Julio César Falcioni assumes a club with a rarefied climate due to the electoral year

2020 was undoubtedly the worst year in the management of Hugo Moyano in Independiente. The serious economic problems that erupted in the middle of the quarantine added to the sporting frustrations made a lethal combo that ended with the team without a manager and without a coach. The first position is still vacant, while Julio Falcioni was surprisingly chosen for the second, who this Thursday will appear before the squad and will sign your contract until December. Pedro Monzón will accompany him as a field assistant.

However, 2021 will also be very busy in the Avellaneda club since to the problems that it has been dragging it is added that in december there will be elections and the political climate has already settled in the bowels of the Diablo. This is the scenario that awaits Emperor in his second cycle in Avellaneda, after 15 years.

The current Board of Directors has less than 12 months to finish its second term with numbers and football at least in a better situation than the current one, which arouses concern inside and outside the institution that accumulates a liability of 2,807,225,559 pesos according to the balance as of June 30.

Hugo and Pablo Moyano, leaders of the assembly in Independiente who had important leadership absences. Photo: Independent

The Moyano and company have several fronts to attend to to try to rearrange the jumbled shelves of the Red. They had managed to lift the club when they took over after the premature departure of Javier Cantero. However, after the 2017 elections they entered a tunnel full of bad decisions and mistakes that had a direct impact on sports and, above all, on institutional matters until they reached this complex scenario, with several lawsuits against FIFA for millions of dollars that are pending resolution and that if unfavorable will increase the debt even more.

The economic aspect will be the transcendental issue and this will have an impact on football. The creation of a trust has already been approved in order to face the obligations and give them order. One of the actors that will play a major role in this regard is Sergio Palazzo, leader of the Banking Association, who went from being a member to occupying the position of Sports Secretary after the departure of Jorge Damiani due to differences with the Moyano management. Together with Héctor Maldonado (secretary general) they were in charge of Falcioni’s arrival.

In the last meeting of the Board of Directors, this 58-year-old from Mendoza, who has a good relationship with the financial system, was one of the singing voices, advised on the management of the trust and mentioned some names that could collaborate.

At the same time, the leadership will try to straighten the boat on the football level. Today, Independiente does not have a manager but a DT. The original idea was to close the first to choose the second, but before the refusal of Nicolás Burdisso That plan was aborted and now it is the small table itself that looked for the coach.

Sergio Palazzo, leader of La Bancaria, is the new Sports Secretary of Independiente.  Photo: Andrés D'Elia

Sergio Palazzo, leader of La Bancaria, is the new Sports Secretary of Independiente. Photo: Andrés D’Elia

The target at all times was Hernan Crespo, who on Saturday plays the final of the South American Cup with his Defense and Justice against Lanús. But Crespo warned that he will not sit down to speak until after the decisive duel this weekend. This went against the trouble of the Diablo I was claiming a guarantee in advance. Therefore, the Emperor Plan.

The 64-year-old coach knows that he is coming to a club where he will have financial restrictions. Unless an opportunity arises for a drinkable name that comes free or that does not require a large investment, no reinforcements will be added. Like his predecessor Pusineri, he will have to make do with what he has and give wings to the kids of the club.

Falcioni’s hiring made internal noise. Several members of the Board of Directors were surprised as many fans before this election and they do not agree very much although they accompany …

Much of the attention of the priests of Avellaneda will also have to be placed on the political plane. The fire in the ruling party grew again after the last Assembly. The absences of many managers were notorious. The leaders who are not part of the truck leg they marked their disagreement by not showing up.

Julio Cesar Falcioni will sign this Thursday with Independiente.  Photo: Marcelo Carroll

Julio Cesar Falcioni will sign this Thursday with Independiente. Photo: Marcelo Carroll

Damiani asked for leave for a year and could resign. And several analyze following the same steps since they understand that all the determinations were exclusively in the hands of three people: Hugo Moyano, his son Pablo (vice president) and Maldonado.

Moyano father He has not yet spoken about his political future at the club. Pablo, meanwhile, warned in several interviews that when the time comes he will evaluate his candidacy to run for the presidency. The opposition, for its part, is constantly on the move. Months of talks, threads and alliances are coming.

Opponents know that to ensure the end of the Moyano era they will have to form a common front, something that will not be easy to achieve. Will the gastronomic entrepreneur Fabio Fernández (owner of the Pertutti chain) the head of this unit?

Meanwhile, Independiente continues to move in step with the decisions of the Moyano, who will seek to change the image in a year that will be measured by the thermometer of the polls. And they chose Julio César Falcioni to redirect the team with his experience and personality.


Uber and banks negotiate commissions for operations from the UK after Brexit

The European bank has moved token after the effective exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union. Several financial entities have modified the classification of the country that governs Boris Johnson and, since last January 1, the usual commissions for extra-community operations have been applied to movements with origin or destination in the banks of this region. Faced with this situation, large companies with a financial base in the British Isles have been affected and some like Uber already negotiates with the entities themselves how to save or reduce these rates that directly affect your business.

Specific, Uber details in a communication sent to the managers of its fleets that multinational payments are made from a UK based bank accountTherefore, some financial entities are adding an additional commission of between 15 and 20 euros to each transaction carried out from it. The multinational recalls that it is not a norm for all entities, but recognizes that it can cause damage to the income of the fleets that work for them.

It must be taken into account that the companies that work for Uber They can collect the amounts they invoice in the application in two different ways. One of them is based on join all the balances achieved during the week and make the transfer at the end of each seven-day period, so the new commission would barely be charged four or five times each month. On the other hand, there is another modality, according to knowledgeable sources, called ‘immediate deposit‘which has been frozen until the problem encountered by the American company is resolved.

Through this mode, fleets can receive payments for their trips up to five times a day, so this commission would be applied in each of the movements. The objective of halting this type of collection is, according to the communication of Uber to the managers of the companies that work for the multinational, “prevent these charges from impacting your income“To try to fix it, the company that heads Dara Khosrowshahi works together with the entities to see “avoid or reduce” these commissions.

Changes after Brexit

Uber he points out in the same communication that he has come across this situation “unexpectedly”. In contrast, financial sources confirm to La Información that, for them, it is a natural movement. “It seems logical that the moment a country ceases to be part of the European Union, it also ceases to enjoy the privileges it had until then,” they indicate. In this sense, the same sources affirm that “the reduction in commissions was one of them, but not the only one”, while pointing out that Uber is not the only company that is being affected by these types of charges.

The exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union It was definitely produced on January 1 after a 2020 transition. Just a few hours to the end of the year, both parties reached a commercial pre-agreement -which is structured around several key points, such as fishing, transport or financial services- and which will be signed definitively in the coming weeks. At there are still many loose fringes that will have to be resolved through a reciprocity system in the coming months.

On the other hand, at a general level and according to the EBA itself, British financial institutions that want to provide their services in the European Union as they have been up to now must request a community license. In fact, many of the fintech companies have already done it in recent months. In addition, beyond commission costs such as those affecting Uber, Brexit will also entail a higher information requirement than that requested so far when performing certain operations such as transfers.


River receives Arsenal for Group A of the Diego Maradona Cup

From 9:30 pm today, the Millionaire team will receive Arsenal de Sarandí on the Independiente court for the third date of the Championship Zone A of the Diego Maradona Cup, where the team led by Marcelo Gallardo will seek to remain at the top of the group .

The meeting, which will be televised by Fox Sports Premium, will feature the return of Enzo Pérez from Mendoza, who in recent days was discharged after having overcome the Coronavirus. In this way, the player will enter in replacement of Leonardo Ponzio.

On the side of the visiting team, Arsenal has three casualties due to injury among which are Ignacio Gariglio and Alan Ruiz, who suffered tears in the right adductor, and Jesús Soraire with a strained left hamstring.

These are the possible formations for today’s meeting:

River: Franco Armani; Gonzalo Montiel, Robert Rojas, Javier Pinola and Fabrizio Angileri; Bruno Zuculini, Enzo Pérez, Nicolás De La Cruz and Jorge Carrascal; Rafael Santos Borré and Matías Suárez.

DT: Marcelo Gallardo.

Arsenal: Maximiliano Gagliardo; Mateo Carabajal, Fabio Pereyra, Julián Navas and Gastón Suso; Facundo Pons, Emiliano Méndez, Alejo Antilef and Nicolás Castro; Lucas Albertengo and Jonathan Candia.

DT: Sergio Rondina.


Nate Nanzer de Overwatch League deja Blizzard por Epic Games – SAMAGAME

One of the most public faces of the Overwatch League is about to say goodbye to the league it helped build. On Friday, Overwatch League Commissioner Nate Nanzer announced that he will be leaving Blizzard next week, with reports confirming that his destination will be Epic Games.

“Hello Overwatch League family. I wanted to share that soon I will be leaving Blizzard for a new opportunity, “says Nanzer’s statement in Twitter. “This has been the most difficult decision of my life, because it means that I will no longer be able to work with the best people, players, teams, owners, partners and eSports fans. I cannot emphasize enough how proud I am of what we have all accomplished together. It has been the honor of my life to have been part of the team that helped build the league of #breakthrough, #BurnBlue, #pdomjnate, #CaptureHistory, # OWL2019 and many more. I get too much credit for the success of the Overwatch League. It has been amazing to be our public face, but many overestimate my role in making the league great. It’s not about me; It has never been. It’s about all of you. So I am confident that the league is in good hands. I can’t wait to see where the Overwatch League team leads in 2020 and beyond. And I will be cheering by your side, every step of the way. ”

While Nanzer did not go into details on where it is heading next, Epic Games confirmed to ESPN Esports that Nanzer will begin working with them shortly. Epic will hire Nanzer to help oversee its esports department, working closely with the growing world of Fortnite esports.

Pete Vlastelica will fill Nanzer’s role as commissioner for the Overwatch League. Vlastelica came to Activision Blizzard after previously serving as Executive Vice President of Fox Sports.

Pete Vlastelica steps in as new Overwatch League commissioner

“As president and CEO of Activision Blizzard Esports Leagues, I am assuming the position of commissioner of the Overwatch League, effective immediately,” the Vlastelica statement read. “We have the best team in the business working incredibly hard to realize the vision we set out to create years ago, and I will work closely with our people, teams and partners to do just that.”

While one might think of Epic Games and immediately think of Fortnite, remember that Epic is growing its brand beyond its most lucrative property. Earlier this month, Epic chose Rocket League developer Psyonix. Beyond bringing the popular rocket-powered sports game to the Epic Games Store, it now looks like Nanzer will help turn the Rocket League Championship Series into something even bigger.

Nanzer’s departure comes as Activision Blizzard reaches a crossroads, both for its game development and for its esports businesses. For esports in particular, Nanzer is retiring just as the company plans to launch the Call of Duty League in 2020 and months after Blizzard made the decision to shut down Heroes of the Storm esports.

The Overwatch League has just kicked off Stage 3 of its second season, the first week of which is currently set this weekend.


The secret why Steve Jobs always changed cars every half year

CEOs of big companies They have revealed many tricks to face the business and labor world, some tips to help both bosses and employees to face the challenges of day to day in companies. Steve Jobs has been one of them. He is among the best known and most important men on the planet, and that is why his decisions and their tricks revealed generate great interest. But, beyond the leadership lessons, CEOs also have numerous eccentricities that cause curiosity to anyone.

The former owner of Apple reached the top of the business as a co-founder of the bitten apple mark and it was at that moment when aspects of the private life of the genius Steve Jobs began to be revealed. Among his peculiar custom is that of changing cars every six months, although the chosen model was always the same: a Mercedes SL 55 AMG. This is not a car, nothing fancy or exclusive. In fact, he went unnoticed by Cupertino. However, Jobs’s car had a particular feature: the vehicle did not have a license plate, which could make this one easily recognizable.

Some will suspect that this practice is illegal. And they are not wrong, only that California is the exception. In that state, it is possible to spend the first six months from buying an unregistered car, which is why the CEO of Apple decided to drive without a license plate, changing the vehicle during that period of time. In fact, he did not even buy the cars, but rather rented them from a company and returned at the end of the half-year period.

Why did he do it?

Some voices argue that he did it to unnoticed; however, others consider that Jobs’ goal was just the opposite. He wanted everyone to know that the founder of Apple was traveling in that car to increase (even more) his popularity and get his fans to take pictures of his vehicle and the pictures. will hang on social networks. There are even those who think that he did it to be able to park in the spaces reserved for people with disabilities in the city.

The founder’s custom what it did produce is a change in California regulations. Many people began to imitate him and for that reason, the Government decided that from 2019 all cars have to be registered as soon as they leave the dealership.


Match preview: Chelsea host West Ham on matchday fourteen – naaju

Chelsea receives this Monday at 2:00 p.m. the visit of West Ham at Stamford Bridge during his fourteenth game in the Premier League.

Chelsea He wants to be victorious again in the match corresponding to the fourteenth day after suffering a defeat against Wolverhampton Wanderers in the previous match by a score of 2-1. Since the competition began, the hosts have won six of the 13 matches played so far in the Premier League, with 26 goals for and 14 against.

On the visitors’ side, West Ham had to settle for a 1-1 draw against Crystal Palace during the last match, so he will try to keep adding points to his leaderboard against Chelsea. To date, of the 13 games he has played West Ham in the Premier League, he has won six of them with a figure of 21 goals for and 16 against.

Focusing on performance as a home team, Chelsea They have achieved a balance of three wins, one loss and two draws in six home games, which shows that they are slipping points in their fiefdom, giving the visitors hope of achieving positive results. At home, West Ham They have a record of three wins, two losses and a draw in six games that they have played so far, so they are quite a strong opponent away from home that the hosts will have to face.

The two rivals have met before at home ChelseaIn fact, the numbers show 15 wins, five losses and five draws in favor of the home team. The last time they faced each other Chelsea and West Ham in this competition it was in July 2020 and the match ended with a 3-2 result in favor of West Ham.

Analyzing the situation of these teams in the Premier League qualifying table, we can see that the locals are above West Ham with a difference of one point. Chelsea He arrives at the meeting with 22 points in his locker and occupying the eighth place before the game. For their part, the visitors are in ninth position with 21 points.


During Sunday afternoon, EDELAP reviewed different routes verifying damage caused by the storm


The EDELAP company this Sunday continued to review critical points in the electrical distribution network after yesterday’s strong winds that knocked down more than two hundred trees and caused power outages.

By: Drafting

During the afternoon, work is done on 208 and 66 on the removal of branches and the repair of the network that supplies the sector and its surroundings.

Also in 409 and 216 to repair network devices damaged by the storm to normalize the service to users who were affected by the meteorological phenomenon.


Crack: rumors of a new rivalry between Queen Elizabeth, Harry and Meghan Markle grow

A renowned expert on royal issues, Sean Smith, said that the Dukes of Sussex should take over a historic work of Queen Elizabeth II, giving rise to speculation of a new confrontation between members of the British crown

Every year, the reina Isabell II distinguish in a

Author of recent biography Meghan Misunderstood, Sean Smith is a authorized voice to express opinions on matters inherent to the British crown. In this sense, the specialist stated that the accolades that His Majesty makes year after year are overvalued, since, although they can have a great weight for those figures who do deserve them, they are also received by people who should not be on the payroll.

“It has great meaning to the people who deserve it. Who could object to Captain Tom Moore receiving it? But handing it over to big donors or political failures makes, in my opinion, the whole thing a complete mockery“, sentenced Smith.

From his point of view, the historic honors list published for Queen Elizabeth’s birthday should be rethought. As slogan

[embedded content]

Before the holidays, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will launch a podcast Inaugural with guests to ring in the new year. Throughout the episodes, Meghan and Harry are expected to present stories of improvement that contribute to the well-being of society.

Through a teaser spread on social networks, the couple anticipated

In his statements, Smith implied that both initiatives should not coexist, but rather Prince Harry and his wife should take the lead. For the moment, to dispel doubts of any friction, in a statement issued by its spokesperson the sussex clarified: “We hope to share more about Archewell’s work in the coming weeks, but any hint that it intends to rival the UK honors list is false“.



Turkey and its mercenaries continue to violently attack Ain Issa backed by drones and warplanes – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

The fighting is concentrated in the village of Mushairefa, with attempts by the occupying army and its mercenaries to control the village, located just 2 km east of the center of Ain Issa district.

The continuous clashes resulted in the death of a large number of occupation soldiers and mercenaries.



Let’s take care of the climate … and that nobody else dies just because of a virus

One of the few good things we have found with the damn virus has been the increased awareness of its importance for future development caring for the air we breathe and fighting climate change. We never had a sky so blue and an atmosphere so clean than during the months of confinement. Without reaching these extremes, the morality that comes out of that moment is the need to keep our habitat clean, if we want to continue taking walks without fear of more infections or simply to breathe. Now we only have the titanic task that to continue without the gray dome of smoke over the big cities is not for not leaving, but for knowing how to live in a more sustainable and less polluting way.

When one year has passed since the near failure Madrid Climate Summit, We are at the end of the second wave of a pandemic that we did not expect then and ahead of Christmas that, far from being a moment of recollection, rejoicing and joy of the soul (that is, internal), as the Catholic religion marks, can become the basis of a third stage of the virus scourge, which would destroy all the sacrifice made so far. The expectation for the early arrival of a saving vaccine (which we will see) does not help to minimize this risk. But maybe it can help now to look back at everything that was talked about in Madrid a year ago and think that a world without pollution or destruction of nature, it would also be a day to day with less virus down the street and more life expectancy.

Let us not fool ourselves, inside or outside the home, with the challenge of climate change. Internally, Spain continues to be one of the countries in Europe that generates the most waste per person (double the European average) and that has been the longest in decarbonizing the economy; and worldwide, little can be done without the support of powers such as the US, China or Brazill to make things better. The fall of Trump, the most powerful climate change denier so far, and the determined bet that the United Kingdom, despite the hard Brexit and the break with Europe, has made is progress Boris Jonhson for reducing the polluting emissions of the Anglo-Saxon empire. In that he also wants to win the EU.

Between these two extreme levels of the state of the climate issue, there is an opportunity that has gained consistency in recent years and may be one of the keys to future progress: it is called sustainability, that is, to apply a behavior of life and work in society that do not endanger the basic needs of future generations. In order not to fall into common demagogies with the concept, we must take into account a transcendental change that has come to stay: just five years ago, both people and companies were sustainable for reasons of pure posture or to fill the corporate reputation of an entity. Now sustainability is part of the income statement of companies and it serves to have better financing, to attract committed investors and even to improve the environment and social peace within organizations. That is, we have put numbers to sustainability and we have made it capable of generating benefits, which was what it lacked to sustain its social roots and raise awareness beyond the actions of Greenpeace.

The other area of ​​sustainability that it did not have very recently and that has taken it out of the posture is technology. Research has been put at the service of developing innovations that not only seek pure profitability, but must also be a ‘green’ profitability. There are already companies (even Spanish) that think of electric air taxis for big cities or that make large-scale tree planting a serious commitment that is an undivided part of their microchip production, without photos of politicians. Even the world of green hydrogen opens up paths of mobility and energy generation that until very recently we only saw in space movies.

We have been with the virus for almost a year and we are facing a distribution of European funds that must be directed in search of that ‘green profitability’ that implies applying sustainability to all orders of life, but without thinking that it is something snov or new, but everyday, something that is part of our life (or that should be) such as not throwing the garbage anywhere or going back to that famous slogan of “keep Spain clean, it’s everyone’s business”. There is an issue that has also brought the virus and that is grave when it comes to becoming aware and opting for a slightly cleaner and more caring life, which we must never forget (and less this Christmas): with a normalized more sustainable life is we will almost certainly never have to let our people die alone from a damn virus. Let’s do it for them.