Star Wars Armada: Venator-Class Star Destroyer | Star Wars Armada | TableTop & LCG

In the heated battles of the Clone Wars, Jedi generals like the brave Luminara Unduli or the wise Plo Koon often stand on the bridges of powerful Venator-class star destroyers, which earned them the nickname “Jedi cruisers”. With the Venator, the engineers have succeeded in constructing an extraordinarily flexible capital ship that can stand up to other battlecruisers, launch fighter squadrons and break blockades with devastating bombardments. As a command cruiser and warship, the Venator-class Star Destroyer is unparalleled in the entire Republic fleet.

This pack adds a Venator-class Star Destroyer to a Galactic Republic fleet.

2 players

From approx. 14 years

Authors: James Kniffen, Christian T. Petersen



Apple is already preparing its HomePod and HomePod mini for high-quality music | Lifestyle

The owners of the HomePod and Apple’s HomePod mini can now connect their smart speakers directly to Deezer and make the music streaming service your default player. This means they can take advantage of the HomePod’s Siri voice controls to navigate their songs and playlists on Deezer.

They can now integrate with the Deezer music streaming service.

To connect the services, you will first need to be a paying Deezer subscriber. If you are, go to the application Deezer On your iOS device (make sure you’re on iOS 14.3 or later), tap the settings gear in the top right, then scroll down and tap “Connect to HomePod.” You can then play Deezer music on your Apple speakers by saying “Hey Siri, play [inserta la banda que prefieras] in Deezer. “

Alternatively, you can make Deezer your default player from the Apple Home app and avoid having to specify which streaming service to use. We haven’t been able to test it ourselves, but it’s probably the same process as for other third-party streaming services. So go to Home Settings by tapping the house icon at the top left of the Apple Home app, tap on your face under the “People” section, “then go to” Default Service “and choose Deezer.

Apple HiFi Mucis Apple

Of course, the struggle to offer these kinds of basic third-party integrations is exactly what has hurt Apple’s smart speakers, likely contributing to the company’s decision to discontinue the original HomePod in March of this year. Despite that, the reasonably priced, good-sounding HomePod mini keeps going. In addition to Deezer, these devices can now be directly integrated with other streaming services, such as Apple Music, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, and Pandora.

What’s missing from this list, of course, is Spotify. Although Apple says it has enabled integration with the streaming music giant, as far as we know Spotify has not turned things on for its part. If you’re looking for an explanation, look no further than the huge lawsuit Spotify is bringing against Apple.

Waiting for Hi-Fi high-quality audio technology

In addition to everything previously added, as we discussed days ago, the company is expected to send Apple Music HiFi with iOS 14.6 and Dolby Atmos, Dolby Audio and Lossless technology. The good news is that it should be an automatic catalog update and shouldn’t require a more expensive premium plan.


If you didn’t celebrate ‘Star Wars Day’ with your Amazon Echo, you will soon be able to do so with this ‘booth’ | Gadgets

It was on May 4 when, like every year, “Star Wars Day” was celebrated. that “may the fourth“that is on its way to turning half a century in this decade and that annually gathers all the fans of the saga around any excuse to celebrate the creation of George Lucas and his Galaxy full of rebel soldiers, imperialists, clones and what is third.

Support for the fourth generation Echo Dot. Amazon

And as you can imagine, the world of technology is no stranger to this phenomenon so whenever they can, companies try to get hooked on it in some way, as is the case in this original stand for the fourth-generation Amazon Echo that is inspired by one of the franchise’s latest greatest hits. Neither more nor less than the Disney + series “The Mandalorian”.

Stand and questions starwareras

The fact is that not only that support to have our Echo Dot is the original part of the pack, it is also that Amazon has taken advantage of this week of celebration starwarera in order to remind us of some of the help and comments that we can receive from the virtual assistant, and that they also have to do with the universe now owned by Disney.

Support for the fourth generation Echo Dot.
Support for the fourth generation Echo Dot. Amazon

The stand, built in plastic but very well designed, brings to mind the forms of that iconic character born from the Disney factory as is “the boy”, a kind of child-Yoda who accompanies the Mandalorian on his journey through the Galaxy. Therefore, thanks to those characteristic long and pointed ears, and those green and veige colors, They will make us think that we are not talking to a personal assistant, but to the fictional character himself. This Grogu-inspired base belongs to the Den series by Otterbox and you can buy it in the online store for a price of 24.95 euros and, yes, you will not have it available until June 10.

As if these Star Wars references were few in the support of your fourth generation Echo Dot, Amazon wanted to remind us some phrases that we can use so that the set is already complete, both in the real and virtual world, thanks to a series of instructions that is possible ask Alexa. Examples? Look at all the ones you can find:

  • “Alexa, I am your father”
  • “Alexa, talk like Yoda”
  • “Alexa, may the Force be with you”
  • “Alexa, speak like Darth Vader”
  • “Alexa, tell me a Star Wars curiosity”
  • “Alexa, tell me a Star Wars joke.”
  • “Alexa, do you like Star Wars?”
  • · “Alexa, what do you like more, Star Wars or Star Trek?”
  • “Alexa, what is your favorite Star Wars character?”


there will be rains until Wednesday and then a cold front can cause widespread frosts

The climatologist Leonardo De Benedictis indicated that the first rains are already taking place in various sectors of Santa Fe, Entre Ríos and Buenos Aires and will extend to Córdoba in the next few hours. They are isolated but in some areas they can be strong.

On Tuesday the storm will continue but will head towards the NEA, precisely in the north of Entre Ríos, north of Santa Fe and Santiago del Estero.

Likewise, a mass of cold and dry air will enter which will cause the first generalized frosts. There were frozen alunas but they were very punctual.

On Thursday the rains recede and cold air is installed in the littoral and in the central zone of the country.

As of Friday, the weather will be stable and the wind rotates from the north sector so the temperatures will increase.


Apple AirTags: how to buy them with a free engraving with text and a selection of 31 emoji | Lifestyle

Last Tuesday, Apple put an end to the endless rumors about the sale of a new small locator device to adhere to all kinds of objects. Moreover, the definitive clue was given by Samsung when in its presentation event at the beginning of the year it did the same with the SmartTags: it was evident that a confluence of locator beacons was going to take place along with those of Cupertino.

Apple AirTags: a small customizable tracker device

AirTags are a small device that will remain located thanks to its Bluetooth LE connectivity, capable of extending its autonomy for just over a year without having to replace the battery inside. It has a small U1 chipinstalled capable of offering a lost mode thanks to the NFC that it also equips. In addition, it is IP67 certified for resistance to liquids and dust.

Apple AirTags have a small speaker capable of emitting the sounds necessary to locate it in case we cannot find the object to which it is attached, and thanks to the “Search” application of iOS 14.5, we will achieve surprising precision to locate it. It will also be through this app that we define its specific characteristics to differentiate it from other AirTags that we may have on more objects in the house.

How to buy them with a free engraving with text and a selection of 31 emoji

The AirTag can be attached directly to a purse or pocket, or used with a wide range of specially designed Apple accessories, such as the lightweight and durable polyurethane tag or the leather tag and key ring made from specially tanned European leather.

Customers who buy from or in the Apple Store app they can personalize the AirTag with a free handwriting engraving or a selection of 31 emojis.

Custom Apple AirTags SmartLife/Apple

The structure of the accessories perfectly fits the AirTag and the wearer’s objects, allowing the AirTag to be further personalized while ensuring that it is always connected to important belongings.

Price, accessories and availability

You can buy AirTags individually for 35 euros, although you also have the possibility of acquiring a pack of 4 units for 119 euros. They are only sold in one size and color. Official accessories are sold at very varied prices:

  • Leather keychain by 39 euros, available in three colors
  • Silicone strap by 35 euros, available in four colors
  • Leather strap by 45 euros, available in two colors
  • Selection of accessories for the Hermès AirTag, from 299 euros and in ranges of three colors.


Challenges for Turkey: managing an institutional crisis | Finance Blog at 9

Since the beginning of this year, one of the keys to the evolution of assets in emerging countries has been the rise in interest rates in the US. History tells us that when there is a significant rise in the cost of financing in USD, those countries with levels of external debt (in the hands of non-national investors) and also denominated in USD, suffer a notable volatility in their financial variables in general and exchange rates in particular. This is due to an outflow that occurs from those assets considered riskier (debt from emerging countries, especially that denominated in local currency), in the face of an increase in the expected profitability in the “risk-free” (US debt). ).

However, this does not necessarily have to be the case and the IMF has pointed this out recently in an article. A rise in interest rates in the US does not have to be inherently negative for emerging countries, but will depend on the reason for this movement. In the event of a surprise effect on monetary policy (an anticipation of interest rate hike expectations by the Fed on this occasion, anticipating a tightening of accelerated monetary policy), yes it tends to lead to an outflow of investment flows from emerging countries. This occurred in 2013, when the Fed’s QE programs (taper tantrum) were soon to exit, and in 2018, when the Federal Reserve raised interest rates four times.

However, If these interest rate rises were produced by the perception that economic activity is being better than anticipated or, in the current situation, because the vaccination campaign is being successful, it does not have to lead to these frictions. In fact, what is found in the IMF study is that on these occasions investment inflows are observed in emerging markets. Although this is the general trend, differences may occur between countries, since the least benefited, which could even observe tensions in investment flows, would be those countries that have a limited percentage of exports to the US and a high volume of external debt. Turkey, South Africa or Argentina are examples of countries that meet these characteristics: low trade volume with the US and high external debt ratios.

But we can’t let go idiosyncratic cutoff factors, which, in some cases, may accentuate the problems that emerging markets will face in the coming months. This would be the case of Turkey, who is immersed in an institutional crisis.

During the past month, Erdogan removed the Governor of the Central Bank of Turkey and, weeks later, the deputy governor. This decision could have been due to the open conflict of interest in relation to the intervention interest rate hikes carried out by this institution since last November (+875 basis points). This tightening of financial conditions leads the country into an economic recession and raises the risk for the political stability of the Erdogan government. (In recent weeks, rumors of possible electoral advancement have circulated due to the growing discontent of the population).

The uncertainty about the next steps of the Central Bank of Turkey, the place of its supposed independence and doubts about the governance and quality of the country’s institutions has already led to a strong outflow of flows abroad which is reflected in the depreciation of the TRY in all its crosses (more than 13% depreciation against USD accumulated from decision to 04/12) and the collapse of the Turkish stock market (over 11%).

Turkey currently has two macro-level problems that a monetary tightening would help address: on the one hand, a high and out of control inflation (it has doubled since the end of 2019 to about 16%); on the other, a strong need for external financing (The needs derived from the payment of debt coupons, short-term foreign debt repayment and current account deficit amount to USD 250,000 million over a 12-month horizon).

In this context, the application of a very restrictive monetary policy, that would need additional increases in intervention rates, would contribute to the stabilization of inflation in the medium term (disincentive to consumption, brake on the depreciation of the currency and its pass-through effect towards inflation), in addition to attracting capital flows from abroad to cover financing needs. In any case, a monetary restriction strategy must be credible, for which it must have greater certainty of quality and institutional stability, precisely the factor that is now (rightly) in doubt.

If this path is chosen, the tightening of financing conditions would push Turkey into a recession that could be similar to the decline in growth observed in 2018. The contraction in domestic demand sharply reduced external financing needs (reduction of the current account deficit, with a sharp drop in imports).

A refusal to maintain the upward bias in interest rates (Erdogan has on numerous occasions expressed his opinion that it is high interest rates that cause high inflation) will slow down the attraction of investment flows to Turkey and will cause a sudden stop. Capital flight in an environment of growing financing needs would make it necessary to impose capital controls. The stabilization of the currency would go through a strong sale of reserves which, given Turkey’s reduced position (negative net reserves), would lead the country to request aid from the IMF.

The last country among the largest emerging countries to request an aid program from the IMF was Argentina in 2018, after the imposition of capital controls, in a situation in which the outflow was greater than the central bank itself could. manage. Months after the request, the adjustments to the public accounts, among other measures, ended up deteriorating the political position of then-president Macri, who lost the elections the following year.

Although there could be a third escape route for Turkey (for another country to serve as a lender to compensate for the outflows suffered), the situation facing the Turkish executive will not be easy in the coming months. All eyes will be on the following meetings of the Central Bank of Turkey. The decisions of this institution will be key to determine the independence and credibility of the institution, as well as the duration of the chapter of institutional uncertainty in this country.


Biden can undo Trump’s success with expatriate taxes | Opinion

The current White House may not be willing to learn from former President Donald Trump. But on one aspect of corporate tax, it could. Trump dissuaded companies from shifting profits abroad – and keeping them there – through his 2017 tax cut plan. His successor Joe Biden’s proposal to increase corporate taxes includes a higher tax on income on other companies. countries. That runs the risk of eroding the incentives to bring money home.

Before 2018, it made financial sense for US companies to keep expatriate benefits to avoid the 35% tax they would have faced if they were brought to the United States. In contrast, Ireland has a 12.5% ​​corporate tax rate, while the Cayman Islands do not have this tax. At the end of 2017, US companies had about a trillion dollars abroad.

Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act slashed the corporate tax rate to 21%, making the United States broadly competitive with other developed nations. It also established a global tax on the benefits of intangible assets, such as intellectual property, with an initial rate of 10.5%. And it became cheaper to keep those assets in the US.

The effects were immediate. About 80% of profits held abroad were repatriated in 2018, prompting a surge in share buybacks, according to a Federal Reserve study. The pace has slowed, but the amount companies brought back still exceeded what they reinvested in foreign affiliates by $ 62 billion in the fourth quarter of 2020, reversing the pre-2018 balance.

Meanwhile, so-called investment deals have disappeared since 2017. These operations, in which US companies merge with foreign firms to move their headquarters to another country, were popular during the Barack Obama administration. Trump’s changes added to the disincentives imposed by his predecessor’s team.
Of course, Trump’s tax cuts also caused a big drop in government revenue. Corporate tax used to represent 2% of GDP, but has dropped to 1%, according to the Treasury Department.

Biden’s partial reversal from his predecessor’s work would recoup some of that and help pay for his $ 2.3 trillion infrastructure plans. However, it could also undo some of Trump’s tax successes abroad. That could be mitigated and Biden’s team achieves a multilateral pact on a tax rate floor for companies. But that’s a great si.

The authors are columnists for Reuters Breakingviews. Opinions are yours. The translation, of Carlos Gomez Down, it is the responsibility of Five days


Erdogan’s moves offer little reward | Opinion

Turkey has resisted the temptation to cut borrowing costs, for now. The new head of the central bank, Sahap Kavcioglu, on Thursday kept the main rate at 19%, while hinting at a possible relaxation.

Tayyip Erdogan’s apparent goal of easing monetary policy falters. In March, he abruptly replaced the governor, Naci Agbal, who had raised rates that month by 200 basis points, the third dismissal from the post in two years. Kavcioglu seemed more inclined to please him, having argued that high rates can cause, rather than slow down, inflation.

So far, you have avoided any rough action. But you are setting the stage for relaxation. He spoke of keeping rates above inflation. Since the annual exceeded 16% in March, you can raise them up to 300 points. Meanwhile, the promise of March to maintain a tight monetary policy “for an extended period” disappeared.

But Turkey is worse than before. The lira has lost more than a tenth of its value against the dollar since the appointment. And, having spent more than $ 100 billion in 2020 to shore it up, the bank only has $ 10 billion in net foreign exchange reserves, the lowest level since 2003, giving it little ability to fight a sell-off. Also, the Turks are avoiding it in warehouses.

That means inflation can continue to rise. The growing current account deficit, of 2.6 billion dollars in February, is another cause for concern, especially since the restrictions mean that tourism will suffer again this year, which will hurt exports. Kavcioglu is unlikely to be able to slash rates without risking rising inflation, or even a currency crisis.

Your biggest problem is a lack of credibility. Société Générale estimates that another $ 5.9 billion of capital will leave Turkish assets in the short term. The central bank’s twists and turns make a rate cut even more risky.

The authors are columnists for Reuters Breakingviews. Opinions are yours. The translation, of Carlos Gomez Down, it is the responsibility of Five days


Arsenal: «Without a serious project you cannot start planning the next course»

With the head of the white tribe destabilizing the entity it is impossible to plan the next season. The Real Jaén coach, Juan Arsenal, has it clear. “We are at a height of the season in which we must try to renew those footballers who could serve us for the next. But with the institutional situation I can only focus on saving the team and from there see the future for everyone. Because even if I have a one-year contract, I have to see the project so as not to go through the negative vicissitudes that we are currently experiencing ».

He added that «my first option is to continue at Real Jaén. For that I signed my contract. But I have found a very complicated day to day. If there is no future, it would be ridiculous to think of a project without the necessary plans. I want to continue but there has to be an improvement plan ».

Arsenal underlines the need to “launch a project according to the entity’s possibilities, but there must be guarantees. If not, it cannot be planned. We have started to put into practice a work methodology, a game philosophy that has been supported in these two months and that could be extended in the event of player renewals. But you can’t talk to anyone with this institutional situation. It is sad, but it is reality. We are on the way to achieve the goal, to save Real Jaén. Now the ideal would be for this work to have continuity to avoid starting from scratch. We have laid the foundations but without a future we cannot continue planning. The one from Hellín emphasizes that “we have to save ourselves as soon as possible. The players are giving an extraordinary performance. When this goal is achieved I will make the decision about my future. But he acknowledges that “it is complicated, our best guarantee is the work that is being done. They feel better footballers than in past courses. But you cannot tell a player to renew without knowing the future of the entity ».

With this black panorama, Real Jaén receives today (12:45 hours) Melilla CD, the last classified of the group in which they fight not to descend one more category, after the creation of a new category (Second B Pro).

The whites lead the group with 28 points in their locker, while Melilla is bottom with 18. Arsenal recover Neskes and Cambil and lose Adolfo through suspension. Subscribers will be able to access the field with their subscriber card.


Apple believes that the Apple Watch can detect diseases such as Covid or diabetes | Gadgets

Watches and other smart gadgets continuously measure users’ heart rates, skin temperature, and other physiological markers that could help detect the contagion of coronavirus before an individual is diagnosed through physiological pathways.

Devices like the Apple Watch, could predict if an individual is possible positive for COVID-19 even before they are symptomatic or the virus is detectable through tests, according to studies of some iResearchers from the University of Washington who have partnered with Apple to study how the smartwatch can be used to predict diseases such as the coronavirus, or the flu.

Apple believes that the Apple Watch can detect diseases such as Covid or diabetes

As part of the series of Apple Health Associations, the company is working with the University of Washington and the Seattle Flu Study. If accepted into the coronavirus study program, participants will receive an Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch could detect diseases such as Covid or diabetes Apple

“The objective of the study is to see if the information collected by Apple Watch and iPhone can detect early signs of respiratory diseases like COVID-19, “say organizers on the recruitment page.

This Apple respiratory study is expected to last “up to six months.” During the study, participants should periodically answer the survey questions in the Apple Research app for the iPhone.

If participants become ill while enrolled in the study, a home test kit will be sent to detect COVID-19 and other respiratory diseases. However, this is likely to help the study, as sick participants will be asked to “take some additional health measures using their Apple Watch.”

How to participate in this study?

This study is available to all the general public who wish to participate. But to do this, you must first be accepted into the program, just by installing the Cardiogram app and signing up for the mRhythm study will you be able to participate.

Apple also wants to detect heart problems

Apple has also launched its own study in collaboration with Stanford to determine whether the frequency sensor heart rate of the Apple Watch can be used to detect abnormal heart rhythms and common heart conditions.

You can sign up to participate in the Apple Heart Study downloading and installing the app and wearing the Apple Watch regularly. If your Apple Watch detects an irregular heartbeat, the researchers will contact you and may ask you to wear an ePatch monitor.