Boris Johnson receives fierce criticism for biking despite lockdown restrictions





The Prime Minister was caught 11 kilometers from his residence in Downing Street.




Johnson received countless criticisms on social media and media.

Johnson received countless criticisms on social media and media.

The coronavirus has not been an easy scenario to overcome for Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister, since his erratic decisions at the beginning of the pandemic earned him loud criticism from public opinion and the opposition. He even contracted the virus having to be hospitalized and fearing that it would get worse.

Today Johnson is once again in question, despite the fact that a few weeks ago he had warned that his compatriots would receive the long-awaited vaccine, which had generated a positive impact on their appreciation. That is until the British authority was seen last Sunday riding a bicycle 11 kilometers from his residence, despite the restrictions of the health authorities, which expressly request the population to carry out exercises near their home as part of the measures to prevent the spread of the virus, which has been exacerbated by the appearance of a new strain of coronavirus. Infobae points out that yesterday 46,169 new infections and 529 deaths were registered.

Johnson has always been known for riding a bike.

Johnson has always been known for riding a bike.

Johnson was wearing a safety helmet, a mask and was in the Olympic Park sector, east of London, which contravenes the safety regulations that call for exercises preferably in the “local” area. As expected, Johnson was blamed by the press for not respecting “the spirit of the rules” and being in the company of his exclusive security personnel.

Andy Slaughter, a Labor MP, said Johnson should “lead by example” as London has been hit hard by the pandemic lately, having to tighten its regulations. The incident is compounded by the fact that several ministers supported the decision of the police to fine two women in Derbyshire, located in the north of England, last week after they decided to take a drive of eight kilometers long, to a park with the aim of walking. The fines were subsequently vacated and the Derbyshire Police had to apologize.

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Daisy Ridley: Angst vor Film-Fans

Daisy Ridley is afraid of ‘Star Wars’ fans showing up at her house.

The 28-year-old became a household name when she was cast as Rey in the most recent ‘Star Wars’ trilogy and although she had the best time of her life making the films, she now admitted that such a high profile role was a lot brought unwanted attention.

The actress told Tatler magazine: “‘Star What’ was this huge thing and then it was this thing that suddenly ended. It wasn’t always easy. There are things to do with ‘Star Wars’ that I don’t like to talk about because it’s not the good side. ” The actress had particular problems with fanatical followers who even stalked her at home in her own front yard. “People come on the doorstep, that’s scary. And I’ve been followed, it’s a bit overwhelming.” Still, she doesn’t want to miss this part of her life and career. “But in terms of the actual experience? I had the best time. And now I’m out. I feel like I want to work really hard and honor the decision of the people who brought me on board.”


Meghan Markle also had a ‘revenge dress’ as her mother-in-law Lady Di

Before this News, he prince harry met with Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Prince William in what would become known as the Sandringham summit, in which the conditions under which the dukes of sussex would make their departure, popularly known as the “Megxit” that shortly after his last engagement, the March 31, 2020.

Foto: Shutterstock; príncipe Harry, Meghan Markle


The royal that spends the most on clothes is not who you imagine

The former South African swimmer bought a total of 74 luxury pieces with a average price of 2,000 euros (about $ 48,000 Mexican pesos). For that reason, the consort of Albert II of Monaco was placed in the first place of the most expensive clothing classification, with a closet expansion that may be due to its recent change of look for punk style semi-shaved haircut.

In second place, is positioned Kate Middleton , who spent 86,800 euros, and in the third place Meghan Markle , who despite having left royalty at the end of March 2020, managed to spend 50,035 euros. After in fourth place, is the Queen Maxima of the Netherlands , with a total of 49,008 euros, and in the fourteenth place the Queen Letizia , with a modest 15,892.03 euros.


Meghan Markle’s half-sister betrays her by publishing a book about her

Apparently the 328 pages of the book written by this woman who became a writer at 56 years despite his suffering from multiple sclerosis; are full of attacks, reproaches and theories about the way in which according to Samantha, her sister Meghan would have abandoned his paternal family with the aim of starting a new life within the british aristocracy.

The editorial Barnes & Noble posted a brief synopsis of the book: “Amid a storm of fake news and media chaos, Samantha Markle shares the truth about her life and her family against all odds and ultimatums, as a real fairy tale plummets. Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. ” The book will be published on January 17.


Everything you need to know about Regé Jean Page, the duke who conquered us

It’s like those “I like the show because of the plot” memes. The plot:

As far as we know, Reg’é is single. He is originally from London, He is 31 years old, the son of an English pastor and a Zimbabwean nurse. In fact grew up in Harare, capital of said African country. In an interview with The Fall He explained that he did not have a very good time at that time because he was mestizo and people saw him differently.

His life changed when, at age 14, the family decided to move to London, where he had the opportunity to study. There he tried music and even formed his own punk band together with his brother. Regé-Jean was the group’s drummer.

Regé-Jean Page.

Thus, his first steps in acting were until he made some appearances in a BBC series. I had 23 years old when she graduated from London Drama Center to dedicate himself to acting. Later he moved to the United States to have a better future. It was there that he met Shonda Rhimes, who would take him to Bridgerton.


“Star Wars” voice actor Tom Kane suffered a stroke

“Currently he can neither verbally communicate, read or write,” explains his daughter Sam in the post. The good news: Otherwise no mental abilities are affected and her father “largely himself. As many of you know about strokes, it may be that he will regain these abilities,” Kane’s family hopes. However, they also want to tell the fans that it is quite possible that he will no longer be able to pursue his profession: “His neurologist warned us that he might never be able to work as a voice actor again.”

The family also published current photos of Tom Kane, which show him and his loved ones around Christmas 2020 and prove that he apparently did not suffer any motor damage or paralysis from the stroke. “My father stays in a good mood and his extreme stubbornness helps him to show the first improvements in speaking. He is absolutely fine with me sharing this with you and will see everything you post.”

spot on news


Gossip Girl: Actors Who Left Their TV Shows For Strange Reasons

You won’t believe it! There were no pay disputes or fights between colleagues! Here we will tell you the rarest cases that forced these actors to say goodbye to their television shows.

December 31, 2020 · 01:21 hs

Everyone loves a bit of controversy, so it’s no surprise you’ve heard of the times actors left TV shows for unreliable reasons.

But it’s not always the backstage disputes that make the actors leave. We wanted to celebrate the weirdest reasons shows have lost their stars, because sometimes you just need a little weirdness in your life.

Meghan Markle (Suits) – Becoming Duchess

Suits: Actress Meghan Markle in her role as Rachel Zane

Of all the reasons to quit TV shows, marrying a royal prince is a pretty good one. Meghan Markle left the hit legal drama Suits after seven seasons due to her marriage to Prince Harry, which she described as a new chapter in her life.

Kal Penn (House) – Working for the White House

House: Actor Kal Penn in his role as Dr. Lawrence Kutner

After two seasons, Kal Penn left his role as Dr. Lawrence Kutner in the House to join President Barack Obama’s administration as associate director in the White House Office of Public Engagement in 2009, serving on the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities from 2013 until resigned in August 2017.

Steve Burns (Blue’s Clues) – Suffering from alopecia

Blue’s Clues: Steve Burns

A lot of rumors swirled after Steve Burns let the educational children of Nickelodeon show Blue’s Clues, including the dark enough that he had died. However, it seems that his reason for leaving after more than 100 episodes was much more straightforward and understandable.

“I knew I was not going to be doing children’s television my whole life, mainly because I refused to lose my hair on a children’s television show, and it was happening fast,” she revealed on a Blue’s Clues special in 2006.

Rubén Blades (Fear the Walking Dead): Too busy winning Grammy Awards

Fear the Walking Dead: Actor Rubén Blades in his role as Daniel Salazar

We’ve been a bit cheeky about this one, since Rubén Blades has not left his role as fan favorite Daniel Salazar in Fear the Walking Dead, but it sure disappears from the program for long periods of time.

During an absence, the show confirmed that Daniel is alive and out there and in case you didn’t know, his disappearances are due to the fact that he is a successful musician with a five-decade discography.

Taylor Momsen (Gossip Girl) – Becoming a gothic rock star

Gossip Girl: Actress Taylor Momsen as Jenny Humphrey

After three seasons as Jenny Humphrey in Gossip Girl, Taylor Momsen He only appeared in four episodes of the fourth season before leaving the series at the end of the season. But it was not alone Gossip Girl What he left behind, he gave up acting entirely to focus on his music career as the lead singer of The Pretty Reckless.


Billie Lourd is reminiscent of her mother, Carrie Fisher

Remember an “Star Wars” -Ikone

Actress Billie Lourd (28, “Booksmart”) expressed her sympathy on Instagram for people who have lost relatives due to the corona pandemic. She herself remembered her late mother, Carrie Fisher (1956-2016). The “Star Wars” icon died four years ago.

“My love and strength go to everyone out there who miss a loved one they have lost,” Lourd wrote in her post. She is thinking especially of those “who lost someone in this crazy year. You are not alone”. She also posted a picture in which she can be seen with her mother. Fisher, who rose to fame as Princess Leia, died on December 27, 2016 after a heart attack. Fisher’s mother and Lourd’s grandmother Debbie Reynolds (1932-2016) died of a stroke the next day.

Mark Hamill is also reminiscent of Fisher

Mark Hamill, 69, Fisher’s co-star in the Star Wars franchise, also shared the actress on social media. He shared a screenshot of the “Star Wars” credits with the hashtag “ImmerBeiUns”, which reads “In loving memory of our Princess Carrie Fisher”.


From Meghan Markle to Diego Boneta: 10 famous siblings that despite their great resemblance you did not know | TV and Show

It has been a difficult year, even for the most famous.

Gone are the extensive red carpets and interviews on the walk of fame that today has become almost impossible to walk due to the pandemic.

Their performances or award ceremonies have been reduced to digital platforms such as Zoom, among others, as in the recent Emmy awards. If it weren’t for the charisma and creativity of Jimmy Kimmel, the appointment would have become one more talk, between celebrities, but ultimately one in the webinar style.

Now celebrities have an idea of ​​what it means to be behind the scenes. Without cameras around him, like his brothers who, although little known, bear obvious resemblances to the most famous faces in film and television.

Let’s look at some of these.

Rihana, Rorrey and Rajad

The Fenty brothers, originally from Barbados, did not imagine that their life would change with the export talent, thanks to their older sister Robyn Rihanna, from the paradise island.

Indeed, the singer, actress, businesswoman and philanthropist has two brothers with whom she spends more time than the world – who admires her – imagines.

Rorrey and Rajad have on their respective Instagram accounts, photographs with their famous sister. And although they are not verified like the singer’s, nor do they have large numbers of followers, not only the resemblance, at least between Rihanna and Rajad, jumps to light, but the admiration they feel for her and her mother.

Other posts have suggested the resemblance between Rihanna and Will Smith who might as well pass as twins, but Rihanna has her genes well expressed in her family.

The Olsen twins and their sister Elizabeth

Ever since the Olsen sisters rose to fame as babies, the spotlight has been on them, even if they are not acting or producing a series.

The cameras have been chasing them since they were 9 months old when they were already acting in the famous series Full House.

Three years later, another member of the Olsen family would arrive: Elizabeth.

It is about another actress and model, 31 years old, known to fans of the Marvel Universe as the Scarlet Witch (or Wanda Maximoff). The artist is also the star of the first Marvel series for Disney +, Wandavision.

The twins’ affection for their brothers is such that they even named their clothing and bag line in honor of them: Elizabeth & James.

In photographs the twins look younger than Elizabeth, due to their height, but the dates do not lie, and neither do their earnings, preceded by the fame that has smiled upon the Mary-Kate and Ashley.

Camerone y Chimene Diaz

They are not twins, like the Olsen, but when Cameron and Chimene pose for the camera, their resemblance and even the enormous similarity of their gestures is irrefutable, which are identical to those that the actress has made in the films in which she captivates your audience.

Chimene, however, does not know of fame, beyond his appearances with his sister.

He generally lives a life of tranquility since he decided to keep his life private.

The sites of the show, when they have briefly referred to her, describe her as the older sister (50 years) of Cameron and mother of two children.

Chimene the sister of Cameron Diaz

Meghan y Samantha Markle

Linked by ties of blood, separated by royalty.

At least that is how they are allowed to see publications that discover relationships (good or bad) of celebrities and their families.

Meghan and her sister Samantha, 53, have been estranged for years. In fact, the latter did not receive an invitation to the royal wedding that united the actress with Prince Harry.

Living in Florida, he offered an interview to the medium Acurrent Affair, which showed the woman in a wheelchair, in a dilapidated house and with financial problems that prevent her from afloat, such as the disease that has her immobilized.

Samantha hermana de Meghan Markel

“I can understand her whole world from ‘Suits’ (the series that made her rise to fame). She is busy with her social life, “says a distraught Samantha to the reporter who visited her at her home where she showed photographs with her sister.

The statements came to light weeks before Harry Meghan’s wedding. However, months later, the woman was willing to publish details of Meghan’s life, in a supposed book that would go on sale in the coming months.

Samantha Meghan Markel's older sister

Diego and Santiago Boneta

In the middle of this year, People en Español magazine published an article about Santiago Boneta, who is eight years younger than his brother, the protagonist of the series “Luis Miguel”.

“Single and a great game … This is Diego Boneta’s brother!”, the piece with which they expose Sancho (his first name) was titled, as if trying to get him out of anonymity, which the young man himself seems to encourage.

Santiago has no interests in acting and music like his brother Diego. Moreover, he is close to graduating from Duke University, in North Carolina, where he is studying the last stage of his Public Policy career with a certificate in Innovation and Business Administration.

He is not famous, he is not an actor, but the aforementioned magazine gives him a coveted bachelor’s degree, for being similar to Diego Boneta and a professional who promises in his area of ​​studies.

Santiago Boneta younger brother of Diego Boneta
People in spanish

Penelope and Monica Cruz

When you see the records that the web offers about Penelope and Monica, you know by inertia that they are sisters, due to their impressive resemblance.

She is a singer, dancer, model and actress, whose spectrum is limited to Spain, unlike her sister who is known as the Muse of Almodovar, the famous director who discovered her and made her rise to fame with productions such as “Todo sobre my mother ”and“ Carne Trémula ”, among others that took her right to Hollywood.

The case of his younger sister is very different, not only in fame, but also in discretion.

While Penelope is used to cameras, even in the most personal moments, Mónica strives to maintain a secret lifestyle, despite the fact that her career conflicts with that idea.

Mónica Cruz younger sister of Penelope Cruz

Nicole and Antonia Kidman

It does not even reach the 14 thousand followers in Instagram. But, Antonia, the sister of the Australian actress Nicole Kidman, is shown as a full and happy woman, judging by the photos she shares from her account.

She is the mother of 6 children and the caretaker of 3 hamsters, as described in her bio on the aforementioned social network. In addition, she is a TV host and journalist active in the local media 9Honey, in which she writes about the lifestyle of women and celebrities, like her older sister.

Antonia, 48, has continued to reap achievements in her professional life. Last year was News because Nicole congratulated her on graduating from law school.

“Congratulations to my dear sister who graduated with her law degree. Studying, raising six children and starting a new stage in her career, and she’s doing it all with grace and humility. “was the phrase with which the protagonist of Moulin Rouge ”, among other films, celebrated the triumph of her younger sister.

Antonia Nicole Kidman's younger sister

Sandra and Gesine Bullock-Prado

Gesin’s sister is Academy Award winner Sandra Bullock.

She is a relatively familiar face on American television, but not on the level of her famous sister.

She is a lawyer, a former film executive, and has pastry skills. It was precisely the latter, which led her to stand out in the culinary world, which she made her passion, as is acting for her sister Sandra.

The younger sister in the Bullock family has written books that crown her facet as a skilled cook, among these, My Life From Scratch (also known as Confections of a Closet Master Baker) and two other cookbooks, titled: Sugar Baby and Pie It Forward.

Gesine younger sister of Sandra Bullock
The List

Victoria Beckham y Louise Adams

Louise has 4 children and a great resemblance to her media sister, who was known worldwide as Posh Spice in the British group Spice Girls.

As a child, Victoria Beckham’s sister was one of the actresses on the children’s television show, known as Dramarama.

Shortly after, this Adams family member got tired of auditions and devoted herself to other facets such as fashion, in another similarity to David Beckham’s wife.

However, if for the eternal Posh it is the glamor that marks the step of the woman, for her younger sister it is the “cheap” clothes, which despite not being from exclusive brands and with celebrity prices, can help a woman to show off her own style.

For this reason, Louise runs an outlet store, away from the ostentatious London establishments and in a modest neighborhood on the outskirts of the city, which has about 20 thousand inhabitants.

A style Chic vs Cheap, European media have described those distant similarities that the Adams sisters share, in addition to their physical resemblance. They have even called her disparagingly “the poor sister.”

Lousie Adams younger sister of Victoria Beckham
The Spanish