What is the best Xiaomi mobile and where to buy it?


Always choose an authorized dealer

If you are in Spain and want to buy a Xiaomi mobile, with the authorized seller ByMitu You will have the possibility to get all the devices and mobiles of this brand, with the guarantee that they are original products, since the store has the authorization to sell in Spain.

This store wants to become the authorized reference within the technology sector and digital transformation in Spain. So if you are looking for an original mobile, with this dealer you will have the opportunity to enjoy a quality device, with good features and an excellent quality-price ratio.

A mobile that you must take into account

Thanks to its extensive catalog, you can get mobile phones from the different ranges that it has released over the years, both the cheapest but quality versions, as well as the most advanced and expensive ones.

Inside the store you can buy Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro, one of the most recent models of this brand, which offers a great variety of functionalities and has features that make it one of the best options of Xiaomi and the market.

Its screen is DotDisplay FHD +, which offers great clarity, it also has flagship technology with a 144Hz refresh rate, that is, it shows 144 frames per second, something that will improve your viewing experience, thanks to the transitions between Screens will not cause dizziness or discomfort.

The processor of the device is a Qualcomm Snapdragon with 5G, one of the best chipsets you will get, this and next year. This will allow you to browse the internet faster, you can increase the download speed and achieve good stability.

One of the highlights of the mobile is its camera, being one of the most powerful of Xiaomi, offering 108MP in its main camera and a combination of lenses, such as the 5MP macro and the 13MP wide angle, with which you will get capture the best moments. You can also record 8K videos and even take 33MP photos directly from the video.

Another section in which this mobile has become the best of Xiaomi is its battery, which has a capacity of 5000 mAh, allowing you to use it for a long time without having to worry about the charger.

And since it has a 33W fast charge combined with the Mi Fast Charge technology, you will have it charged again in a short time and efficiently.

The device comes with additional protection, with its antibacterial silver ion sleeve and an antibacterial screen protector, this way bacteria will not survive on its surface, even after 24 hours of contact.

Why trust this store?

Buy at ByMitu stores Through the internet, it will allow you to have an experience as if you were doing it in person.

This is because they take great care with their customer service, offering professional advice to all users who are not very clear about what they are looking for and what it can offer, thanks to this they will buy the perfect mobile according to their needs.

In addition, the store always keeps a stock with the latest news, so you will find not only the mobile that we mentioned above, but also all the most recent that Xiaomi has released, so that you do not have to wait.

In this store you will even get numerous offers, especially on special dates, so you will save even more on equipment that stands out for offering good prices.

If you are looking for this specific mobile or any other Xiaomi device, within this store you will have the opportunity to buy the one you need, with the assurance that it will be an original product at the best price.


a vacuum cleaner that also inflates wheels

Related news

2020 has been an important year for Xiaomi, which has become the brand of smartphones best-selling in Spain; has been able to take advantage of the problems of other compatriots, such as Huawei, in addition to the demand for devices with a better quality / price ratio.

The new Xiaomi Mi 11 is the best example of a Xiaomi mobile, with leading features such as the new Snapdragon 888 processor, but at a very competitive price. But Xiaomi is much more than mobile.

Xiaomi is a gigantic company, covering all technological sectors. It is something more notable in China, with launches such as lamps that take care of the eyes or smart mixers; but we are also seeing it in Spain with products such as the Xiaomi scooter.

Xiaomi vacuum cleaner

But perhaps one of the rarest products Xiaomi has released, and which shows just how far it has expanded, is the new Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner Mini. As they point in XiaomiAdictosThis is more than just a small handheld vacuum cleaner as the name says, and it hides a feature that can save us the day.

Xiaomi’s new vacuum cleaner fits anywhere

Xiaomi | Youpin


At first glance, this handheld vacuum cleaner only stands out for its cylindrical design, without a handle or handle; This is because it is designed to be stored anywhere, such as in the glove compartment of the car. This example is no accident, because in reality, this vacuum cleaner can not only suck in air, but also expel it.

The Xiaomi vacuum cleaner has a mode to inflate wheels

The Xiaomi vacuum cleaner has a mode to inflate wheels

Xiaomi | Youpin


Thanks to this, just by connecting it to a different nozzle it is possible to inflate the wheels of our car, with a pressure of up to 150 psi and up to 10 liters of air per minute. In this way, this can be one of the most useful devices to carry in the car. It can also be useful for inflating balls or bicycle wheels.

Very useful

As a vacuum cleaner, this device has a motor that reaches 80,000 revolutions per minute. It includes two filters and we can get rid of dust and vacuumed objects thanks to the opening at the end that sucks.

The screen of the new Xiaomi vacuum cleaner

The screen of the new Xiaomi vacuum cleaner

Xiaomi | Youpin


The built-in battery is 2,500 mAh, and can be recharged with the built-in USB-C connection. The package includes the cable to USB-A, plus a different nozzle with a brush to thoroughly clean seats, for example. The various functions, such as switching from aspirator to inflator, are controlled from a screen at one end, which shows pressure information.

Getting this Xiaomi vacuum cleaner will be difficult, at least at first. For now it is only available by crowdfunding in China, although as is often the case with this type of product, it would not be surprising if it were sold in Chinese import stores.


Apple’s electric cars that could come out in 2024

Thus, the goal of Apple’s battery design is to radically reduce the cost of batteries, while the management system aims to facilitate the experience drivers and increase the autonomy of the vehicle.

Also, Apple is said to be testing a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) chemistry for higher battery performance, as an alternative to the rechargeable lithium-ion battery currently used in electric cars.

In this way, the brand intends drive the new sustainability goals, under the commitment to become a company carbon neutral for 2030, by reducing emissions and developing sustainable technologies.

The manufacture of cars

While Apple has not commented on the manufacture of electric cars, it is speculated that these will be produced by an external company, as with the iPhone, which is manufactured by Taiwan-based Foxconn.

According to automotive industry experts, it is likely that Apple shares with Magna International, a company that manufactures contract vehicles for BMW, Daimler, Jaguar Land Rover and Toyota, although this information has not been confirmed by the brand.

Another possible option would be that Apple chooses to partner with an automaker established and share your battery technology and autonomous driving under license, which would facilitate the manufacture of such vehicles.

Although there are still many doubts regarding Project Titan, what is a fact is a fact is that Apple aims to take a giant step with the creation of these electric vehicles, which could completely revolutionize the automotive industry.


5 incredible experiences that you can live around Bilbao

Vizcaya, Bizkaia in Basque, has a unique culture supported by the wild beauty of its coasts and mountains. This Basque province combines the architectural avant-garde with tradition, its own language, and fine cuisine.

The capital can be the gateway to the territory of Bizkaia. Bilbao is structured through the Ría, which connects the city with the metropolitan area by the sea, in a journey full of urban experiences in which there will be no shortage of art, history, local gastronomy and great monuments that stand as an emblem of tradition and avant-garde.

From the heights, on top of the Artxanda hill, the city wakes up every morning. Medieval BilbaoWith its cobbled streets, squares and churches, it is home to countless bars, taverns and restaurants that show off their care for local produce and where numerous shops also offer a wide range of products with the “Basque” stamp, which reach the Ensanche and the Gran Vía. Art is displayed with equal force in Abandoibarra and its residential neighborhoods, where besides the Guggenheim, works of great artists, buildings of avant-garde architecture and large murals are publicly exhibited on both banks of the Ría. Art galleries such as the Museum of Fine Arts, galleries, artistic and cultural centers such as Azkuna Zentroa or the Sala Rekalde and a wide monthly cultural agenda complete its creative industry.

Fran Sánchez Becerril

A natural paradise full of history, heritage, beautiful places, culture and a gastronomy that you should know

Finally, the current of the Ría will lead us to the banks of the Abra with Getxo and Portugalete presiding over both margins and connected through the Bizkaia Bridge, a World Heritage Site and the greatest symbol of the industrial past of the metropolis. In Getxo you will discover walks, cliffs, beaches and the Old Port of Algorta, with its fishing houses and traditional taverns. Its coastline extends to the municipalities of Sopela and Plentzia, the last stop on the Bilbao metro and 35 minutes from the center.

But, apart from the capital and its metropolitan area, there are many other ways to visit Bizkaia, a territory where you can enjoy many experiences.

Pastor for a day

Photo: iStockPhoto: iStock
Photo: iStock

It is an experience that can be lived and shared with the family. Both the oldest and the smallest of the house, especially the most urbanites, will spend an unforgettable day and will enter the way of life of the baserris (Basque farmhouses) in the incomparable setting of the Urkiola Natural Park. The experience begins with helping the shepherd to milk his sheep and, if it is the season, also to shear them. After this work, it is essential to take a walk and get to know the environment in which Latxa sheep live and what better way than to do it accompanied by the dog in charge of moving the flock from one field to another at the command of the shepherd.

The day ends, how could it be otherwise, with a Idiazabal cheese tasting. Such a pleasure for the senses.

Urdaibai, a universe of contrasts

Photo: iStockPhoto: iStock
Photo: iStock

Declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1984, Urdaibai has enormous natural value, a fact that has made it one of the most visited destinations in Bilbao Bizkaia. East extraordinary enclave extends over more than 22,000 hectares and 22 municipalities, many of them with a strong seafaring tradition, such as Bermeo, Mundaka and Elantxobe. This treasure of nature has astonishing landscapes and countless cultural attractions, among which are impressive cliffs (Cabo de Ogoño), beautiful beaches, lush forests (Cantabrian holm oaks), rivers, river meadows, archaeological sites and historical remains. The countryside and the Atlantic forest are also surprising, a natural environment of hamlets and inhabited nuclei made up of a mosaic of meadows, crops and adjacent small wooded formations.

Fran Sánchez Becerril

Enjoy this summer of a green paradise with beautiful landscapes where the sea and the mountains coexist in perfect harmony

To them are added 600 hectares of marshes, as well as two clearly differentiated ecosystems, such as the coastline and the seabed, the Ogella intertidal shallow, the isthmus of Gaztelugatxe, beaches and islands, as well as the top of Sollube, 683 meters high. If nature is your thing, here you will live a unique experience.

The international epicenter of surfing

Photo: iStockPhoto: iStock
Photo: iStock

The municipality of Mundaka, town that combines seafaring tradition with new trends, is one of the world centers of surfing. Its left wave, one of the longest in Europe, is a pole of attraction for thousands of surfers seeking adrenaline-fueled sports in heart-stopping environments. Enclaves such as Sopela or Bakio also stand out, which offer the opportunity to enjoy this magical sport to the fullest.

Txakoli strains

Stock Photo: iStockStock Photo: iStock
Stock Photo: iStock

Txakoli is a must at any table in Bizkaia. East young, aromatic and fruity wine, of moderate alcohol content, it is grown in areas near the sea, on trellises and atypical heights for the production of wines, but with a special inclination to take better advantage of the sunlight and the benefits of the humid and temperate climate of the region.

These wines from the land of Bizkaia they can be discovered through an exclusive tasting experience in one of the many wineries spread throughout the territory in an incomparable natural setting.

Museum of Antique and Classic Cars

Rolls-Royce.  (Source: iStock)Rolls-Royce.  (Source: iStock)
Rolls-Royce. (Source: iStock)

45 modelos Rolls-Royce they are in a majestic medieval fortress located in Enkarterri, the westernmost region of Bizkaia that combines coastline, valley, mountain, caves and medieval villages.


From Extremadura to Navarra passing through Madrid we travel the Spanish geography to show you various corners with a lot of history

The private collection of the most complete British brand in the world awaits you at the Museum of Antique and Classic Cars, in the Torre de Loizaga, where you can also take a close look at the first mass-produced vehicle (Ford T) or some classic sports cars such as the Ferrari Testarros or Lamborghini Countach. A luxury with very easy access.


Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne, a tribute to the competition

Carmen Boulogne is the new model of the Spanish car manufacturer Hispano Suiza, which has been inspired by the world of competition to design this supercar that has a powertrain of 1,114 horses, with which it accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 2.6 seconds and reaches a top speed of 290 km / h. It perfectly represents the maximum exclusivity of the brand, since only five units, while del Carmen the number of units has been limited to 19. A very exclusive car in keeping with what was the legendary Hispano Suiza in the first half of the 20th century, which after several attempts was reborn.

Hispano Suiza is a Spanish brand that was founded in 1904 and that at the time came to make some of the best luxury and sports cars of the moment, comparable with the cars of Rolls Royce and the luxury brands of the moment. Also their sports cars were at the level of brands such as Bugatti. The best example, that Hispano Suiza Alfonso XIII from 1913, a benchmark sports car in its time.

Now, after several attempts to start the brand again, it seems that it is finally a reality, after the presentation of the car at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. And it is in the hands of a model like the Carmen, which seeks to position itself as a reference for sportsmanship and exclusivity (they will only be made 19 units), but adapting to modern times. And for this reason, the car is an electric model that is for sale and that has already begun its artisan production.

Very groundbreaking aesthetics in the Carmen Boulogne, especially in its rear view.
Very groundbreaking aesthetics in the Carmen Boulogne, especially in its rear view.

The Spanish brand now presents its second model, a reinterpretation of the Carmen, even more exclusive. The Carmen Boulogne, as this new version is called, it is a variant more sporty of his “brother” Carmen. Compared to the starting one, the new one has 95 hp more power and 40 km / h more top speed. It also reduces by almost four tenths second the time needed to go from 0 to 100 km / h.

In this new version of rear drive, the two electric motors that drive it are located one on each rear wheel, which gives it that more sporty touch in your driving. In the Carmen, both engines are located one on the front axle and the other on the rear, which allows it to have all-wheel drive.


The new Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne is a 4.73 meter two-seater long, 2.04 meters wide and 1.24 meters high, which has a weight of 1,630 kilos, 60 kg less than Carmen. The improvements compared to the original model have been achieved thanks to an optimized suspension (which weighs 25 kilos less), a new carbon subframe which reduces its weight by 15 kilos, to an optimization of the chassis, 15 Kg lighter as well as to fiber ceiling of carbon that reduces its weight by 6 kg more.

The 11 body panels made of carbon fiber only weigh 64.5 kilograms, including the front splitter and the rear diffuser; and chassis type monohull it weighs just 195 kilos, with maximum torsional rigidity. A slightly stiffer front and rear double wishbone suspension has been installed than on the Carmen, which is combined with adaptive damping control.

The battery that mounts the new Hispano Suiza model is lithium-ion with a useful capacity of 80 kWh, with which you can go through some 400 kilometers (according to the NEDC cycle) with an average consumption of about 24 kWh / 100 km. It can be recharged in direct current of more than 80 kW in half an hour to go from 30 to 80% of the battery and in alternating current of up to 22 kW in less than six hours (up to 100%).

A modern cockpit without details reminiscent of the brand's history.A modern cockpit without details reminiscent of the brand's history.
A modern cockpit without details reminiscent of the brand’s history.

It has scissor opening doors, a powerful team of carbon-ceramic brakes high-performance six-piston, heated leather-trimmed racing seats; 10.1 inch LCD screen multimedia system, wireless charger, remote control of the loading and supervision of the vehicle through the mobile, full Led headlights, or reversing radar with camera, among other elements.

According to the manufacturer, each Carmen Boulogne is “almost infinitely customizable” through the brand department. “Unique Tailormade”. In any case, the exclusivity is maximum in a car of which only five units are planned. Hopefully this rebirth project of Hispano Suiza, is the definitive after some that were launched years ago, with little success since they did not go beyond advertisements and showing sketches. In the case of Carmen there is already a car manufactured and everything indicates that the project is viable and will continue.


all these icons passed through your garage


The world today mourns the death of Diego Armando Maradona. The legendary Argentine footballer has died at the age of 60, leaving behind an indelible legacy in the world of football. And as a successful footballer who was also he, like today’s stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzemá among others, he ended up being a fan and possessor of all kinds of vehicles unfit for common mortals.

And it is that a good amount of cut Y supercars from different eras, both during his football career, as well as afterwards, although his collection has gone much further to house modified creations and even much less “conventional” vehicles such as a truck or a colossal one 4×4 amphibian.

We are going to know some of them and also the surprising ones stories that hide behind.

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Porsche 924

Despite his humble origins the first car The Argentine footballer was not just any brand, although it was still a second-hand car. Maradona bought this Porsche 924 in 1980 when he had 19 years and he was still in Argentina, shortly before crossing the pond in the direction of Spain to play for FC Barcelona. That is why he did not end up wearing it much, although that was not an impediment for this model to become a coveted piece among collectors.


Fiat Europa 128 CLS

It was his first acquisition of km 0, although it is far from the kind of car that one would imagine in the hands of a Boca star about to be Barça’s star signing. However this humble Fiat Europa 128 CLS It is the proof that beyond being a soccer star and a car fan, Maradona also stayed true to his origins when moving around the city. Its last known location was in Salto, Buenos Aires province in 2009.


Ferrari Testarossa black and F40

By 1987 Maradona was already a legend both in Argentina and in Naples, where he won the Italian Scudetto and the Italian Cup, and a year before also the famous 1986 World Cup. That is why Maradona at the peak of his career decided that it was a good time to get two Ferraris. One of them was this Testarossa color negro, an express request from the Argentine who broke with the famous “Rosso Corsa” which at that time was practically the only possible color for the model. Only Maradona and Syvester Stallone had one in this color.

The other member of the binomial was a F40, where Enzo Ferrari did get away with forcing it to be red. Of course, the lack of amenities of the model, not even a radio, did not convince the Argentine much.


Renault Fuego GTA Max

In Maradona’s darkest days, when his drug polemics began, Maradona bought one of the fastest Renault of the time, a Renault Fuego GTA Max that with a motor 2.2 from 123 CV power was capable of reaching 198 km / h. The car was bought in Argentina, although like other models he did not end up using it much considering that he was still playing in Europe, going from Naples to Seville. In 2018 it appeared again for sale for about 20,000 euros.


Scania 360 113H

Perhaps one of the strangest possessions of “El Diez”, although it has an understandable explanation. With this truck Scania 360 113H Maradona wanted to avoid the Argentine press on his arrival at training sessions, focused again day and night on the star after his return to Boca. And considering how complicated it is to bring a microphone or camera up to the height of the cab of a truck, it seems that the idea worked.


BMW i8

In the past decade Maradona got to know the paradise of money and high-end sports, signing as coach of two teams of United Arab Emirates, the Al Wasl and the Al Fujairah, which opened the door during your stay to some of the most exotic and luxurious cars of today. There he had his first hybrid, a spectacular BMW i8, but also a luxurious Rolls-Royce Ghost.


Overcomer Hunta

The Emirates are often a perfect place to show off exotic cars. But the greatest rarity that has passed through the hands of Diego Armando Maradona came during his time in Belarus. There, as a welcome to the club Dynamo Brest as vice president, he was given a mass bath with a very particular gift: a colossal amphibious military vehicle called Overcomer Hunta that is capable of overcoming any obstacle that lies ahead, be it difficult terrain or even water.


Chevrolet Camaro RS

Back in South America, although this time in Mexico, Maradona became the coach of a Mexican second division team called Dorados of Sinaloa with whom he reaped very good results. That is why the club decided to give him a whole Chevrolet Camaro RS. A 340 hp muscle car in an intense blue color to stand out at each arrival to training.


BMW M4 (with illegal gadgets)

One of the last and most eccentric acquisitions of “the fluff” we met this year. A curious BMW M4 that far from settling for being a normal unit was equipped with strobes and sirens like those of a Police car. A series of accessories that are not exactly legal for a “civil” car, not even in Argentina.

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Storm in Barranquilla | The Herald

First a tropical storm, then a hurricane, “Iota” left destruction and flooding as it passed through Colombia. Providencia destroyed and San Andrés severely affected. Cartagena and Santa Marta, both flooded, as well as other towns on the coast. And without being directly caused by this phenomenon, the harsh winter also affected sectors of Medellín, Bogotá, Cali, Cúcuta and other cities to a greater or lesser extent with flooding. Fortunately, Barranquilla was only affected in very specific sectors, but without the severity of other parts. But, what would have happened in Barranquilla if the amount of streams that in the past dragged everything in their path had not been channeled, flooding many sectors with fury and causing deaths and destruction? Unquestionably, another very different story would have been. And that reality, which is part of the many and very positive changes that our beloved city has achieved, seems not to be sufficiently appreciated and recognized by many.

The enormous difference experienced by those families and business owners located on the roads where the mighty streams of the past used to run like demonized rivers is so positive and reassuring that it is difficult to relate it. They no longer feel the tremendous shock they suffered when they sensed a downpour. Your belongings are already safe under your roofs. They no longer see cars passing by and even people dragged by currents. Now also, their houses are more valued. Only the memory of that time remains, when Barranquilla was news in winter. Now, the bad news comes from other cities that did not suffer what we do. It is obvious that there are still some streams to be channeled. In the north, the one that originates in La Campiña, then taking Calle 85 to Carrera 50, to connect with the already channeled street 84. Also, the one that coming from Los Andes, takes Carrera 27 and snaking it connects at Calle 54 with Carrera 38, with the already channeled stream of Felicidad to La María and the Agromar channel to the Magdalena River. The discharge of the Hospital stream in the Ahuyama channel remains to be corrected to avoid occasional flooding to the homes in that sector, and the channeling of the stretch of stream that affects La Chinita in the access to the Pumarejo bridge has already been announced. But there are few, very few that remain. And they will be channeled. In the southwest and southeast, the mighty streams have also been channeled, to which I suggest building more pedestrian bridges, since these, not being vehicular roads, are uncovered, but they divide neighboring communities, which even in summer cannot pass from one side the other. Hopefully in the future the small streams will be led through smaller pipes, to the very long vox coulvers of the streams already channeled, to which our mayor Jaime Pumarejo compares with the large avenues to which the smaller streets are connected. That would be the ideal storm sewer. I particularly am very grateful to our recent leaders who have made such a positive change possible, and I suppose there will be many who will agree with me; as well as that some will continue to criticize whatever is done.



Spain plays the third foreign market for its cars with the green acceleration of the United Kingdom

Advancing the date on which the United Kingdom will ban the sale of diesel and gasoline cars to 2030 threatens consequences for the Spanish automobile industry, since it will mean a radical change in the market of one of the main destinations for vehicles made in Spain. The new date will mean a new acceleration of British plans, since in February the current prime minister Boris Johnson it has already advanced the cap from 2040 to 2035.

This new date of 2030 puts the United Kingdom ahead of France and Spain, which have dates of 2040, and in line with Ireland and the Netherlands, according to the European Climate Foundation. The only country with a more ambitious goal is Norway, which has a date of 2025. The sale of hybrid vehicles “that can travel a significant distance without emissions” will continue to be allowed until 2035.

According to the automobile association Anfac, around 13% of Spanish vehicle exports ended up in British territory in 2019, about 327,186 vehicles. It is also one of the main export destinations for Germany (12.6%), Belgium (20.4%) and France (7.6%), according to data from the UN Comtrade database.

In 2018, the Spanish automotive sector exported last year worth 5,635 million euros to the United Kingdom, and represents a little more than 30% of total trade with the country. 79% comes from the sale of vehicles and the remaining 20% ​​from components, according to ICEX.

In 2018, 287,422 vehicles, worth € 4,118 million, left our factories for British dealers. In return, only about 80,000 “made in Britain” cars ended up in our country, with a combined value of 1,486 million euros. The result was a positive balance for Spain of 2,632 million in 2018, but that has been reduced, due to the reduction in exports, since the country held the exit referendum, in 2016, when it reached 3,359 million.

«” As Europe’s second-largest car market, pushing the UK combustion car recall date forward will cause ripples far beyond our borders. Most of the more than 2 million cars sold in Britain are imported, this The decision sends a strong signal to the market “, according to Jonathan Marshall of the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit.” In the UK alone, almost 30,000 jobs will be created


Apple leaps into the electric car sector by partnering with ChargePoint

The American company Apple announced on Tuesday that it will partner with ChargePoint, an electric vehicle infrastructure company.

Apple has decided to innovate in the automobile world, specifically, together with the company’s electric car charging network ChargePoint. The objective is integrate cargo information from electric cars to Apple’s CarPlay system.

CarPlay is a new app of those of Cupertino so that their devices are incorporated and can work in the cars, in this way, music is integrated into the dashboard and even; you can boot from iPhone with digital keys.

In this sense, the union between the two companies will allow electric cars to be driven having access to free hands about any information, be it location or state of the charging stations.

The application will allow you to drive to the nearest stations, determining the speed of the loader or its price. In addition, it shows you information about the availability or the type of plug of the charging stations.


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