

Donald Trump will leave the presidency and his imitators will surely lose space. Photo: AFP

So it was. Di Domenico has spent four years imitating Trump on television shows, gala dinners for senior executives, political gatherings and private parties, charging up to $ 55,000 per performance (more expenses). The key to his success is the near-perfect way in which he replicates the politician’s voice, inflections, and mannerisms.

He refuses to reveal if his ideas coincide or not, but he is surprised by the enthusiasm that his figure generates, the same among those who know that he is a double as among those who believe that he is really the president. Sometimes, to practice, he would walk through Lafayette Park in Washington, in front of the White House, and tourists would ask him for photos.

Impersonators of former presidents

All is not lost for Di Domenico, because Barack Obama imitators, Bill Clinton and George Bush jr. they continue to earn a good living.

Reggie Brown is the opposite case to his, benefiting from an extraordinary physical resemblance to Obama since he was twenty years old (magnified now with the help of prosthetic ears), and people confused him with the then senator from Illinois.

“If I’m honest and say I’m not him,” he explains, “they look at me with enormous disbelief, so sometimes I let it go.” He always wanted to be an actor, and at 28 he put his cat and all his belongings in the car and moved from Chicago to Los Angeles to pursue a career. He never thought that he would earn a living by imitating a politician who has made history in more than twenty-five countries.

Just as Di Domenico is neutral about Trump, Brown admits to being an Obama fan, which has created problems for his conscience. “The audience,” he says, “expect the jokes to be fair and distributed, some against Republicans and others against Democrats, and it took me a while to get used to getting into my character, it seemed like a very serious betrayal”, he says.

Joe Biden assumes the presidency of the United States on January 20.  His imitators get ready.  Photo: AFP

Joe Biden assumes the presidency of the United States on January 20. His imitators get ready. Photo: AFP

Americans revere their presidents, and also their imitators. Don Frankel has been playing Bill Clinton for twenty years and explains that the former president is still adored by many people as a moderate who always tried to find a conciliatory formula, and his followers are even amused by the affair with Monica Lewinsky (“they wink at me when they ask me about the intern ”).

It’s been twelve years since George W. Bush left the White House, but John Morgan – a Florida native with a striking physical resemblance – continues to pose as him in exchange for thousands of dollars per act.

In the UK there are also imitators of Boris Johnson, such as Drew Galdron or Matt Lucas, but it is not an art that arouses as much enthusiasm as in the United States, perhaps because the prime ministers command less respect (the first of them is a fervent Europhile). whose actions consist of fiercely criticizing Brexit).

The British are inclined towards digital technology, and while last Christmas Day the queen really addressed the country on the BBC, a stunt created with a computer did so through Channel 4, with the difference that she commented on the relationship of his son Andrés with Jeffrey Epstein and the exile of his grandson Enrique and Meghan Markle in California. And no one was scared.

Copycats also win and lose with elections. For Gary Bley, an older white-haired guy who imitates Joe Biden, his time has come.

By Rafael Ramos



The 10 products that we have bought the most online in 2020

The year 2020 ends, with all that it entailed, and with it the comparator Idealo has drawn up a ranking of the most demanded products in the different ecommerce of the network. The pandemic has wiped out everything, but it still fails to sneak into the Top 10 From this particular list, neither hydroalcoholic nor masks are among the products that we have purchased the most in 2020.

Starting in ascending order, the nevera Teka FTM 240, occupies an honorable position number 10 as one of the objects that we have bought the most this year online. It is followed by the new huawei smart watch, we mean the Watch GT 2, which this year supersedes one of its main competitors the Apple Watch. In number 8 we find the shoes most desired by running lovers: we talk about the Come-Kayno 5 360 Asics brand.

Moving up the list of what we have bought the most online, we find ourselves in position number 7 to one of the possibly best known products in this ranking: we are talking about Satisfyer, which, although it falls several positions compared to 2019, continues to occupy a more than deserved top ten. Apple is once again among the most demanded products with a position number 6 corresponding to another of its flagships such as the Ipad.

Already in the top-5, he table Makita DF331 it sneaks in to fifth place and no wonder given it’s been a year of spending a lot of time at home, taking advantage of the confinements to renovate and do those overdue works in our homes. In this way, we come to the next tool that is also among the most purchased in 2020 on the internet, we are talking this time about the sierra Bosch Easy Cut 12, also destined to these tasks.

Consoles, among the favorites

And if we talk about entertainment, the fashion console could not miss with a brand new third place, except for the Playstation 5 that came out at the end of this year, we mean the Nintendo Switch, bought online by adults and young people. Fashion has also had its little corner this year 2020, so the silver medal on this list goes to the new ones Nike Blazer Mid´77 Vintage.

We notice changes in online shopping trends compared to previous years, such as DIY tools for the home or the fall of the famous Satisfyer positions, but the one that continues to win another year like most wanted product and bought this year that is ending is the jewel in the crown of the Apple company: the new Iphone 11 which, despite its high cost, remains the most sought after and purchased product online in this year 2020.


The most difficult 2020 in the markets and the advantage of the ‘front runners’

An extremely difficult year ends, the year of the great global pandemic. Tragic for the nearly two million people who have lost their lives to the new coronavirus. Destroying in the workplace because the most serious recession since World War II has claimed the equivalent of more than 300 million jobs, according to the ILO. The Covid-19 crisis will occupy pride of place at the peak of economic crises, while long standing out as the biggest turbulence in the history of the markets.

2020 is the year in which, for example, Oil price contracts traded negative for the first time due to the producer war between Russia-Saudi Arabia. We are also witnessing the collapse of corporate bonds predicting a financial apocalypse that did not occur. In just 12 months, some of the major indices have gone from sinking as much as 40% at their March lows to skyrocketing 50%. There are giant companies like Tesla They have seven times their value to capitalize more than all their automotive rivals combined. Others like Apple, Microsoft or Amazon have doubled in a matter of months.

Don’t fight the Fed’ (don’t fight the Federal Reserve) has been the great trend and winning strategy of 2020. By extension, the old investor saying this year would include the European Central Bank (ECB) and the monetary authorities of Japan, United Kingdom, Canada or Australia, which have coordinated with the Fed , forcing dozens of central banks to undertake dozens of rate cuts. The The strategy basically consists of aligning with ultra-expansive monetary policies, buying shares when there are interest rate drops, or these are at very low or zero levels as they are today. On the contrary, when the rate tightening cycle begins it is time to sell.

In practice, Investing ahead of central banks has become the business of the century for investors large and small. Buying stocks just as they announced their first billion dollar debt acquisition plans in March has drawn a kind of front-running (investment before an event with an impact on the markets occurs), but massive and legal. Financial inflation in the prices of financial assets is a fact due to the effect of the enormous circulating liquidity.

In theory, front-runners are insiders who enjoy inside information and, therefore, its operation is unethical and, in most cases, completely illegal. Its origin is in the purchases or sales of the brokers themselves before executing the orders of their large clients that can move a value. Also in some practices such as investing or disinvesting before making a recommendation known as some financial firms did in the famous dot-com bubble. But there are other front-runners who simply do a calculation exercise with public information waiting for more and more investors to keep coming in after raising their share price.

One of these paradigms is the operation carried out by Warren Buffett with Apple since 2016, when he invested his first $ 1 billion in technology shares. The Omaha oracle broke its strict investment principles outside of technology – which it considered too risky and incomprehensible – or the value philosophy, to join the shareholding of a high-growth company.

The strategy of Berkshire Hathaway, which now owns 5.5% of Apple or more than $ 120 billion, was as simple as it was astute and patient. It got ahead of the biggest buyer of Apple shares in history: Apple itself. Before Buffett’s entry as a shareholder, Tim Cook’s company had already spent more than $ 100 billion (2013-2015) buying its own securities and destroying them. From 2016 to 2020, to that figure we must add an additional $ 270 billion in security acquisitions, not counting the dividends paid. The driving effect of this treasury stock activity on index funds explains why Apple has become one of the best investments in its long career.

But in 2020 there has been an unexpected phenomenon in the markets due to the effect of millions of small investors through the so-called commission-free brokers, a model to which it gives its name Robin Hood. This broker has brought the ‘front running’ to another level with the sale of the data of its mass of users to the high frequency hedge funds that pay for it. In this way, these large funds enter or leave before a share and they just have to wait for the tailwind of millions of small traders. Within this new generation of 100% digital investors, another kind of ‘front runner’ has emerged. Within the groups of telegramers, instagramers or social trading, thousands of investors follow to dictate what the ‘influencers’ of their respective communities do that are usually already invested at the time the recommendation or alert is issued. Again, the border between legality, ethics or what is permissible is blurred.


“The English league is tougher than I thought”

London, Dec 20 (dpa) – German international Timo Werner has admitted to having some adjustment problems in the English soccer league since leaving the German Bundesliga, the 24-year-old forward said in an interview with Sky Sport News.

“This is still not how I imagined it would be,” said the Chelsea footballer. “Of course, I have already shown that I can make a difference in the league. But there were also a couple games there about which I have to honestly say: nothing happened with me. The league is tougher than I thought,” he stressed.

Werner switched from Leipzig to London before the start of the new season for € 53 million (about $ 65 million) and has so far scored four goals in the 13 Premier League games he has played.

“I knew the Bundesliga very well, I could take time out in a match and I knew exactly when to step up my game again,” he explained. “But here the game is constant back and forth because the opponents are also brutally stable and have impressive physical training,” he said.

Werner lost twice in a row with his team recently and fell to the middle of the table before Monday’s game against West Ham United. However, the young German striker has not given up hope of winning the title.

“I definitely think we have a good chance to win the championship. Many other teams are struggling with this tough program,” he said and announced: “If we get back into shape and remain undefeated for several weeks then I’m sure we will have a chance to title”.

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Crack: rumors of a new rivalry between Queen Elizabeth, Harry and Meghan Markle grow

A renowned expert on royal issues, Sean Smith, said that the Dukes of Sussex should take over a historic work of Queen Elizabeth II, giving rise to speculation of a new confrontation between members of the British crown

Every year, the reina Isabell II distinguish in a

Author of recent biography Meghan Misunderstood, Sean Smith is a authorized voice to express opinions on matters inherent to the British crown. In this sense, the specialist stated that the accolades that His Majesty makes year after year are overvalued, since, although they can have a great weight for those figures who do deserve them, they are also received by people who should not be on the payroll.

“It has great meaning to the people who deserve it. Who could object to Captain Tom Moore receiving it? But handing it over to big donors or political failures makes, in my opinion, the whole thing a complete mockery“, sentenced Smith.

From his point of view, the historic honors list published for Queen Elizabeth’s birthday should be rethought. As slogan

[embedded content]

Before the holidays, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will launch a podcast Inaugural with guests to ring in the new year. Throughout the episodes, Meghan and Harry are expected to present stories of improvement that contribute to the well-being of society.

Through a teaser spread on social networks, the couple anticipated

In his statements, Smith implied that both initiatives should not coexist, but rather Prince Harry and his wife should take the lead. For the moment, to dispel doubts of any friction, in a statement issued by its spokesperson the sussex clarified: “We hope to share more about Archewell’s work in the coming weeks, but any hint that it intends to rival the UK honors list is false“.



The EU proposes giving London 160 million in quotas and the sector explodes: “A historical error”

  • Barnier launches a “final offer” to London for fishing: 160 million euros in quotas

    The proposal affects quotas for mackerel, herring or sole

Sources close to the negotiation have informed FARO that Brussels is offering a transition period of six years that would allow the maintenance of access to the waters of the fleets of both parties and a subsequent negotiation, to which it adds an offer of quotas for the species. that Community vessels catch in British waters: 160 million euros, that is, up to 25% of the fishing opportunities at stake and which mainly affect pelagic species such as herring or mackerel and other demersal species such as sole. The approach, which transcended the sector yesterday, raises blisters between the European Fisheries Alliance (EUFA) and the Spanish employer Cepesca. The former contacted the ministries of Fisheries of the nine countries they represent (including Spanish) and sent letters begging them to intervene, while the latter were blunt: “The EU is about to hand over the fishing and betray the sector” .

Barnier’s proposal was outlined on Friday and yesterday it began to filter into the community level before the deadline to reach a pact, set by the European Parliament for this midnight (since if later it would not give time for its ratification for January). The negotiator transferred the offer to the so-called Sherpas, diplomats assigned by each member state to closely monitor the negotiation. However, not all countries were aware, since, according to what the same sources informed this newspaper, only the most directly affected states were consulted: Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands, Denmark and France.

The industry urges the intervention of Sánchez and Planas through a letter

The 160 million in quotas captured by Community vessels in British waters represent a jump compared to the 100 raised by Barnier previously and which were equivalent to between 15% and 18% of the quotas compared to the current 25%. This concession on the community side, however, sIt is still very far from the requests of London, which aims to retain at least 60% of the fishing opportunities (valued as a whole at 637 million per year), that is, more than double what Brussels offers.

The first calculations of the EUFA place the direct impact of the measure in the case of Spain and its fleet of 5%, although it would be countries like France (which also has Galician ships flagged with the tricolore) that would take the worst part (more than 20% in this case).

Beyond the quotas, which already worries the Community fleet a great deal, what is a major problem is the transition period of six years, which according to some sources at first reached ten and then eight. During this time, access to water will be allowed, but once it is passed, an agreement would have to be re-negotiated, a situation that prevents companies from having a wide and clear time horizon.

Although a response from David Frost and his team is not yet known, British sources consulted by Efe stressed yesterday that the positions remain “very far apart” in the negotiations and that there are “significant pending issues” on fishing and subsidies, therefore that the “most likely” outcome is not reaching an agreement. Be that as it may, in the EUFA there is also the fear that Barnier’s offer will be extended in the face of a refusal from London.


Closure and patrol boats

The start of the talks was not good, with London betting heavily on a total closure of all community boats and the deployment of an army to control its waters and ensure that no fishing boats entered.

Closure and patrol boats


Firm approach

From the beginning, Member States, industry and Barnier himself were aligned in not giving in on the fishing ground. To protect their claims, the industry of nine EU countries formed the European Fisheries Alliance (EUFA).

Firm approach EUFA



An agreement to the norway, A country that is part of the free trade area, it also appeared in the talks for fisheries during the term of Theresa May, which would imply annual negotiations of joint quotas, something that the EU rejected.

Impossible, Norwegian Vickie Flores


Dance of millions

In the final stretch, and before the effective date of the United Kingdom leaving the EU, a marketing of the quotas at stake began, with London requesting up to 80% and the EU initially offering no more than 18% (100 million).

Marketing, dance of millions Efe


The proposal of the community negotiator yesterday stirred the entire industry and the governments most affected. In Spain, the sector met with the Secretary General for Fisheries, Alicia Villauriz from Galicia, in an atmosphere of “nervousness” and “great concern”. For the fishing employers, the offer represents a “historical error”, as the general secretary of Cepesca, Javier Garat, described it. In his opinion, this is “a crucial moment” in which “the companies affected” would go “to ruin” if the Community approach was to go ahead. “They still have time to react. As Barnier said, the future should not be sacrificed to save the present, ”Garat said. The National Federation of Fishermen’s Guilds (FNCP) also joined the bosses’ protests.

Similarly, the president of the EUFA, an alliance of the industry of the sector of Spain, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden and Poland, whose fleets make 40% of their catches in British waters. “Our industry is literally and metaphorically on the edge of the abyss and, despite repeated promises, we are about to be sold with the offer made to the United Kingdom by the European Commission”, criticized the Dutch Gerard van Balsfoort, who through In a note, he estimated that Barnier’s offer “is just as bad” as in the event of a non-agreement and that “it would be a great blow to the European fishing sector.” “This is a desperate slap in the face and potentially the biggest and most catastrophic setback of our time,” van Balsfoort said.

After this first reaction, the EUFA contacted the governments of the countries to which they are part to alert of the situation through a letter. “On behalf of thousands of EU fishermen, we ask you to stand your ground and disagree with what the European Commission has proposed to the UK as a possible outcome for the fishery. Doing so would be a nail of death for the European fishing industry, ”the Alliance pleaded in the letters, which in the Spanish case were sent to the Minister of Fisheries, Luis Planas, and to the Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez.

The British Parliament criticizes its Government for the negotiation

The British Parliament committee charged with analyzing lhe future relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union has admonished the British Government for its “lack of preparation” when undertaking a new stage with the European bloc. The Committee for the Future Relationship with the EU considers “disappointing” that some decisions “have been delayed so long”, such as the Irish border issue. “The citizens of Northern Ireland deserved to know much earlier the commercial terms within their own country”According to the conclusions, which also warn of the decrease in access to databases on security issues.


Star Wars Sonderband: Darth Vader

Darth Vader is known and feared within the Empire’s realm. He is a symbol of fear, mysterious and seemingly possessed of supernatural powers. But some see the Sith Lord in a different light, because there are places in the galaxy that are so dark that even Vader becomes a light figure.