The PSOE proposes a contingency plan to Brexit worth 50 million

The president of the provincial Executive of the PSOE of Cádiz, and Andalusian parliamentarian, Manuel Jiménez Barrios, believes that, given the level of uncertainty that exists around the imminent outcome and future consequences of Brexit, the Junta de Andalucía “adopt a role proactive ”in defending the interests of the citizens of Campo de Gibraltar, the province and Andalusia.

For this reason, it proposes to the Andalusian Government a contingency plan worth 50 million euros that would be allocated to four lines of action to cushion the effects of the United Kingdom’s exit from the EU. “We want PP and Ciudadanos to reconsider the proposal we have made about Brexit. A solvent and feasible approach ”, he said. A package of four amendments worth 12.5 million euros each that would be destined to accompany this transit with aid for municipal cooperation, internationalization, SMEs and the self-employed, as well as employment. It is the most powerful amendment that the Socialists have presented to the Andalusian budgets with regard to the Campo de Gibraltar region.

As promised in his last appearance before the media in the region, the Socialist leader today presented the amendments that the Socialists have registered “to rescue Campo de Gibraltar from oblivion in the Andalusian budgets for 2021”.

“I hope that the representatives of the PP do not dedicate themselves to disqualification, I hope that they pitch in and convince their parliamentary group and their Government that it is necessary to provide an efficient response to the needs of the Campo de Gibraltar. “Brexit aggravates a complex situation due to Covid and that is why we hope that the PP will rectify and not turn its back on Campo de Gibraltar,” he said.

The provincial president of the PSOE of Cádiz has been explaining some of the amendments referring to the city of Algeciras, waiting for the mayor to be receptive to claiming that support from his colleagues in Parliament to shield public services in the town. Algeciras is, in his opinion, the great victim of that collective amnesia that affects the members of the PP in the Junta towards the region and it is in terms of health with announcements that are not reflected in the accounts such as the health center of the Bajadilla. And at this point, he asked Landaluce “why it does not maintain the same level of demand towards the Andalusian administration as towards other administrations”.

Jiménez Barrios assures that “these amendments are not intended to talk about Landaluce but to improve the provision of facilities in Algeciras, so he recommends that” do not waste time messing with the socialists, make your group support them to avoid the deficit that it has the city of Algeciras and the region ”. In this sense, he shares the claim made by the mayor of San Roque to the Andalusian Government to respond to the demand in the region for the creation of a new ITV installation, warning of the risk that the Veiasa company runs “right now in the eye of the hurricane”.

The Cádiz politician has specified that a large part of the amendments not only include the feeling of orphanhood of many municipalities, but are also proposals made in the various meetings held by the PSOE with collectives from Campo de Gibraltar and “now that the pandemic causes greater harshness to what was already a difficult situation due to the crisis, the Government of the Junta has to comply and respond ”.

He recalled that “the PP made thousands of promises in opposition to this region and now forgets and mistreats it.” “No representative of the PP has been able to explain with common sense why they have forgotten in the Andalusian budgets of the Campo de Gibraltar which is nowhere to be found.” And he gives an example “the 112 measures that were publicized by a court of councilors in the region, but taking the provincialized document will take the enormous disappointment that they are not contemplated.”

Jiménez Barrios understands that these budgets, in addition to not being the ones that this province needs to face the terrible consequences of the pandemic, will again end up being a lost opportunity for the province of Cádiz. The PSOE is concerned that there is “a great space of uncertainty with the new generation European funds, as well as the enormous contingency fund, of almost 500 million euros, which remains at the will or discretion of the Minister of Finance and Vox, at the give him room in the commission to decide these expenses ”.

In the same way, the PSOE maintains that within these European funds the Board has the opportunity to present projects to modify the current industrial and polluting productive fabric of the region and transform it into other sustainable jobs. Articulate plans for the recovery of biodiversity in the cork oak forests, an ecosystem very affected by the dry season disease and loss of balance in its species, as well as the recovery of the coastline given the deterioration suffered by the lack of control in the growth of the port of Algeciras.

Training plans can be proposed in the region to meet the demand for employment in the energy, health and care sectors.

There are many amendments that are part of generic titles that include items for councils, for example, those referring to social policies that propose the reinforcement of community and basic social services and family teams to serve the population. Or the agreement of more places in the residences and day centers. And also increase the items destined for the Dependency so that people do not continue to die waiting for aid.

Among the most prominent and specific socialist amendments by municipalities, the following stand out:

In Algeciras, together with the Paco de Lucía conservatory, the construction of a maternal and child hospital in Algeciras, the new health center in La Bajadilla, improving infrastructure and equipment at the Punta Europa hospital in Algeciras and a discharge correction plan.

In Los Barrios, a plan for regions affected by the closure of thermal power plants. A plan for the preservation, enhancement and promotion of the historical heritage and the cave paintings of the Bacinete cave. Actions on the Palmones promenade and a plan for the rehabilitation and improvement of the neighborhoods of the municipality that are owned by the Public Housing Agency (AVRA).

For Castellar, Jimena and San Martín, investments in roads such as the sections of Arenillas, between Castellar and Sotogrande, improvements in the A-405 highway in Jimena de la Frontera and improvements in the A-2101 and A-2102 highways in San Martín del Tesorillo.

In La Línea, the Carretera del Higuerón, the construction of a new health center in the municipality, the coverage of medical specialists and a new court, as well as the reinstatement of child monitors unjustly dismissed in the town.

In Tarifa, a Treatment Plant, the execution of the connection of the Barbate reservoir to Tarifa, the execution of the Atlanterra Outfall Project, the construction of a new Institute, the expansion of the Tarifa health center, as well as a CADE, a training center in hospitality, the EuroVelo bike lane and Ruta del Estrecho and for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Plans of the Natural Parks of the Strait and Los Alcornocales.

In San Roque, the approval of the Equine District for the Guadiaro Valley, the refurbishment of the San Roque Hospitality School, the investment in public works such as the regeneration of Barriadas Simon Susarte and Barriada La Paz, the channeling and management of the Guadarranque River. And in terms of education, a Dual FP Training Specialties Center, a new IES in San Roque, the removal of prefabricated classrooms at the CEIP “Gloria Fuertes” and the expansion of the CEIP “San Bernardo”. Finally, the complete renovation of the A-2102 San Enrique-Tesorillo highway and an increase in the number of places arranged at the La Milagrosa residence.


Irene García applauds the Foreign Agreement on Brexit in Gibraltar

The general secretary of the PSOE of Cádiz and president of the provincial council, Irene García, has welcomed the cross-border agreement signed between Spain, the United Kingdom and Gibraltar that recognizes the labor rights of the ten thousand Spanish workers on the Rock.

García, who thanked Foreign Affairs for the work done, recalls that “it was a claim that we were able to make first-hand to the minister when she went to the province to meet with the mayors of the region, the president of the Commonwealth and myself as president of the Provincial Council to convey her commitment to work in this line ”.

Thus, the socialist leader celebrates the scope of this pact promoted by the Foreign Ministry, which has been working to safeguard the interests of those who enter Gibraltar every day to work and considers that “the Government has thus responded to the main concern generated in the Campo de Gibraltar for Brexit ”.

“It is a historic agreement that provides certainty at times that are already delicate for workers in general due to the pandemic and that gives peace of mind because this open three-way dialogue will continue to be active, guaranteeing permanent control over the situation,” he said. .

In the opinion of the Secretary General, “an agreement of these characteristics shows that the desire to continue deepening the good neighborly relations that have always existed between Gibraltar and Spain has allowed us to overcome all the difficulties that an international event as heartbreaking as it has entailed. It was the still incredible exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union ”. “You could say that here in the south, in our own way, we have managed to beat Brexit”, ditch.


Rain, storm and wind storm in Cádiz between today and tomorrow


The State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) foresees for today Wednesday, November 4, in the province of Cádiz cloudy skies or covered with occasionally stormy showers, locally strong and persistent. Minimum rising temperatures; maximum in descent in the interior and with few changes in the coastline. Variable winds tending to the east component during the afternoon and intensifying with strong gusts at the end of the day.

For its part, the General Directorate of Civil Protection and Emergencies of the Ministry of the Interior, through the predictions of the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), has activated the yellow alert for rains and storms, and for wind in the Sierra de Cádiz in early morning from Wednesday to Thursday.

Thus, the alerts for rains and storms will be activated at 12:00 hours, waiting for up to 20 liters to accumulate in one hour and up to 40 liters in 12 hours. The alert will be activated until 6:00 p.m. on Thursday.

In the Sierra de Cádiz there will be a yellow alert for wind with the probability of maximum gusts of 70 km / h, from 0:00 to 08:00 on Thursday.