Apple AirTags are official: price, features and release date | Gadgets

For months we had known exactly Apple’s plans to put on sale a small locator device to attach it to all kinds of objects, such as the famous Tiles that have been on the market for years. It’s more, the definitive clue was given by Samsung when at its presentation event at the beginning of the year it did the same with SmartTags: it was evident that a confluence of locator beacons was going to take place together with those of Cupertino.

AirTags Features. Apple

As it is, of everything we saw yesterday again in the keynote from Apple, the most original of all were the AirTags, although we only consider it for its status as a new range that officially arrives on the market for the first time, such as a line of products that until now did not exist within the portfolio of the Americans. With them, we can keep localized everything that we use daily and that is of vital importance to us: keys, bags, coats, umbrellas …

Small and customizable

AirTags are a small device that looks like a super-vitamin button cell battery. will stay localized thanks to its bluetooth LE connectivity, capable of extending its autonomy for a little over a year without the need to replace the battery inside. There, precisely, a small U1 chip is installed capable of offering a lost mode thanks to the NFC that it also equips and, how could it be otherwise, it has IP67 certification that gives it resistance to liquids and dust.

What will protect your AirTag?
What will protect your AirTag? Apple

These AirTags They have a small speaker capable of emitting the sounds necessary to locate it in case we cannot find the object to which it is attached, and thanks to the application “Search” of iOS 14.5, we will achieve surprising precision to locate it. They will also be through this app that we define its specific characteristics to differentiate it from other AirTags that we may have on more objects in the house.

AirTags de Apple.
AirTags de Apple. Apple

Even if it looks like a lie is compatible with Siri, you can customize it with all kinds of emojis and characters at the top, Apple will sell accessories specifically designed to better place the AirTag on any object and if you are interested in it, it is possible to reserve it through the North American website to start receiving it from April 30. Its price?, 35 euros but if you prefer a pack out of five, the thing goes up to 119 euros. Although if you prefer luxury, you can buy several models of the Hermes brand: the normal one for 349 euros, another in the shape of a bag pendant from 299 euros and, finally, the one that they have focused as a luggage tag that will stay at 449 euros. .


The Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite appears in FCC showing its characteristics | Smartphones

At the end of December last year, the Asian firm presented the Xiaomi Mi 11, the company’s new flagship. It was an open secret that very soon we would see two new versions, the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite and the Mi 11 Pro. Now, we know more details of the most decaffeinated model.

More than anything because the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite has just been listed in the FCC, the Federal Communications Commission of the United States. Say that it is an essential requirement to be able to launch a terminal in western markets, so it is clear that this mobile is about to be presented.

And, through this process we have been able to know part of the technical characteristics that appear registered regarding the terminal.

These will be the characteristics of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite

To begin with, the firm has opted for a regular in the mid-range to give life to its Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite. In this way, under the hood of this device we find a processor Snapdragon 732G. A very solvent SoC, but that not compatible with 5G networks, so this model already loses one of the strengths of the original Mi 11.

According to the data that has been leaked through the FCC, Xiaomi’s Mi 11 Lite will have a battery between 4,150 and 4,250 mAh depending on the model. In both cases there will be a 33W fast charge, more than enough for a mid-range device.

As you may have seen, two versions are expected that will differ mainly due to internal storage, since both models will have 6 GB of RAM and 64 or 128 GB of capacity.

Obviously, and how could it be otherwise, this mid-range phone will have WiFi and Bluetooth 5.1, to guarantee the best connectivity options. And watch out for the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite screen, which points out ways.

More than anything because we will be facing a panel of which we do not know the screen diagonal, but it is confirmed through the FCC that it will have a 120 Hz refresh, in addition to the perforated front camera at the top of the screen. The technology they will bet on? At the moment a complete mystery, although rumors point to an AMOLED panel to enjoy excellent image quality.

Moving on to the photographic section, in this case the firm has integrated a triple lens module, with a first 64-megapixel sensor, supported by an 8-megapixel super wide-angle, plus a third 5-megapixel sensor for macro photography.

Regarding the price and possible launch date, at the moment it is a complete mystery, although rumors suggest that the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite would not exceed 300 euros to change.


Xiaomi Air 2S | Meet the earphones inspired by Pokémon | Headphones | Smartphone | Cell phones | Features | Specifications | Full specs | United States | USA | Spain | Mexico | Colombia | Peru | NNDA | NNNI | DATA

Updated 11/09/2020 at 6:26 PM

Xiaomi has released a headset for Pokémon fans, these are the Xiaomi Air 2S, the same ones that now bring a rechargeable case with the figure of Pikachu and completely yellow. Will it reach Latin America?

These headphones are characterized by being very similar to AirPods. They come with a kind of tail and a control by means of touches so that you can control a variety of devices such as your music, among others.

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Regarding their autonomy, Xiaomi Air 2S They have up to 24 hours of activity, it can also be recharged to 100% up to 4 times. Also, its charging system is via USB Type-C cable and wireless.

On the other hand, the wireless headphones are equipped with a 14.2mm driver that delivers high-quality audio through Bluetooth 5.0. The Xiaomi Mi Air 2S They have an LHDC sound codec which is the standard among high-end headphones.

This is how Xiaomi headphones with a Pokémon design look like. (Photo: Xiaomi)

The manufacturer ensures that if you want to charge the box of the devices it would take up to an hour, something more than enough in case you want to use the headphones for up to 24 hours, even watching videos, listening to music, among others.

For now, Xiaomi is announcing this yellow Pokémon model, in the style of Pikachu, for the Chinese market. The Xiaomi Mi Airdots 2s have an official price of 399 yuan, about 52 euros to change.

At the moment it is unknown if this model of the Xiaomi Mi Airdots 2s reach the Peruvian market or the rest of Latin America such as Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina, among others.


Xiaomi creates temperature meter for your guitar

Xiaomi creates a thermometer to monitor the humidity and temperature level of your guitar.


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Xiaomi launches a new Notebook with Intel 10th generation chip at a good price | Gadgets

If the apps telework have proliferated enormously in recent months due to the coronavirus pandemic, not to mention how the use of laptops has skyrocketed for those cases of teleworking in which it is necessary to have with us all the tools to remain connected and operational. And it does not matter if we go down the street, visiting relatives or whatever. Having a PC on hand is always recommended.

Hence cheaper ranges have proliferated around increasingly compact hardware and oriented to those activities that we carry out in the office, with Microsoft 365, web browsing, email, some photo editing and, of course, no gaming. If you want give him On the key with the latest Call of Duty, the demands will be much higher.

Xiaomi reaches the 10th generation

The point is that Xiaomi has just presented a new Notebook 14 that comes to jump on the bandwagon of the 10th generation which is, to this day, the most recent of Intel’s processors. Specifically, an i3 that will provide us with good performance for those medium tasks that do not require excessive processing power. In addition, this SoC is accompanied by a 256GB SSD storage and a RAM that has not been disclosed. Unfortunately, the only proof of its existence and launch (in India) has to do with a banner like the one you have just below.

New Xiaomi Notebook with 10th generation Intel chips. Xiaomi

This Xiaomi Notebook 14 will have a webcam at the top of the screen, in the frame, with HD quality and a design that seems very compact and understated. In addition, that the launch of this model reaches countries outside of China is great news that could allow us to have it in our market sooner than we imagine.

As usual, The price of a Xiaomi product is essential and in this case, some sources place its cost range around 400 euros ($ 475), a substantial reduction compared to previous generations of the Chinese who, with Notebook 14 models, 8GB of RAM and 512 SSD storage and Intel processors, surpassed 700 euros just a few months ago. So we will wait for them to make it official to know in depth all those changes and cuts that they will impose on a laptop that, due to design, price and performance, could be a candidate for partner teleworking during the pandemic.