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Disney: DIS // ISIN: US2546871060

What does it take to start an innovative company? Walt Disney thought it was a vision, because “it’s fun to do the impossible.” This is how the producer and animator created one of the most successful companies in the entertainment industry. And at the same time had Dagobert Duck, the richest duck and greatest curmudgeon in the world, say a sentence that would be worthy of any good Swabian: “People who spend money don’t understand the real joys of a capitalist.”

But what does it take to steer a steamer like Disney through the troubled waters of our time? A strategy that can even cope with the corona virus. When amusement parks can hardly be visited and film labels belonging to the group such as Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm and 20th Century Fox do not bring their productions to the cinemas, other sectors have to deal with it.

For example, the Disney + streaming service, which already had over 50 million customers five months after it was launched. In the battle of streaming services, Disney can fall back on its gigantic film archive. There are world-famous blockbusters such as “The Avengers” and “Star Wars”, but also reliable arthouse bestsellers such as “Grand Budapest Hotel” and “My Name Is Khan” with Indian superstar Shah Rukh Khan. India hardly has any on the map, but the Bollywood potential of the one billion people brings massive business.

All in all, as a leading global entertainment and media company, Disney is well positioned for the demands of the future. Now we come into play with our analysis of the stock and it is very promising!

First of all, we have been invested in Disney since August 31, 2020 and are currently around 21% in profit.

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Primary scenario // 67%

Walt Disney was an avid supporter of the Republican Party. In 1964 he supported the superconservative Barry Goldwater in the presidential election, and two years later in the gubernatorial elections in California Ronald Reagan, who later became the 40th President of the United States. So you don’t have to guess who Walt Disney would have endorsed this year. Is that why the shares kept us tortured for so long before the US election and almost destroyed our position in the process?

Well, the election is over, although not everyone may believe it, and things are looking better at Disney: After the stock’s low of $ 117.25 in early November, we saw its impulsive rise to $ 147.64. Now the chances are good that this impulse movement has been completed and the next step is a setback. We calculate this scenario with a probability of 67%. At the bottom of the setback, which can be around $ 125, we are considering buying again. This is followed by an impulsive rise in the stock to above the value of $ 147.64.

Alternative scenario // 33%

In our alternative scenario with a 33% probability, the bears are not yet ready for this setback. Instead, the bulls step on the gas again, leading the stock above $ 147.64 towards $ 160. A recovery should be expected there at the latest, which is the right time for us to think about whether, when and where we will increase.

We are currently evaluating Disney very carefully, waiting for the right moment to get started and seeing Disney the stock at over $ 400 for the next 1-3 years.

Would you like to be there the next time you start and simply test without obligation whether we can also present these results for your depot?

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That means you can buy for all 30 Dax stocks and all 30 Dow Jones Shares receive position management (entries, exits, stops, profit-taking). See for yourself!

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Do you know that there are high quality calls? Activate VoLTE calls on your Android mobile | Lifestyle

VoLTE calls have been around for a while on Android, also available in Spain. It is something that the main operators in Spain support, so if you have a compatible phone, you will be able to make use of them

What is VoLTE and what are its advantages after activating it

Times is a technology capable of transmit voice communications over the Internet. For this, whether we have a Samsung, a Xiaomi or any other smartphone, our voice will be encoded in digital format, thus allowing it to be sent as packets over the network.

Thanks to its nature, VoLTE achieves 13 kbps (a traditional call does not usually exceed 8kbps), achieving a greater clarity and sharpness on voice calls.

Tambnien, VoLTE presents a energy consumption reduced when compared to other high definition voice technologies such as VoIP calls or through applications such as Skype, Viper or WhatsApp.

In summary, being a digital signal this allows it to be transmitted over WiFi or 4G LTE networks allowing the implementation of other services in order to improve the experience when making voice calls.

How to activate VoLTE on your Android phone

If you have a compatible phone, you can use VoLTE calls. Although for this you must proceed to the activation of these on your phone, something you can easily do.

Whether your phone is compatible depends on two variables from your phone and operator. It may be that you have a mobile compatible with this technology, but that the operator of your device does not have it or vice versa.

If you own a recent Android phone, then you have a good chance that you will be able to use these calls. In brands like Xiaomi, Samsung Huawei, LG or Sony they have this support.

If your phone is compatible with this VoLTE calling technology, you also have to check if the operator offers this support. In Spain both Movistar, Vodafone and Orange have such support.

Finally, if you meet both requirements, you can proceed to the activation of these on your smartphone. To do this you must follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your device model and network subscription support VoLTE.
  2. Find and tap Settings → Networks and Internet Mobile networksPreferred network type 4G (preferida)/3G/GSM.
  3. Tap the switch next to Enable VoLTE to activate the feature. Yes Enable VoLTE not available, contact your network operator.


The new San Mams, Betis’ nightmare

The verdiblanco team, defeated in their seven visits to the new San Mams and imprisoned by an accused irregularity, seeks to take flight under the command of veteran Pellegrini

EL Athletic receives the Monday in San Mamés yet exemplary guest, of those who do not get you out of your boxes, nor do they make your day bitter when you act as a careful host. At least that’s how it happened every time Betis has paraded through the new Cathedral since its opening the world in September 2013. The previous two years, when the old rojiblanco coliseum was farewell, the story was very different, as the verdiblanco team won 2-3 (2011-12) and 3-5 (2012-13) with Beñat Etxebarria as the scorer in both stakes. The lions, with Marcelo Bielsa on the bench, were powerless against a rival who scored eight goals in 180 minutes to say goodbye to the top of a field that proceeded to close its doors to reincarnate in another in which Betis lives an authentic nightmare.

In total they are seven visits and as many defeats that the Andalusians have suffered in the new San Mamés, six in the league and one in the Cup, with a balance of thirteen goals against and only three in favor. His torture began on September 26, 2013, in the sixth league match, when Athletic beat the Verdiblancos 2-1 with goals from Óscar de Marcos and Mikel San José. The target signed by the now Granada striker, Jorge Molina, was of no use, since the lions tied the three points under the orders of Ernesto Valverde to repeat the triumph four months later in the second leg of the round of 16 tournament of the KO a double by Mikel Rico served to turn the tie around and leave Betis in the gutter that has continued to collect defeats in their appearances in Bilbao when they were defeated uninterruptedly by 3-1 (2015-16), 2- 1 (2016-17), 2-0 (2017-18) and 1-0 (2018-19, 2019-20).

The team that leads nowadays Manuel PellegriniIn this way, he will try to put an end to a nightmare that has lasted for seven years on Monday. His visits to San Mamés, turned into a torment for his interests, put on alert a team that has other sources of concern apart from Athletic. The sounded and celebrated arrival of Pellegrini to the local bench of Benito Villamarín has not yet borne the expected fruits to a club that has been embracing irregularity since the 2017-18 campaign, in which it managed to qualify for the Europa League with Quique Setién as coach. The joy, however, was soon gone. He did so in a 2018-19 year full of ups and downs that led to the departure of the Cantabrian coach and the subsequent hiring of Joan Francesc Ferrer, better known as Rubí, who last season worsened the football records signed by Setién.

Once the decision of his dismissal had been made, the club opted for the experience and seniority of Pellegrini, ex-coach of equipment like San Lorenzo, River Plate, Villarreal, Real Madrid, Malaga, Manchester City, Hebei China Fortune and West Ham, his last destination prior to landing in a Betis that he tries to promote in the heat of an attractive football proposal. The numbers signed since the beginning of this season, however, highlight the tremendous difficulties of the Andalusian team to seal its goal, to the point of appearing as the most thrashed team in the category with 17 goals conceded in the nine league games disputed. Seventh in the standings without having seen any of their league games postponed and with twelve goals in their favor, Pellegrini’s men are looking for stability that is also reflected in the results, since they have four wins and five losses to date.


Without draws in between, something common in teams capable of the best and the worst, Betis can boast of having surpassed Alavés (0-1), Valladolid (2-0), Valencia (0-2) and Elche ( 3-1), although they have yielded to Real Madrid (2-3), Getafe (3-0), Real Sociedad (0-3), Atlético (2-0) and Barcelona (5-2). It is true that the demanding calendar has not greatly favored the acclimatization process of the Verdiblancos to the contrasting booklet of Pellegrini, a coach with fifteen clubs and thirteen titles in his curriculum who has recovered players like Cristian Tello and Tonny for the cause Sanabria and that he will try to break the Betic curse on Monday in the new San Mamés.

Muscle injury against germany

Canales, down against Athletic

Major absences. The league break motivated by international commitments has been adverse for the interests of Betis, which saw on Tuesday how Sergio Canales, one of its main assets, fell injured in the 9th minute of the game that faced Spain and Germany. The Cantabrian midfielder, a victim of a muscle injury, will be absent on Monday against Athletic in a date in which Nabil Fekir will not be present either. The Frenchman, another important man for Manuel Pellegrini, will have to wait to return to the pitch due to another muscular ailment. The Algerian center-back Aissa Mandi, meanwhile, will be out against the lions due to suspension after being sent off against Barça.

With seventeen goals against in nine games, the Verdiblancos appear as the team with the most goals in the category


Call of Duty: Warzone is updated to run at 120fps on Xbox Series X, but not on PS5

Infinity Ward has released a new patch for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Y Call of Duty: Warzone in which, without specifying it in your notes, has added support for the game to 120 fps en Xbox Series X. It was the players themselves who discovered this new performance option, although a later technical analysis of Digital Foundry has confirmed it. Those, PS5 version is still limited to 60fps.

According to the technical analysis, the version of Call of Duty: Warzone para Xbox Series X runs at a rate ranging from 100 to 120 fps. The Reddit users who have found this option speak that the resolution of the game with that performance can reach the 1440p, although it depends on the monitor it may be that it runs at a resolution of 1080p. Below you can see an image of the game running on Xbox Series X at 115 fps and with a graph showing how its frame rate oscillates.

Call of Duty: Warzone for PS5 works at locked 60 fps

On the other hand, the PS5 version features a stable 60 fps. Apparently Call of Duty: Warzone has a limited frame rate, and in fact the game that runs is the PS4 through backward compatibility. Just yesterday Psyonix, creators of Rocket League, explained that their game also does not work at 120 fps on Sony’s new console because the way it is designed, its backward compatibility requires that a full port, while for Xbox Series X a simple patch is enough.

There are other games, like Star Wars: Battlefront, which can also be run at 120 fps on Xbox Series X but not on PS5. Others like Maneater, allows you to keep progress between Microsoft consoles but not Sony consoles. Everything seems to indicate that the need to carry out a complete port to PS5 is holding back developers to bring this type of functionality to the new generation console, although others like Bungie have already confirmed that their games, Destiny 2 in this case, s correr a 120 fps.


Börse Frankfurt-News: Reach for Chinese stocks (ETFs) ()

FRANKFURT (DEUTSCHE-BOERSE AG) – Some of the market setbacks are used by investors to get into Chinese stocks.

Technology stocks are also popular. Corporate bonds denominated in euros and US dollars are available for fixed income.

November 4, 2020. FRANKFURT (Frankfurt Stock Exchange). Focus on Chinese stocks in the downward phase on the international stock markets: This is how traders summarize the most noticeable ETF flows of the past week. At BNP Paribas, Hubert Heuclin was among the biggest winners, according to MSCI China (WKN DBX0G2) and SC300 ETFs (WKN DBX0M2). The latter shows the price development of the 300 largest Chinese A shares listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges.

Christian Dürr from Société Générale notes a preference for trackers from MSCI China (WKN A12DPT) and justifies the demand with good Chinese economic data, among other things. “Officially, the country has Corona under better control than others.”

Wait and see attitude

Aside from the trust in index funds with Chinese stocks, according to Heuclin, there are no other major trends in the equity segment. So shortly before the US election, investors probably kept a low profile. Even if someone had an idea of ​​the outcome of the election, the reactions on the capital markets remained a big question mark. So far, US stocks measured on the S&P 500 have gained 13 percent annually since Trump’s surprising victory in 2016, while the Stoxx Europe 600 has come to 3.9 percent. However, with Brexit, the rampant pandemic and fiscal policy, there are a number of other political factors influencing share prices.

Pan towards sustainability

Heuclin describes trading in globally active portfolios as inconspicuous. On the one hand, investors rely on SPDR MSCI ACWI ETFs (WKN A1JJTC). These would roughly correspond to the outflows from MSCI World values ​​(WKN A0RPWH). The trader posts the inflows to the MSCI World ESG Enhance ETF (WKN A2PCB4) from iShares on the account of the increasing importance of ethical investments. In addition to excluding companies active in controversial business areas, the company gives more weight to companies with higher ESG ratings.

DAX values ​​inconsistent

Dürr’s customers dealt more intensively with European values. Euro Stoxx 50 (WKN A14UT5) trackers were traded a lot, but with no clear trend. The trader carries DAX ETFs (WKN ETFL01) with a slight purchase surplus.

In the course of the market weakness, Patrick Schröder from Lang & Schwarz registered above-average interest in ETFs that replicate the DAX inversely (WKNs DBX1DS, DBX0BY). These could also be hedging transactions.

Heuclin speaks of inflows for products that are based on the S&P Europe Ex-UK Large Mid Cap Index (WKN A2JCAG). However, these were comparatively moderate.

Long-running technology

In the trade in industry ETFs, Dürr is enjoying popularity for technology stocks in the S&P Select Sector Capped 20% Technology Index (WKN A0YHMJ). Bank stocks in the Euro Stoxx Banks (WKN 628930) followed by health stocks in the Stoxx Europe 600 Health Care (WKN A0Q4R3) were among the most popular sector ETFs.

Farewell to corporate bonds

The bottom line is that BNP Paribas customers said goodbye to bond ETFs. This applies to corporate bonds in the Barclays Capital Euro Corporate Bond (WKN A0RGEP) and Barclays Capital Euro Corporate ex-Financials 1-5 (WKN A0RPWP) as well as to US dollar-denominated securities in the Goldman Sachs GS InvesTop (WKN 911950) . Most purchases are made for high-yield euro bonds in the Markit iBoxx Euro Liquid High Yield (WKN A1C3NE).

by: Iris Merker

November 3, 2020, © Deutsche Börse AG

(Deutsche Börse AG is solely responsible for the content of the column. The contributions are not an invitation to buy or sell securities or other assets.)


The Municipal Band of Bilbao offers the concert ‘Memoria del septimo arte’

PThey MISS the pirouette but there are times when the simplest occurrence is the one that best fits the story. Let’s say that the music played yesterday by the Bilbao Municipal Band sounded like a cinema. How beautiful when this happens! The ease of which I was speaking is relevant because under the baton of José Ramón Pascual-Vilaplana, performed at the Arriaga Theater the plays Tribute to Ennio Morricone, of the Italian composer Claudio Mandonico;Silverado, from BruceBroughton, an eminent nine-time Emmys-winning and Hollywood Oscar-nominated composer, and The pawnshop (known among us as Chaplin, the moneylender), of the Galician composer, Antón Alcalde. The concert was titled Memory of the seventh art and it was organized as a tribute to the soundtracks that give air to cinema since it became sound. It was, believe me, quite a show, a recess for the audience.

Before the concert started you thought about it. Film music stirs our emotions, moves us, impresses us, imbues us in the film and makes us live stories. Some transport us to the imagination, and others to the cruel reality of life. Without it, cinema would not be what it is. We don’t need to watch a movie to enjoy your music. But could we see a movie – I think Star Wars, Titanic, The Lord of the rings, etc.– without its soundtrack? It’s hard to imagine, don’t say no.

As I thought about it, people were arriving. Among the first, the managing director of Bilbao Musika, Ana Madariaga, just moments before the Councilor for Culture did, Nekane alonso. Both greeted the clarinetist outside the theater Rafa Climent, to whom they congratulated for their daughter’s work, Carmen Climent, in the long-lived series Tell me how it happened. The good man thanked him but like a good father he asked them: “And haven’t you seen her in The parade? “, as an extension of the compliments to his daughter. At his side was the piper of the Municipal Band, Juan Jesus Silguero, currently the musician with the longest career in the Bilbao Municipal Band. A few meters further, the double bass player Danylo Betsko greeted and chatted with Carmen Jimenez Y Mariana Chacó. I don’t know if it’s because of the last name municipal or what is the reason but give a nosequé of happiness to see the musicians mingling with the crowd, a detail that is also to be applauded in Pascual-Vilaplana, who took several photographs with the people who requested it and even with the councilor, Javier Segura; The deputy director, Iñaki Urkizu; the timpani of Iñaki Morcillo Y Paco Pineda, oboe of the Band.

Little by little people were arriving, a point of concern in some cases when they asked. “Hey, journalist, do you know when the theaters are going to close?” Asked a distressed voice. Hard to know. For now, it can be said that the Arriaga Theater was open yesterday to María José López Ibáñez, Charo Velasco, Mercedes Vicinay, María Luisa Ortega, Ander Uriarte, Idoia Aranguren, María Teresa Martínez, María Teresa García Barrejón; the sisters Martha Y Alicia Bermejo, Mikel Palacios, Iñaki Mendia, Alama Iturriaga, Alberto Muñoz, Santiago García, Maika Fernández, Antonio López, Rosa López, Juan Carlos García, Emilia Fernández, María Ángeles Bengoetxea, Carmen Alonso, Juan Carlos Agirre, Miren Olarreaga, Maite Olabarria , Sara Olmos and a good number of attendees to the symphonic evening.

The concert began with a soundtrack that takes one to an old border town in the American West. From there the adventure did not stop. After all, the director was heard to say that “music and cinema are undoubtedly two effective balms for sadness and two powerful nutrients for tenderness.”

The Bilbao Municipal Band, directed by José Ramón Pascual-Vilaplana, offered the concert entitled ‘Memory of the seventh art’

They sounded at the Arriaga Theater ‘Omaggio a Ennio Morricone’, by Mandonico; ‘Silverado’ by Broughton and ‘The pawnshop’ by Mayor


The Zornotza Band returns to the scene with ‘Sounds of art’

Zornotzako Musika Banda presented its programming for the 2020-2021 season, That will start tonight Under the title Art sounds, “It is intended to offer a multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary connection between music and other arts. We will have artists from Zornotzarras and the surrounding areas who will accompany us during the concerts to offer us a tangible connection between music and the art they represent,” he explains Aritz labrador, director of the municipal band.

The schedule, which will run through a wide variety of disciplines such as cinema, literature, painting, cooking and dance, it will begin today at 8.15 pm, at the Zornotza Aretoa with the first connection: cinema and music. Titled Movie tunes, Jon González and Eider Etxeandia will be the guest artists of a concert that will address a wide and varied repertoire of film soundtracks from the 20th and 21st century. In this sense, there will be no shortage of mythical film soundtracks such as The Pink Panther, Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean O Gladiator, among others.

The second of the concerts, Melodies of literature, will arrive on December 19 and 20 with the fundamental objective of relating music and literature. For this, the cultural space will host three musical stories, recited and represented by local artists with a long career within the Zornotza Aretoa, Miren Larrea and Patxi Sema will delight the attending public with The cat with boots Y The Town Musicians of Bremen as great classics of children’s literature, and The Night Before Christmas as a special celebration given the date of the concert. Finally, the show will conclude with a letter to Olentzero recited by Unai Aburto, a 10-year-old student of Zubaiur Musika Eskola, in which he will ask best wishes. The third of the concerts, Colored melodies, will be offered on February 27 and 28 with prominence for a premiere overture by Eros Quesada, a student of Musikene. This will be followed by an exhibition by the artist Viktor Hartmann inspired by Modest Murssorgsky for the composition of his very popular Pictures of an Exhibition. The two invited painters will have the opportunity to complete the exhibition with two large canvases painted live and direct, which will be available to the public in the hall of the Zornotza Aretoa after the concert.

In the month of April, days 24 and 25, turn to Herria melodies. It is about the concert postponed last May and that was suspended due to covid-19. Attendees will enjoy the music of Blanco y en Botella, a young rock & roll zornotzarra group.

Sound paintings The fifth of the concerts will arrive on May 29. Under the title Flavored melodies, it will be a transdisciplinary stop in which the culinary and musical arts will work in cooperation to develop a new product. This small sample will be part of the Jan Alai pintxo contest. Thus, at 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., there will be two shows in which you can taste two sound pintxos. One of them will be made by Julen Baz based on a premiere composition by Jon Bienzobas-Pagola, while the other will sound the previously configured flavor.

The last stop, scheduled for May 6, will relate music and dance with the participation of countless artists from around the band to dance all kinds of styles, from folk, to a classical waltz, to a tango or a cha- cha-cha. With this fun concert Zornotzako Musika Banda will put an end to the season.

The El Carmen parties last year were really special for the musicians of the Zornotzako Musika Banda. And it is precisely that year and just a month before the start of the festivities, the return of the band was signed after more than four decades of silence. Under Labrador’s baton, the zornotzarra band regained the necessary momentum since its disappearance in 1976.


Scientist recreates a ‘Star Wars’ laser sword that cuts through steel

An enthusiast of technical experiments has developed a retractable lightsaber similar to those used by the protagonists of the Star Wars saga, which is also capable of cutting steel into pieces.

He Canadian blogger and engineer James Hobson, known as Hacksmith, who together with some friends builds functional prototypes of inventions for science fiction movies, comics and video games, has told on his YouTube channel that This weapon burns with propane gas at a temperature of 4,000 degrees Celsius. The saber is capable of changing color depending on the chemical elements injected into the flow.


‘Documentos TV’ travels to Erdogan’s Turkey

TV Documents premieres a report about Erdogan’s Turkey and his authoritarian policy, which the president of the Turkish government himself described as “a gift from God.” Erdogan He governs the country with an iron hand and his repression reaches millions of citizens under surveillance, journalists, judges and soldiers arrested and an opposition completely deactivated.

The night of July 15, 2016, a small group of soldiers and a few tanks were ordered to cut one of the rails of the Istanbul Bosphorus Bridge. At the same time, the Navy was ordered to leave the port. In both cases, the reason was to be prepared for a terrorist attack. Erdogan, in a message, calls the citizens to take to the streets and then chaos breaks out.

“That is not the way to carry out a coup. Neither the president nor any member of the government was arrested. We all found him suspicious from the beginning,” say Turkish journalists Nevsin Mengü and Can Atakli. They were right there were many motives behind that maneuver. From that very night, Recep Tayyip Erdogan clenched his fist to dominate the country and imposed an unprecedented repression. More than two million citizens were investigated. The arrests became massive among the military, journalists, judges or supporters of the leader Fethullah Gülen, whom they incriminated for the coup. “This allowed him to do a thorough cleaning of the bureaucracy, the police and the justice system,” says Henri Barkey, an American expert on Turkey and the Middle East.


London and Brussels must find a way out that helps the recovery | Opinion

The EU heads of government yesterday supported the extension of the round of talks that Brussels has with London in order to regulate trade relations between both parties before the end of the year, the date on which Brexit enters fully into force. Despite the Council’s pleasure and the determined European will to do everything possible to close a friendly exit of the United Kingdom from the EU, it seems increasingly difficult to achieve that goal. The Council itself yesterday urged the Commission to design possible unilateral contingency measures of a limited duration if Brexit finally ends without an agreement, and there are already several voices that consider the negative outcome of the negotiations as probable. Both the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and the Italian President, Giuseppe Conte, have warned that the pact with London cannot be reached at any price, while French President Emmanuel Macron openly acknowledged the possibility that the divorce could take place at the bravas.

The EU guidelines for the negotiation have correct and clearly marked red lines: those established in the withdrawal agreement and in the protocols signed by London and Brussels, which remain fully in force and must be respected. The unusual decision of the British Government to promote a law that breaks with some points of the agreement, mainly those related to commercial activity on the border with Northern Ireland, has become a bone of contention with enough potential to burst the long negotiating path traveled so far in London and Brussels.

Europe must stand firm in defending an agreement that has been widely discussed and negotiated with the United Kingdom and that contains the roadmap on which the commercial relationship between the EU and the British must be built. However, and without departing from that framework, which is fully legitimate, Brussels must also do everything possible to avoid a rupture that could seriously damage the European economy, mired in a crisis of historic dimensions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Both the EU and the United Kingdom are enduring the scourge of an unprecedented recession not only because of its intensity, but also because of the extraordinary uncertainty it has sown in all European economies. Faced with a scenario like this, it is necessary more never to call for responsibility and cooperation to design trade rules of the game that will help the recovery of the whole of Europe instead of hindering it.