Florentino loses the Champions League – Diario de Mallorca

The first sequel to the disappearance of the fleeting Super League will be the institutional revenge, against the semifinalist club of the decrepit competition that the unborn came to replace. Florentino will lose the Champions League that he wanted to suppress, because he has fallen with the whole team. The sinking of his Royal Invincible Armada, on the shores of perfidious Albion, takes place with the perplexity that no one would have explained to him that there is a gale called Brexit.

Madrid will pay the bills of its president’s ignorance, both about the significance of Brexit and about the weight of fans that it is used to belittling. The Super League that dies without playing a game will have an impact on the Champions League, as confirmed by the hypocritical reassuring statements of those responsible for the mafia entities that govern football.

England’s football incompatibility with the miserable countries of southern Europe is as big a hoax as the original Brexit. For something UE and UEFA share the root. However, Florentino has conceded an unpayable victory to Boris Johnson through his ignorance, who freely revalidates the continent’s isolation from the United Kingdom. The British Prime Minister has dressed as Elizabeth II, to sing his tear “we must continue to protect our beloved national sport.” None of the clubs it claims to defend respond to British capital, they are in the hands of oligarchs, sheiks and mandarins of the worst kind.

Reviewing the paternalism of those refractory to the Superliga, even those who hate or fear Florentino must regret that he has been trampled by a nauseating wave of sentimentality. As a synthesis, the frightened of the Chinese Milan, under the spice of “being sensitive to the voice of those who love this wonderful sport.”

Florentino’s only salvation consists in stating that, at 74, he was only looking for an irreversible method of detaching himself from all his responsibilities. Great businessmen do not have to translate into excellent politicians, according to Nobel Krugman about the different levers to press in both businesses. However, the president of Madrid has been serving as a white coach for decades, so he had the right to think that he could defeat the fans of the great European clubs.

The Juan Carlos I-style escape by Andrea Agnelli, the nephew of Gianni Agnelli who was a bacchanalian companion of the King of Spain, rounds off the loneliness of a Florentine abandoned even by the Italian vice president of the Super League. The audacity did not go along with the bureaucratic biography of a suarista deputy director general of Infrastructures. His accession to the presidency of Madrid bothered the brothers Juan and Carlos March Delgado, because he presented himself as the owner of ACS who was a simple employee of Juan March’s grandchildren. His worst moment has come with the League at hand and in the semi-finals of the Champions League.

The triumph of nationalism, without any mitigation, must not overshadow the two irremediable economic truths hidden by the popular uprising that has extinguished the Super League. The first axiom states that football clubs are broke. Only the vanity of the box, together with the huge profits of the businesses forged there, justifies the coexistence with the howls of tens of thousands of excited spectators. The second law establishes the decline of traditional capitalism and its wayward brother Marxism. Companies do not belong to their owners, much less to their workers. Customers are the new owners of the economy.


Ángel Víctor Torres receives CV CCO 7 Palmas and confirms his support for the Champions League

The President of the Government of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, has received the players of the CV CCO 7 Palmas de volleyball, winners of the Iberdrola Women’s Volleyball League, and has confirmed that they will have the support of the regional government in the Champions League.

Historic first league title for CV CCO 7 Palmas

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The regional president has assured that “from his current institutional competence and in previous ones he has tried to support sport, much more to female sport” because it is “of justice and it is necessary to balance”.

For this reason, he has confirmed that for the Champions League “he will have the support of the Government of the Canary Islands” and he hopes that also that of the other Canary Islands institutions.

“When we talk about equality it also means betting on women’s sport,” he said.

This cup “weighs a couple of kilos but carries with it the work of many years of many people, Manolo Campos and his team” and today “the fruits of a planting done with humility, thanks to work, are reaped.”

Canarian sport, Torres has celebrated, “is in luck”, because this team and this cup “places women’s sport in the elite of Spanish and international sports.”

The Olímpico receives “the torch of being the best team in the women’s volleyball league” and this is “great news for sport in general, for women’s sport in particular.”

As he recalled, this triumph is “thanks to the work carried out by these teams, their technical teams, and the social support they have in the Canary Islands”.

At his reception he stressed that “we must continue to support women’s sport so that more girls are federated” and because that trust “they return with the title of league champions.”

This “is a historic moment”, because this team is the first in Gran Canaria to win the women’s volleyball league cup, which is “great news, even more so in this difficult time of pandemic.”

The president of the club, Manolo Campos, stressed that this “is a beautiful day” because “it is a great pride to return to society the affection, support and sensitivity that has been shown in recent times for sport”, on all “in times of pandemic and economic crisis.”

This is the fruit of “the 30-year effort of many people” in a success that “belongs to everyone.”

“We would be very excited to be that women’s team in the Champions League, because no one has played in Spain in the Champions League for more than 10 years,” for which he thanked the Canarian president for his support.

Saray Manzano, the captain of the Siete Palmas CCO 7 Palmas Shopping and Leisure Center Volleyball Club, said she was “very grateful and happy” because “we deserved this recognition and I think now we have to enjoy it”.

“A very long season is over, but I think we have finished in the best possible way” and we are “very happy and very grateful,” he added.


Chelsea, for fourth place

Apr 20, 2021 at 06:30


Arnau Montserrat

Chelsea’s season finale can be honorary. They come from eliminating Manchester City in the semi-finals of the FA Cup, they are among the four best of this edition of the Champions League and they have been shot to fourth place, with access to the Champions League.

West Ham fell this past weekend in the Newcastle field and has left the ‘blues’ the possibility of climbing the table in case of beating Brighton at Stamford Bridge. The gulls are immersed in the fight not to descend although they have a good cushion of points compared to the red zone.

Tuchel announced in the preview that will not force Thiago Silva But he will be able to count on Christensen, who has been exercising since the day before yesterday at the same pace as his teammates after missing the last three games with muscle discomfort. The one who does not arrive safely at the meeting is Mateo Kovacic.

Probable lineups

Chelsea: Mendy; Azpilicueta, Zouma, Rudiger; Hudson-Odoi, Jorginho, Kante, Alonso; Mount, Havertz, Pulisic

Brighton: Sanchez; White, Dunk, Veltman; Gross, Lallana, Bissouma, Moder; Trossard, Maupay, Welbeck


UEFA analyzes suspending Madrid, Chelsea and City, what will happen to the semifinals? | Champions League

The international press is tracking the tremendous earthquake in world football due to the appearance of the European Super League, which will have the participation of important clubs from Spain, Italy and England. Just three of them recently qualified for the 2020/21 Champions League semi-finals, so UEFA is analyzing a possible sanction. Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester City are the ones involved.

Information collected by the Spanish newspaper Sport indicates that Jesper Moller, a member of the UEFA executive committee, told the DR chain this Monday that Real Madrid, Manchester City and Chelsea could be excluded from the semifinals of the Champions League. All this for being the promoters of the Super League.

“The clubs have to go and I hope that happens on Friday. Then we have to see how to finish the Champions League tournament,” Moller said. The only one waiting on the other shore and without “losing heart” is PSG. But what about the competition? …

Now, UEFA will have to define which teams must appear for the semifinal phase, in case of suspending the three in question. It should be remembered that Real Madrid eliminated Liverpool, another of those that is part of the European Super League group. Chelsea advanced after leaving Porto on the road and Manchester City did the same with Borussia Dortmund.


From the Super League to the new Champions or the Conference League: a guide to understand their differences

  • The 12 founding clubs of the Superliga have a guaranteed place without meeting purely sporting criteria

  • The Champions League will also change: league format and 36 teams instead of 32

  • A new actor enters, the Conference League, who will tighten the calendar even more

The announcement of the irruption of the Super League, competition devised by the great European teams to ensure a fixed place every year and, consequently, succulent income in their boxes, has caused an earthquake in the panorama of European football. Both UEFA and major league domestic competitions (LaLiga, Premier, Legue1, Bundesliga and Serie A) have harshly attacked the founding teams. They consider that this new competition has no place in an impossible calendar, in addition, increase even more if possible the difference between the most powerful teams with the most modest, who are trying to access the highest continental competition on their own merits.

Superliga, goodbye to their own sporting merits

The sport’s own merits will end since the new Super League begins. At least 15 great historical clubs will play yes or yes in this competition. Another 5 will be invited according to criteria that have not yet been clarified.

The calendar is the one there is and there are no more dates. The big teams, with the League, Cup and Super League matches, can hardly fit their matches in the Champions League and less so with the new format announced by UEFA, with more teams involved and, consequently, more matches.

The Champions League is in serious danger despite the announcement of its renewal. And to this is added a new guest, the Conference League. The schedule will be tighter than ever.

We review the different competitions in detail one by one:

Super league, fingered

How they are classified:

The Super League format would end one of the essences of football: rewarding teams for their own merits. In this new competition there will always be the greats, thus ensuring participation even if they have had a discreet season. The Super League will be made up of 20 teams, but there will always be the 15 most important teams on the continent: for now, los 12 fundadores Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Atlético, Milan, Arsenal, Chelsea, Inter, Juve, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City y Tottenham. Three other clubs will be invited to join before the inaugural season.

Florentino Pérez, president of the Superliga, with the UEFA Youth League trophyCordon Press

On this list historical figures such as PSG or Bayern Munich would be missing, although they have not yet spoken. The other five remaining spots will be awarded annually based on the previous season’s performance., although it does not clarify the criteria, if they are teams that are part of the major leagues (Premier, Serie A, Liga, Bundesliga or Ligue 1) or if other clubs from other competitions can enter. They would be the “lucky ones” who could participate alongside the rich.

The games will be played during the week, all clubs will continue to compete in their respective national leagues, thus preserving their traditional calendar. It would start in August, like the first matches of the qualifying phase of the Champions League.

The 20 clubs will be divided into two groups of ten, which will play back and forth matches. The top three from each group qualify automatically for the quarterfinals. And the teams that finish fourth and fifth will play an additional two-legged playoff. Subsequently, two-party playoffs will be played from the quarter-finals to the final, which will be played as a single game, at the end of the year, at a neutral venue.

With this measure, the organizers seek more attractive duels and increase income. The historical ones are awarded but many clubs are penalized that on their own merits deserve to compete with the greats. Clubs like Milan or Arsenal, which have reduced their presence in the Champions League in recent years, will be there but others like Borussia Dortmund, Sevilla or Olympique de Lyon could lose this new showcase.

The Superliga will lose the surprise factor in the pure draw. In the Champions League, the big clubs could be left out from the round of 16 depending on the pairing in the draw.

As soon as possible, the founders will announce the same format for women’s football.

Champions League: previous league

The UEFA Champions League has been forced to change its format for the coming seasons. In the highest continental competition for clubs, so far, 32 teams participated. There are eight groups with four teams in each group, although by UEFA rule there cannot be two teams from the same country in one group. The clubs in the groups face each other back and forth and the top two finishers go to the next round, the round of 16. The third classified of each group goes to the Europa League.


Champions League TrophyEuropa Press

To settle the knockout stages, there is a draw marked by a series of criteria: two teams from the same domestic competition cannot meet in this phase and the first classified of a group is measured against the second classified of another group. Already in the quarterfinals there is a pure draw, without limitations. This ‘surprise’ factor would be lost by the Super League, a competition that would only hold a draw that will settle the 10 participants in each group, although they have not yet gone into details.

The Champions League is also aware that its format had to change. Therefore, from the 2024-2025 season They have devised a format similar to that of the Super League, but according to purely sporting criteria. In this new edition 36 teams would enter instead of the 32 that currently compete and the eight groups will disappear, becoming a single league, even if they will not play all against all. Each team will play a minimum of ten games – now they play a minimum of 6 games – in this first phase against opponents of different coefficients. The first eight will qualify for the eighth and there will be a playoff between the ninth and the twenty-fourth to know the other eight classified. The losers of that playoff would go to the Europa League.


Thomas Muller, champion with Bayern Munich in the last Champions Leagueniusdiario.es

To determine which matches each team will play, it will be drawn in four pots taking into account the positions in the leagues.As up to now and, as a novelty, the latest performances in the competition will also be taken into account.

UEFA Europa League: with hardly any news

In the UEFA Europa League the champions of the respective cup competitions of each country, the best classified of the different leagues that were behind those that did it for the Champions League, the third group of the Champions League and three more teams according to the ranking ‘ UEFA fair play ‘. It consists of four previous rounds of direct elimination. The final phase of the tournament is made up of a group phase – 12 groups of four teams each – in which each club faces each of its three rivals in a double game. Later, the direct crosses arrive from the round of 32 with round-trip matches except for the final, which is played as a single match in a stadium previously designated by UEFA.


UEFA Europa League trophyniusdiario.es

In the Europa League there will be a previous playoff between the group runners-up and the third group of the Champions to determine who goes directly to the round of 16.

Domestic competitions, as always

The League has not changed the format. The 20 teams play a total of 38 games each. The first four qualify for the Champions League, the fifth and the Copa del Rey champion qualify for the UEFA Europa League. If the Cup champion is a club that has qualified for the Champions League, a new place is added, the one that is sixth in the League. The last three classified are automatically relegated to the Second Division. In the silver division, the first two move up to the First Division and the teams that remain between the third and sixth place play the playoffs to get the only place left to be promoted.

The Conference League, the new European competition

As a novelty, this season another place in each domestic competition will be designated to a new competition, the Conference League.

In this new competition, created by UEFA, a total of 184 teams will participate throughout the season, including at least one from each of UEFA’s 55 member associations and 46 from the Champions League (eliminated from the qualifying rounds) and the UEFA Europa League (eliminated from the qualifying rounds or group rounds). Before the final group stage there will be three qualifying rounds and one playoff round.

The final phase will follow the same format that the Champions currently has with eight groups of four teams, followed by direct confrontations: eighths, quarter-finals and the final, the latter a single match. It will start this summer. In its first edition, it will be played at the National Arena in Tirana (Albania) on May 25, 2022.


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Cristiano Ronaldo Juventus low Champions League coach Andrea Pirlo indicates against Atalanta

Juventus coach Andrea Pirlo indicated that Cristiano Ronaldo will not be fit to face Atalanta for matchday 31 of the A league: the ‘Vecchia Signora’ is bound to win or else runs a serious risk of losing their direct qualification to the Champions League.

“Ronaldo will not play, he has not recovered from a problem in the thigh flexors and jumping onto the field tomorrow this injury could become serious,” Pirlo said at a press conference.

The Italian strategist indicated that the discomfort of the Portuguese began to be noticed since last Monday. “He cannot push as he wants. The accumulation of so many games has not allowed him to recover well energy and we prefer to let him rest, so that he can return to disposal on Wednesday, against Parma,” he added.

This panorama generates that Paulo Dybala and Álvaro Morata are the men who command the offensive. The Argentine is in better shape after having an absence of three months.

Cristiano Ronaldo has had a 2021 to forget. After having lost all option to fight for the title in Serie A, Juventus fell on the way to the round of 16 after falling at the hands of Porto.

The ‘Dragons’ eliminated the Italians in their own field with a 4-4 aggregate: the two goals they scored on the road ended up being the lethal difference. There are rumors that ‘CR7’ would leave the country of the boot. Will it be given? We will see.

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Europe has its crosses and there will be a new Champions

On the side of the prized Champions League, Spanish Real Madrid and English Chelsea will meet first in Madrid, on the 27th of this month, then in London, on May 5. The merengue team eliminated the last champion, Liverpool. The blues, for their part, have had an impeccable Champions League so far, leaving behind teams like Atlético de Madrid.

In the other semi-final, Manchester City will be the 28 against the French PSG, who will receive him in the rematch on May 4. Both have been seeking their consecration for several seasons and this may be for one of the two.

EUROPE LEAGUE. Villarreal of Spain will face Arsenal and Manchester United in Rome next Thursday, April 29, the first leg and on May 6, the return, in the crosses that have resulted in the Europa League, the other current tournament.

Manchester United will face Rome in the semifinals, on the same dates.

On the other hand, next Monday UEFA would approve a new 36-team format from 2024, with a single qualifying table.


SEE TODAY Matches Saturday April 17 LIVE America vs Cruz Azul Newcastle United vs West Ham Bundesliga Borussia M’gladbach vs Eintracht Frankfurt Liga MX Colombia Ecuador

Today’s matches Saturday, April 17 LIVE is played in the round of 16 of the Premier League, Major League Soccer, First A of Colombia and Liga MX among others via ESPN and DirecTV Sports.

América vs Cruz Azul is the highlight of the day in a new edition of the young classic in Mexican soccer.

Today’s matches | Saturday April 17

Inglaterra – Premier League

6:30 horas – Newcastle United vs West Ham United –ESPN Play Sur

14:15 horas – Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Sheffield United – ESPN Play Sur, ESPN 2 Brasil

Italy – Serie A

8:00 horas – Crotone vs Udinese – ESPN Play Sur, Serie A Pass

8:00 horas – Sampdoria vs Hellas Verona – ESPN Play Sur, Serie A Pass

11:00 hours – Sassuolo vs Fiorentina – ESPN Sur, ESPN Play Sur

13:45 horas – Cagliari vs Parma – ESPN Play Sur, Serie A Pass

Germany – Bundesliga

8:30 horas – Freiburg vs Schalke 04 – Onefootball, Bet365, Sky Sport Bundesliga

8:30 horas – Union Berlin vs Stuttgart – Onefootball, Bet365, Sky Sport Bundesliga

8:30 horas – Wolfsburg vs Bayern Munich – Onefootball, Bet365, Sky Sport Bundesliga

8:30 am – Augsburg vs Arminia Bielefeld – Onefootball, Bet365, Sky Sport Bundesliga

8:30 am – Borussia M’gladbach vs Eintracht Frankfurt – Onefootball, Bet365, Sky Sport Bundesliga

11:30 horas – Bayer Leverkusen vs Colonia – Onefootball, Bet365, Sky Sport Bundesliga

Portugal – First League

9:30 am – Moreirense vs Tondela – Sport TV LIVE, Sport TV5, QQ S

9:30 – Vitória Guimarães vs Santa Clara – Sport TV1, Sport TV LIVE

12:00 pm – Benfica vs Gil Vicente – GolTV Latinoamerica

12:00 pm – Belenenses vs Marítimo – Sport TV1, Sport TV LIVE

14:30 hours – Rio Ave vs Sporting Braga – GolTV Latinoamerica, Bet365

France – Ligue 1

5:45 am – Angers SCO vs Rennes – ESPN Play Sur, Bet365, Canal + France

10:00 horas – Olympique Marseille vs Lorient – DIRECTV Sports Peru

England – FA Cup

11:30 horas – Chelsea vs Manchester City – ESPN Play Sur, ESPN2 Sur, Bet365

Spain – Copa del Rey

14:30 horas – Athletic Club vs Barcelona – DIRECTV Sports Peru

Argentina – Argentine Super League

12:00 horas – Newell’s Old Boys vs Patronato – AFA Play, TNT Sports, Fanatiz USA, TyC Sports

14:15 horas – Sarmiento vs Lanús – AFA Play, Bet365, Fox Sports Premium Argentina

16:30 horas – San Lorenzo vs Argentinos Juniors – AFA Play, TNT Sports, sportdigital

7:00 p.m. – Boca Juniors vs Atlético Tucumán – AFA Play, ESPN Brazil, ESPN2 Colombia

Chile – First Division

17:00 horas – O’Higgins vs La Serena – Estadio TNT Sports, Bet365, TNT Sports Go

7:30 p.m. – Unión La Calera vs Audax Italiano – TNT Sports Stadium, Bet365, TNT Sports Go

Ecuador – First A

3:00 p.m. – Macará vs Orense – GOLTV Play, GOLTV Ecuador

5:30 p.m. – Aucas vs Olmedo – GolTV Latinoamerica, GOLTV Play

20:00 hours – Guayaquil City vs LDU Quito – GolTV Latinoamerica, GOLTV Play

Paraguay – First Division

4:45 pm – Nacional Asunción vs Sportivo Luqueño – Bet365, Tigo Sports Paraguay

7:00 pm – River Plate vs Sol de América – Bet365, Tigo Sports Paraguay

Venezuela – First Division

3:00 p.m. – Caracas vs Ucv – Bet365

17:15 hours – Deportivo Lara vs Yaracuyanos

Bélgica – Pro League

11:30 horas – Sporting Charleroi vs AS Eupen – Bet365, Proximus Sports, Eleven Pro League

13:45 horas – Antwerp vs Genk – ESPN Play Sur, Bet365, Watch ESPN

Brazil – Campeonato Paulista A1

18:00 hours – RB Bragantino vs Mirassol

8:15 pm – Novorizontino vs Ferroviária – SPO Internacional

Brazil – Mineiro Championship

3:30 pm – América Mineiro vs Coimbra – SPO Internacional, Premiere

5:00 p.m. – Caldense vs Athletic Club – futebolmineiro.tv.br

Mexico – Liga MX

5:00 p.m. – Atlético San Luis vs Puebla – ESPN Play Sur, Bet365, Watch ESPN

7:00 p.m. – Guadalajara vs Tijuana – Claro Sports, Marca Claro, Sports

9:05 pm – America vs Cruz Azul – Bet365, fuboTV, TUDN USA, Univision

Russia – Premier League

6:00 horas – Akhmat Grozny vs Khimki – YouTube, Bet365, Match Premier, Sportbox.ru

8:30 horas – Lokomotiv Moskva vs Rostov – GolTV Latinoamerica, YouTube, Bet365

8:30 horas – Rotor Volgograd vs Dinamo Moskva – YouTube, Bet365, Match Premier, Sportbox.ru

11:00 horas – Krasnodar vs Zenit – YouTube, Bet365, BandSports

Spain – Second Division

7:00 hours – Lugo vs Alcorcón – ESPN Play Sur, Bet365, Watch ESPN

9:00 am – Castellón vs Mallorca – ESPN Play Sur, Bet365, Watch ESPN

11:15 hours – Las Palmas vs Malaga – ESPN Play Sur, Bet365, Watch ESPN

11:15 hours – Sporting Gijón vs Real Oviedo – DIRECTV Sports Peru

EE. UU./Canadá – Major League Soccer

13:00 horas – Montreal Impact vs Toronto FC – Bet365, DAZN, C More Play

14:00 horas – Orlando City SC vs Atlanta United – ESPN Play Sur, Bet365, DAZN, Sports

17:00 horas – Los Angeles FC vs Austin – Bet365, DAZN, Arena Sport 1

19:00 horas – Dallas vs Colorado Rapids – ESPN Play Sur, Bet365, C More Play

19:00 horas – DC United vs New York City – ESPN Play Sur, Bet365, DAZN

19:00 horas – New York RB vs Sporting KC – ESPN Play Sur, Bet365, C More Play

19:30 horas – Nashville SC vs Cincinnati – ESPN Play Sur, Bet365, DAZN

19:30    Chicago Fire vs New England    ESPN Play Sur, Bet365, Polsat Sports


The new Champions, with more teams and initial league

UEFA plans to expand the tournament to 36 teams from 2024, four more than now, and each play ten games in the first phase

Neymar, at one point in the match between his team, PSG, and Bayern, in the last Champions League match.
Neymar, at one point in the match between his team, PSG, and Bayern, in the last Champions League match. / afp
J. Gómez Peña

Friday 16 April 2021, 23:40